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Brazilian Homosexual Singer Calls Jesus “Gay,” “Transvestite” and “Transsexual,” Gets Backlash and Receives U.N. Solidarity

Brazilian Homosexual Singer Calls Jesus “Gay,” “Transvestite” and “Transsexual,” Gets Backlash and Receives U.N. Solidarity

By Julio Severo
“I’m here today to tell you that Jesus is a transvestite, yes, Jesus is transsexual, yes, Jesus is gay, yes, f*ck! You can boo at will. Insert your boo in your ass,” said a homosexual singer during his show in Brazil last July.
United Nations: “In solidarity with Johnny Hooker against attacks of hatred and discrimination.”
There was immediate backlash, not from human right groups and the government. The backlash came from the Brazilian population, especially from Catholic and evangelical groups.
The offensive comment against Jesus was made by Johnny Hooker, a Brazilian homosexual singer who was appointed as “champion” in the Free and Equal campaign by the United Nations office in Brazil on May 17, the International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia.
According to UN in Brazil, the invitation was made to the Brazilian homosexual because “like Johnny, UN Brazil believes that the visibility of LGBTI people in the most varied spaces of society is fundamental to change minds and touch people’s lives.”
So it seems that the fight against alleged homophobia equals to launching offensive assaults on Jesus Christ and his followers. At least, this is the practical conclusion by the answer of the United Nations, which did not fire Hooker from its campaign, but it issued a Twitter note saying: “In solidarity with Johnny Hooker against attacks of hatred and discrimination.”
The UN solidarity tweet also contained the link for an interview of Hooker with the UN. In the Interview, titled “‘A gente vai resistir’, diz novo campeão da igualdade da ONU” (‘We will resist’ says new UN equality champion) the UN asked him several questions about his homosexuality, including “What message would you like to pass on to people now that you are a champion of equality of Free and Equals?”
Hooker answered, “It is a great responsibility and a great joy to be one of the champions of equality of the United Nations Brazil. I am very honored.”
If using a UN capacity and post to abuse and offend Jesus is to be a “champion,” could Hooker also try to be a champion against Muhammad in Saudi Arabia?
Yet, what expect from an activist who uses as his surname “Hooker”?
I answered the nonsensical UN tweet: “This singer committed SERIOUS OFFENSES to Christians of Brazil. If you think this is nothing, please send him to Saudi Arabia so that he may do to Muhammad the same thing he did to Jesus.”
If this homosexual singer were courageous, he would go to Saudi Arabia and say, “I’m here today to tell you that Muhammad was a transvestite, yes, Muhammad was a transsexual, yes, Muhammad was gay, yes, f*ck! You can boo at will. Insert your boo in your ass.”
After the typical Saudi backlash, I would like to see the United Nations saying, “In solidarity with Johnny Hooker against attacks of hatred and discrimination.”
I am very sure that the Saudis would know how “to reward” the homosexual singer for his insults against Muhammad! And the UN would eventually say, “In memoriam of Johnny Hooker, killed by Islamic hatred and discrimination in Saudi Arabia.”
The Free and Equal campaign by the United Nations is a total hypocrisy. The United Nations wants actually homosexual activists free to offend Christians and their values, granting them full protection from being punished for their offensive acts and words.
Brazilian homosexuals call one another “fag.” But obviously only they are entitled to insult.
So if an individual can be fined US$1,500 for uttering a single insult against a homosexual, why cannot a homosexual be fined for uttering several insults against Jesus and Christians? Why should Hooker be spared a US$1,500 fine for each of his insults (Jesus is a transvestite, Jesus is a transsexual, Jesus is a gay)?
Why is not his Facebook account blocked for 30 days?
The United Nations does not want equality for homosexuals like Hooker. It wants them free to insult Christians and if you mention that in Saudi Arabia such offensive behavior is punished by capital punishment, there is the babble-talk of “Islamophobia.” Christians are not allowed to react to homosexual insults and they are not allowed to say that Muslims kill homosexuals.
While Christians just protest homosexual insults against them, Muslims kill homosexuals even when they do not insult anyone. But the Free and Equal campaign is not after Muslims who kill homosexuals. It is after Christians who do not kill homosexuals.
“Free and Equal” is nothing more than sheer U.N. fake propaganda. It should be called “Free to Insult Christians.” This UN campaign just does not criticize progressive Christians, as Desmond Tutu, a member of “Free and Equal” who said that he would rather go to hell than go to a homophobic Heaven.
Brazil has been a special ally of the United Nations and other international propagandists of the homosexual agenda. In 2015 the U.S. Department of State Special Envoy for the Human Rights of LGBTI Persons, Randy Berry, visited Brazil to engage the Brazilian government in the fight against international “homophobia.” The U.S. government post of Special Envoy for the Human Rights of LGBTI Persons, the only government post in the world history for international homosexual propaganda, was created by Obama and not abolished by Trump.
Interestingly, Berry and the U.N. “Free and Equal” Campaign never visited Saudi Arabia, a close U.S. ally, to engage the Saudi Islamic dictatorship in the fight against international “homophobia.”
With information from United Nations Brazil and Globo.
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Giving Voice to Neocons is Weakening the Prophetic Voice of the Church

