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The cubanization of dengue and the idiotization of those trusting in the Brazilian government

The cubanization of dengue and the idiotization of those trusting in the Brazilian government

Julio Severo

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil — It is not only violence that is out of control in Rio. Now, apparently even nature has turned itself against Rio, where a dengue epidemic is hitting its population, killing especially children.

Dengue and malaria epidemics are not rare in Brazil today. The fault, environmentalists say, is on the global warming.

But Dr. Donald Roberts says in the ICIS website that the reemergence of big diseases like malaria and dengue is in fact a major consequence of DDT’s ban. He notes that in Brazil during the 1970s there was almost no risk of dengue fever and for many years, less than 100,000 cases of malaria were diagnosed throughout the country.

After the ban, though, these diseases returned. In 2007, Brazil recorded almost 500,000 dengue cases, deaths from dengue hemorrhagic fever and “hundreds of thousands” of malaria cases, says Roberts.

“Dengue was important during the Second World War, but then the mosquitoes got killed by DDT (dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane) and dengue disappeared. Now people don’t use DDT anymore so the mosquitoes are back. Dengue is back and the number of people with dengue is growing exponentially,” Paul Herrling, chairman of The Novartis Institute for Tropical Diseases, said.

Dr. Walter Williams, the John M. Olin Distinguished Professor of Economics at George Mason University, notes, “In Sri Lanka, in 1948, there were 2.8 million malaria cases and 7,300 malaria deaths. With widespread DDT use, malaria cases fell to 17 and no deaths in 1963. After DDT use was discontinued, Sri Lankan malaria cases rose to 2.5 million in the years 1968 and 1969, and the disease remains a killer in Sri Lanka today”.

Since DDT was banned, by the pressures of environmentalists, about 1 million die of malaria each year. Most of the victims are in Africa, and most are children.

How did environmentalists manage to ban a pesticide that could effectively avert so a high mortality? In truth, they see the human growth as a plague and support every kind of measure to reduce populations. That is why they advocate abortion, the gay agenda and birth control. So millions of lives are being sacrificed each year because environmentalists allege that extensive DDT use makes the eggshells of some birds thinner!

While environmentalists are engaged, often based on New Age ideas, in a fierce fight to preserve insects and frogs, the fight in Brazil — especially in Rio, where dengue has become a worrying center of the crisis — should have as its prioritized goal not to meet the ideological whims of the environmentalist radicalism, but to save lives.

Besides the ban on DDT, which could have saved Brazil from the current dengue crisis, another major problem is that the treatment given to victims may really be more harming than helping. According to Dr. Renan Marino, the standard procedure to heal dengue (the administration of paracetamol) is what is killing patients, because the international medical literature condemns the drug as poison, having a toxic action in liver, which is exactly the organ affected by dengue. Dr. Marino lives in Rio Preto, a city in the São Paulo state that only this year has suffered 10,777 victims.

Why put then Brazilians in jeopardy by insisting on the non-use of massive DDT measures (to destroy the mosquito) and by insisting on a paracetamol “treatment” that weakens the dengue victims?

Considering these facts, there are two assumptions about the dengue crisis.

1. Because of omission and incompetence of authorities (in prevention, fight and treatment), dengue is out control.

2. By a planning of obscure minds — the leftist and environmentalist ideology is full of extremism —, the increase of dengue is aimed to provoke terror in the population and make them easily subordinated to state control measures.

In the two cases, the culprit is not the dengue mosquito. The culprit is the government.

The first case is the most common, where all that the government needs to do is to cross its arms and show its usual disregard.

The second case is dependent on the government bad intentions and, sadly, what a State greedy for control does not lack is bad intentions.

The dengue crisis in Rio is producing a startling consequence: an excellent excuse for state intrusions in the citizen’s homes.

The privacy issue presents a frightening contrast in Rio, where the governor, a public pro-abortion and pro-homosexuality advocate, thinks that the act of killing a baby should be the personal decision of a woman. No one can invade her privacy. He also thinks that the homosexual act should be a personal and privative right.

Therefore, the Rio governor, who is in no way in disagreement with the ideological feelings of the current socialist Brazilian government, feels that the privacy of those choosing homosexuality and abortion should be protected.

Yet, those extremist stances have nothing to do with a radical defense of individual liberties. A legitimate State defends those liberties without infringing the right to life and without supporting threats to the social moral health. A State having totalitarian ambitions is bloodthirsty, protects abnormalities and tampers with the citizens’ privacy.

The Rio government does not meddle in the perverts’ privacy to fight abortion and homosexuality, but it wants to assault the citizens’ privacy, using a mosquito as pretext to search thoroughly residences, to know what and who is in there, etc.

“From now on, health agents in Rio are allowed to enter residences even when their owner do not grant permission to search for the Aedes aegypti mosquito”, Brazilian newscasters announce. I wonder what would happen if the government employed the same truculence to fight AIDS. Health agents, accompanied by police agents, would search for AIDS in places of gay promiscuity, leaving homosexuals in baths and nightclubs in a hysterical state.

