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Homeschooling Family Face Deportation by the US Government

Homeschooling Family Face Deportation by the US Government

By Julio Severo
The US government is contesting a court decision that had granted asylum to a homeschooling family from Germany. US officials argue that the German Christian family, who were suffering religious persecution from German officials, should be deported back to Germany.
The Romeikes
Uwe and Hannelore Romeike fled Germany in 2008 after authorities fined them thousands in euros and forcibly took their children because they homeschool. In 2010, a U.S. immigration judge granted the Romeikes political asylum — the first time this status was granted based on compulsory schooling laws. The judge found the family had legitimate fear of persecution in Germany, where a small group of Christian homeschooling families have already been jailed, fined, and stripped of their children. 
But the Department of Homeland Security immediately disputed the judge’s decision. Attorney General Eric Holder has also entered the dispute, arguing Germany’s ban on homeschooling fails to violate the family’s fundamental rights. 
Is religious freedom no longer important for America? Apparently not, especially if the victim is a follower of Jesus Christ.
Weeks ago Secretary of State John Kerry was barely off the plane in Germany before he embarrassed the Pilgrims and American founders with what is perhaps the worst statement on religious freedom ever offered. Kerry said the United States protects religious freedom because “In America, you have a right to be stupid.”
This is a very interesting statement coming from the US government. The US State Department has not only made homosexual rights its top priority, but it has also been advocating them around the world. And if Third World nations do not accept them, US aid is denied. America is determined to impose her homosexual imperialism on the world because she sees sexual perversion as more important than persecution of Christians. And if you do not see such interests as top priority, the US cultural warfare machine will label you “stupid.”
The problem is that the Romeikes did not flee Germany because of such interests. They fled because the German government is insistent on its defense of an old Third Reich law banning homeschooling. The Nazi law is being used now to persecute Christian families who homeschool their children.
If forced to return to their native Germany, the Christian family faces huge fines and criminal penalties, and could lose custody of their five school-age children.
Michael Farris, founding chairman of the Home School Legal Defense Association, is suing the US Department of Justice on behalf of the Romeikes. He said, “I really wonder what would’ve happened to the Pilgrims under this administration.”
The Pilgrims are very fortunate not to be alive today to apply for asylum in America. Fortunately for them, they arrived at America in a non-politically correct century.
They wanted America to be a safe harbor for persecuted Christians. Instead, America has increasingly become a safe harbor for homosexual activists from other nations. I have read about gay activists from Brazil who were granted asylum by asserting that there is persecution of gays in Brazil.
The Brazilian government bestows millions on gay groups and their political projects. They have government, media and other powerful institutions — even the United Nations — prostrated at their feet. In contrast, Christians preaching against their filthy behavior are threatened and persecuted by the Brazilian government and media.
Even so, Brazilian homosexuals are able to get asylum in America.
In today’s “free America” (free for sodomy), only gay Pilgrims would be welcome. Immigration officials would ask them, “Why are you coming to America?”
And they might respond, “Because the Brazilian government has refused to grant us billions of dollars for our comprehensive cause of societal change. We have received only a few millions. This is persecution! This is ‘homophobia!’”
Yet, the sheer stupidity is not Brazilian gays being granted asylum to join their American lovers in America and increase their power for ideological militancy. The right to be stupid, according to Kerry, belongs to people hungry for freedom to worship God and homeschool their children, not to depraved individuals hungry for filthy homosexual sex acts.
In this progressive view, the love of anal sex makes one a bright and intelligent individual, deserving a welcome in America to enjoy all her benefits.
In this view, the Pilgrims — and any Christian faithful to the Lord Jesus Christ and His Word — are just stupid.
Please pray for the Romeike family. They came to America in the wrong century!
With information from Daily Mail, World Magazine, Charisma and WND.
Portuguese version of this article: Governo dos EUA quer deportar família cristã
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Anonymous said...

I wish I could say that a Christian family would be welcome here in the U.K., but I'm not sure if our government would welcome them, and I feel that churchgoers generally may be a little reluctant to accept homeschoolers or those that are opposed to homosexuality. Having read the story twice I don't actually get the impression that the Romeike family are outspokenly anti-homosexual, but if they are Bible-believing Christians they will be. I feel that any actual or perceived opposition to homosexuality could be a slight impediment for them were they to want to come here and it would be impossible for them to deny the reasons for their persecution in Germany (being homeschooling) which led to their need to flee, and it might now be difficult for them to seek asylum in an actively pro-sodomy state like the U.K., now that a link has been made between them and one of God's strict commandments (whether this link is true or conjectural). I'm pro-homeschooling, but never having been blessed with children I've no personal experience of trying it here.

Were the Romeikes a group of terrorists renowned for blowing up schools and sodomising any surviving male teachers and boys they would almost certainly be allowed into the U.K., then they would only need to claim they would not receive fair trials in their country of origin and they would be allowed to stay; provided they were content to be confined to a seven-bedroom house, with a double garage, swimming pool and tennis courts, supplied at tax-payer expense (and you know enough about the U.K. to know I'm not joking). Not that British citizens get fair trials in their own country, of course; many are fleeing the U.K. because of rigged trials, extrajudicial punishment, etc. I personally know of men and women that have been imprisoned without charge, beaten up, tortured, had their children taken and given to paedophiles, etc. I've seen, seen video evidence and heard testimony of police and social workers using violence against teenagers and children too. I'm not alone in pointing out that homosexuality is wrong (there being good reasons why God forbids it of course), but in churchgoing circles the message is not well received. Likewise with any anti-war campaigning: this is left almost exclusively to the Marxist / pro-sodomy contingent.

I will circulate the link to the story about the Romeike family, but whilst they look like the sort of people I'd be pleased to mix with, their appearance marks them out as undesirables, because: 1. They are hideously white. 2. They are hideously white and reproducing. 3. Their faces aren't covered. 4. Their faces aren't tattooed. 5. They show no obvious signs of carrying contagious diseases.


Elijah 2013 said...

THis family should come to Uganda which is a God fearing country where homeschooling is low but catching up.
They will definately be treated with alot of love and care.
Our national Motto is "For God and My Country" we'll show these guys the love of Christ 1st hand!!

Anonymous said...

The family needs to secretly get out of the USA before they are deported or the children are kidnapped and returned to Germany and placed in homes. Going to the USA was a very stupid mistake and shows they are not that smart or understanding of how Marxist it is there. Certain groups which helped out someone in the recent past may be able to help them resettle in central america. I also concur with Uganda, although the real bad side about that area is the threat of death from malaria which kills so many in that region.