Giving Voice to Neocons is Weakening the Prophetic Voice of the Church

By Julio Severo
Last month, the Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN) gave voice to neocons in a report titled “‘He and Putin Seemed to Be Speaking From the Same Script’: Trump Draws Fire From Both Sides of the Aisle.”
The CBN report was obviously disgruntled at U.S. President Donald Trump meeting Russian President Vladimir Putin. And it did not choose Christian voices to express their views about this meeting. It chose neocon voices, including the main neocons in the U.S. policy: Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) and Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC).
According CBN, McCain condemned Trump, saying he delivered “one of the most disgraceful performances by an American president in memory.”
Graham called it a “missed opportunity by President Trump to firmly hold Russia accountable.”
It was clear that making peace or a partnership with Russia goes against neocon interests.
The problem is that to give voice to neocons is incompatible to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. By their own warmongering nature, neocons are incapable of peace. In contrast, Ronald Reagan, who faced the Soviet Union (which was communist and atheistic), sought peace whenever was possible. Now Russia has much more conservative stances. If Reagan was not demonized for seeking peace with an anticonservative Soviet Union, why demonize Trump for seeking peace and partnership with a conservative Russia?
McCain and Graham traditionally and consistently demonize Russia and praise the military industrial complex.
According to the Foreign Policy magazine, the military industrial complex “is a huge driver of U.S. jobs and economic growth. In 2017 alone, it generated $865 billion, supporting 2.4 million high-paying American jobs. The industry produced a positive trade balance of $86 billion in 2017, the largest of any U.S. industry.”
So the most profitable industry today in the U.S. is the military industrial complex, and its financial power successfully influences politicians and their politics, including the foreign policy and military adventures and interventionism.
Militaristic greed is moving the U.S. foreign policy. Greed is not a Christian virtue. It is a demonic vice.
Yet, instead of condemning McCain and Graham for their warmongering and exposing their demonic vice and militaristic greed, CBN gave them full voice. And this is very troubling, because when tricky journalists cannot express their radical views openly, they choose other voices to speak for them. This is what I call journalistic ventriloquism.
So have CBN used McCain and Graham to express their own neocon views? The name “John McCain” has brought ominous signs of judgement.
Why did CBN choose to give voice to neocons McCain and Graham? Who are neocons?
The Conservapedia defines “neocon” as:
“A neoconservative (also spelled ‘neo-conservative’; colloquially, neocon) in American politics is someone presented as a conservative but who actually favors big government, interventionism, and a hostility to religion in politics and government. The word means ‘newly conservative,’ and thus formerly liberal. A neocon is a RINO Backer, and like RINOs does not accept most of the important principles in the Republican Party platform. Neocons do not participate in the March for Life, nor stand up for traditional marriage, advocate other conservative social values, or emphasize putting America first. Neocons support attacking and even overthrowing foreign governments, despite how that often results in more persecution of Christians. Some neocons (like Dick Cheney) have profited immensely from the military-industrial complex. Many neocons are globalists and support the War on Sovereignty.”
To understand more about neocons, read: What Is Neoconservatism? Who are the Neocons?
Neocons attack Russia, even now that Russia is conservative, because they need a bogeyman to justify their perpetual wars, and even when there are no wars, they need to provoke some! They do not accept Saudi Arabia as such bogeyman, because the Saudi dictators are useful for their geopolitical militaristic greed, even though Saudi Arabia deserves all kind of punishment and sanctions for the 9/11 terror attacks, launched by 15 Islamic Saudis. The U.S. government has no courage to confront Saudis and their neocon allies.