Yet, the government cannot treat AIDS as it treats dengue. In fact, if AIDS and dengue were two individuals, it would be evident that one of them is victim of prejudice, while the other receives gifts and favoritism. Why? Because dengue was not vaccinated with a PC immunization. AIDS and its promoters are protected, and they cannot by any way have their privacy infringed. Dengue and the population do not have these privileges.

AIDS is a plague useful to protect especially the privacy and political advantages of immoral homosexuals. In an opposite way, dengue is a plague useful to rape the privacy of all the population!

There are two major problems regarding to the dengue increase: 1. Public health care is a chaos in Brazil. Therefore, it is not known if dengue victims are really victims of the mosquito or of the precarious and reckless state health care. 2. Every ambitious government creates, or allows the growth, crisis in order to get more control over its populations.

In Latin America, the best example of control over a population through health care is Cuba, the first Latin American nation to legalize abortion.

Now, by coincidence, the Rio governor says that, to fight the dengue crisis, he will need Cuban assistance. Firstly, with the assistance of a leftist media, they terrorize the population to cubanize it, by utilizing the health-care services to destroy the citizens’ liberties and privacy. Such measure is an initial step. More is necessary for the public health care in Brazil to reach the sophisticated level of the Cuban KGB.

To resort to Cuba is a flamboyant and clearly ideological appeal, because the Cuban “paradise”, which made the communist dictator Fidel Castro rich during 40 years, impoverished the Cuban people in the prison-island. Castro is today one of the richest men in the world. Even though it is not the best in the world, the Cuban medicine is one of the primary tools to export communism. Of course, the bills of that “kindness” were not paid by the dictator. The Cuban people, who is deprived from almost everything, lives only to pay the bills of communism and its deceptive image of charity.

Besides, for many years the extinct Soviet Union had heavily invested in Cuba, turning it into a showcase and propagandist of communism in Latin America. Such investment was exclusively aimed at improving the communist image, not to deliver the Cuban citizens from their miserable lifestyle imposed by Socialism. Therefore, the fame of the Cuban health care, which so much draws Latin American idiots, is nothing more than a scheme of ideological marketing.

It is by this way that Cuba, which keeps its population under a watchful eye through intrusive health agents, has worked for years to export its paradise of health surveillance.

Among those longing in Brazil to be consumers of the scheme made in Cuba are Rio and other Brazilian localities administered by left-wingers. Places as Rio, Campinas and Belo Horizonte are just some of the pale examples that seem to be slowly embracing the cubanization of dengue. By utter coincidence, incompetence or bad intention, dengue got out of control exactly during leftist administrations that are fan of the Cuban mummy.

However, not only left-wingers know how to exploit crises. Homosexual activists are taking advantage, in the name of dengue, to demand the “right” to donate blood — supposedly to help victims. In the dengue treatment, there is a need for blood transfusions. And because of AIDS (which is a predominantly homosexual disease), the Brazilian population has been fearful to donate blood, conscious of the situation of poor hygiene and chaos in the public hospitals, where the risk to catch hospitalar infections is a legitimate worry.

But promiscuous homosexuals, many from environments of drugs, orgies and contagion of several diseases (including HIV), have no fear to donate blood. In fact, they also have no fear to get or transmit AIDS.

Even the International Red Cross refuses blood donations from homosexual males in order to protect against possibly spreading the AIDS virus. That care is more than necessary, because as some homosexual leaders have admitted, “HIV is a gay disease”.

Besides running the risk to get dengue and be put into overcrowded hospitals with precarious resources and dubious hygiene, will patients, even children, be forced to receive tainted blood?

As if the dengue mosquito and the follies of the radical environmentalists were not enough, now appear exploiters, who use the disease to impose opportunist and invasive policies over the people.

Dengue may be bad for the Brazilian people, but it is not bad for the advancement of the communist ideology, whether from Cuba, PT or some extremist left-winger.

Whether or not bringing Cuban doctors to Brazil, whether or not Rio and other Brazilian states accept the Cuban medical “help”, the fact remains that, in a true communist style, Brazilians are losing their privacy, which is beginning to be sacrificed on the altar of the state interests.

Much worse than the dengue plague is the government using it to cubanize and control the Brazilian population.

The greatest tragedy is that by not seeking a revealed knowledge of God people eventually trust in humans that idiotize them, allowing that madmen and their follies govern them with deceptive solutions that more destroy than help. That is the cost when people surrender their souls on the altar of a State-god disguised as a secular State.

If the Bible commandment warns that “cursed the man that trusts in man”, then wretched is the people that put their life in the hands of a State-god.

Source: http://www.lastdayswatchman.blogspot.com

Portuguese version of this article: A cubanização da dengue e a idiotização dos que confiam no governo

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