There are several U.S. evangelical ministers who know the perils and threats from neocons, and CBN is in dire need of giving them voice. Because they love America, they oppose neocons and their perpetual greedy wars.
A nation protects its own borders. An empire deploys its troops to “protect” the borders of far-away nations and meddle in their wars. George Washington did the former. The current US does the latter.
While the U.S. keeps troops in the Middle East to protect Saudi interests and their bloody Islamic dictatorship, the U.S. borders are in dire need of U.S. troops for protection. The U.S. troops are not where they should be and they are where they should never be.
Jewish author Ilana Mercer has argued that “Inviting an invasion by foreigners and instigating one against them are two sides of the same neoconservative coin.” She views neoconservatives as having corrupted the constitutionally-prescribed use of the American military, employing it as a force “to patrol the borders of Kosovo, Korea, and Kurdistan” while “our own borders remain perilously porous.”
These “conservative poseurs,” Mercer notes, seek to remake America into “a disparate people, forced together by an abstract, highly manipulable, coercive, state-sanctioned ideology,” in effect, a “propositional nation” that overrides the traditional nation in which Americans shared language, customs, faith, and culture.
Mercer contends that “President Trump has normalized neoconservatism” in a manner reminiscent of “Bill Clinton's triangulation tactics.”
In 2016, both liberals and conservatives accused candidate Trump of isolationism and of being anti-neocon. Their consistent complaints prevailed: Today both the left and the right, argues Mercer, can hardly object to President Trump’s foreign policy interventionism.
Mercer warns that “with neoconservatism normalized, there is no debate, disagreement or daylight between America’s dangerously united political factions.”
Concurred with Mercer, the Conservapedia says:
Despite campaigning against endless foreign wars and a humanitarian-based foreign policy that promotes democracy, President Donald Trump appointed several internationalists and neoconservatives to his administration, including H.R. McMaster, who removed conservatives from the National Security Council. While some conservatives saw figures such as John Bolton and Mike Pompeo as also being neocons, they both see U.S. foreign policy as something that should benefit the U.S. first and foremost, and they reject democracy promotion and nation-building.
Alex Jones has claimed that neo-conservatives, as part of a deep state, have been fighting a civil war inside the United States Government in order to gain control of the government and influence President Donald Trump — himself, Paul Joseph Watson, and David Knight also claimed this throughout Infowars segments, and that the recent missiles launched against Assad were a result of the neo-conservatives attempting to control Donald Trump.
The military industrial complex profited $865 billion in 2017, but these profits do not include human loses: U.S. young men being used for war games and Christians being slaughtered in the trail of U.S. military interventions. While lives are lost, neocons fill their pockets.
Obviously, Trump was won after consistent pressure. But how evangelical leaders could help Trump against such hellish pressure if even they have given voice to neocons? How could CBN help Trump against neocons if CBN has given in to them?
U.S. Christians need the same anti-neocon vision Trump showed magnetically in 2016, but that he was unable to keep because of the power of neocons.
Christians have a higher power, and they should employ such power to confront and defeat the neocon ideology, which is as evil as Marxism is.
I urge CBN and U.S. evangelical leaders to seek the higher vision and power from God against the demonic vice and warmongering greed of neocons.
With information from CBN, Foreign Policy, Conservapedia and Wikipedia.
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More Courageous than the U.S.: Canada Confronts Saudi Dictatorship over Human Rights and Saudi Arabia Expels Canadian Ambassador

More Courageous than the U.S.: Canada Confronts Saudi Dictatorship over Human Rights and Saudi Arabia Expels Canadian Ambassador

By Julio Severo
I am not a fan of the socialist government in Canada, but I have to praise it for doing what no other nation — including conservative countries — has ever done before: speaking up about violations of human rights in Saudi Arabia. Last week, the Canadian foreign ministry objected to jailing of women’s rights activists and urged Riyadh to “immediately release” them.
Among those recently arrested is Samar Badawi, whose brother Raif Badawi, a blogger, was arrested in Saudi Arabia in 2012 and later sentenced to 1,000 lashes and 10 years in jail for “insulting Islam” in a case that sparked international outcry. His wife, Ensaf Haidar, has been granted asylum by Canada, where she is raising their three children.
In a tweet, the Canadian foreign ministry said, “Canada is gravely concerned about additional arrests of civil society and women’s rights activists in #SaudiArabia, including Samar Badawi. We urge the Saudi authorities to immediately release them and all other peaceful #humanrights activists.”
In answer, the Saudi foreign ministry kicked out the Canadian ambassador.
“The Canadian position is an overt and blatant interference in the internal affairs of the kingdom of Saudi Arabia,” the Saudi Foreign Ministry said, adding, “Throughout its long history, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has never accepted any interference in its domestic affairs by, or orders from any country.”
The Saudi ministry described Canada’s position as “an attack” on the kingdom, saying it would now:
* Freeze all new trade and investment transactions between the two countries
* Consider the Canadian ambassador persona non grata and order the envoy to leave within 24 hours
* Recall the Saudi envoy in Canada
* Reserve the right to take further action
After expelling the Canadian ambassador, Saudi Arabia has also appeared to threaten Canada with a 9/11-style attack by posting an image to Twitter showing a passenger plane flying towards the CN Tower in Toronto.
The inflammatory photo was captioned: “As the Arabic saying goes: ‘He who interferes with what doesn’t concern him finds what doesn’t please him.’”
The Saudi government-linked Twitter account, which has 354,000 followers, placed another caption over the tower reading: “Sticking one’s nose where it doesn’t belong.”
Responding to the alleged 9/11 threat Elizabeth Tsurkov, a research fellow at the Israeli Forum for Regional Thinking, said: “This tweet by an official Saudi propaganda account has now been deleted. Seems like they realized that reminding us that 15 of the 9/11 hijackers were Saudi is not a great idea.”
Desperately trying to wriggle out of the gaffe, the Saudi government-linked Twitter account apologized saying:
“Earlier we posted an image, which is why we deleted the post immediately. The aircraft was intended to symbolize the return of the Ambassador, we realize this was not clear and any other meaning was unintentional. We apologize to anyone who was offended.”
Most of the U.S. left-wing and right-wing media has been silent about the Saudi threats against Canada.
I much doubt that socialist Canada would dare to flex its muscles against the Islamic dictatorship of Saudi Arabia, but I wonder what the Saudi dictators would do against the United States if 15 American terrorists had flown planes into Saudi skyscrapers on September 11, 2001.
Saudi Arabia would:
* Freeze all new trade and investment transactions between the two countries
* Consider the U.S. ambassador persona non grata and order the envoy to leave within 24 hours
* Recall the Saudi envoy in the U.S.
* Reserve the right to take further action.
I wonder why the U.S. is not taking such necessary measures against Saudi Arabia, considering the fact that the 9/11 Islamic terrorists were Saudi.
Is the U.S. government more cowardly than the socialist Canadian government?
Even if Saudis had never attacked the US, there would be abundant reasons for the US to take actions, including sanctions, against the Saudi dictators. Saudi Arabia bans the Bible, bans free speech, bans religious freedom, bans conversion to Christianity and persecutes Christians.
What is the U.S. government waiting to condemn and sanction Saudi Arabia?
With information from Breitbart and DailyMail.
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Abandoned by U.S. and European Calvinists, South African Calvinists Seek Refuge in Russia

Abandoned by U.S. and European Calvinists, South African Calvinists Seek Refuge in Russia

By Julio Severo
The first families of Boers, descendants of Calvinist Dutch settlers in South Africa, could soon be moving to Russia to escape rising murders, rapes and violence against whites. Some 15,000 Boers want to leave South Africa and become farmers in Russia.
South African white refugees
You can watch a video of some Boers arriving at Russia here:
The Schlebusch family from South Africa’s Bloemfontein is going to be among first 50 Boer families to settle in Russia’s southwest. Like many other Boers, they are seeking political asylum in Russia. They are facing violent attacks, rapes, murders and death threats at home stemming from plans of the socialist government to exterminate whites and expropriate their land.
A 2013 piece on WorldNetDaily quotes Ilana Mercer as saying, with all her anti-apartheid chops, that “more people are murdered in one week under African rule than died under detention of the Afrikaner government over the course of roughly four decades.”

Unanswered Petitions

More than 12,000 people have signed a petition asking President Donald Trump to let white people in South Africa emigrate to the U.S. The online petition calls on Trump to “take the steps necessary to initiate an emergency immigration plan allowing white Boers to come to the United States.” Boer is the term used to describe South Africans of Dutch, German or Huguenot descent, who are also commonly referred to as Afrikaners.
A similar petition, calling on European Union President Jean-Claude Juncker, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and British Prime Minister Theresa May to allow white South Africans into EU countries, has gained nearly 17,000 signatures.
So far, Afrikaners have received no answer from Trump and Theresa May, who are conservative and rule over nations that received a very large number of Muslim “refugees” from Africa.
Left with no option, Afrikaners are seeking refuge in Russia.
Earlier this month, farmer Adi Schlebusch visited Russia’s farmbelt Stavropol Region. His grandfather was murdered at his farm in South Africa.
Cyril Ramaphosa’s left-wing government in South Africa has preached violence against whites.
Schlebusch said that roughly 15,000 Boers are ready to leave their country and begin a new life in Russia. He said,
“The reason I’m considering immigration is honestly because I see dark clouds hanging over our future. The reality is that we do fear for our lives. And the reality is that a white farmer is attacked every day in South Africa. My grandfather was murdered on this farm. The government is certainly responsible for creating that climate of antagonism towards white farmers.”
Schlebusch said he visited Russia with his family to explore the possibilities of resettling in the area. He said,
“I know the growth of agricultural production is immense in Russia. So, I think it’s the right time to buy in into agriculture in Russia. And I think there’s a lot of potential.”
Stavropol is ready to settle up to 50 Boer families, according to the region’s Deputy Commissioner for human rights Vladimir Poluboyarenko. He told there is already a plan for settlement of roughly 500 families with their own cattle near Stavropol.
Russia is the largest Christian Orthodox nation in the world, and I do not know if it would be the best setting for Calvinists. The U.S. would be a better place, especially because Trump is a Presbyterian (a kind of Calvinist), even though not a committed Presbyterian, because he has divorced and his current wife is Catholic.
Yet, Trump is not helping Calvinists from South Africa.
In fact, even other U.S. Calvinists are not helping them. For example, Calvinist theologian John MacArthur has a whole book against Pentecostals, but no book against the genocide of Calvinists in South Africa. Even in his other books he never addresses the plight of Boers and Afrikaners.
I have his MacArthur Study Bible and Strange Fire, where he attacks charismatics and Pentecostals. No mention of helping Boers and Afrikaners.
It is too much insensibility toward his Calvinist brothers and sisters, isn’t it?
I am not a Calvinist, but if I were the president of the U.S., I would help South African Calvinists. Years ago I talked to a major leader in the Christian Orthodox Church in Russia. I asked him to talk to Putin about the plight of South African whites, not because I think that Russia is the best nation for them, but because they are abandoned and the U.S. and Europe do not want to help them.
I really think that Russia is a good place for Orthodox Christians, but not for South African Calvinists, because their affinity is with American Pilgrims.

A South African Jew Speaks

In her book “Into the Cannibal’s Pot: Lessons for America from Post-Apartheid South Africa” (Bytech Services, 2011), South African author Ilana Mercer said:
“The Judeo-Christian teachings underpinned great moral struggles in both South Africa and America, separate development in the former country, slavery and segregation in the latter. There, I said it. Like early Americans, the Puritans of South Africa had a deep affinity for the Mosaic faith and morals. In The Roots of American Order, Russell Kirk traced the influence on the New England Puritans of the Hebraic faith and traditions. For sustenance and guidance, the Puritans drew on Exodus—whose theme is the flight from bondage to freedom—as did they on Kings and Romans. Like the New England Puritans, the Dutch Calvinists who settled South Africa were steeped in ‘John Calvin’s Hebrew scholarship.’ Both in Africa and in America, the Puritans saw in the children of Israel and the story of the Exodus a metaphor for their own quest; their Protestantism they considered as a continuation of God’s covenant with the people of the Old Testament. As they interpreted it, the preservation of their respective communities of believers and its cultural characteristics was preordained.”
Very wisely, Mercer, who is a daughter of a rabbi, added,
“The Afrikaners illustrate perfectly what has happened to the Protestant-Calvinist world; it has sunk into a paralyzing paroxysm of guilt, for which there seems to be no cure.”
And she explains, in the words of an African philosopher, why the genocide white Calvinists are suffering in South Africa is a dark reality throughout the African continent. She said,
“Daniel Etounga-Manguelle, a Cameroonian thinker, and a former adviser to the World Bank, contends that ‘What Africans are doing to one another defies credulity. Genocide, bloody civil wars, and rampant violent crime suggest African societies at all social levels are to some extent cannibalistic.’”
Mercer argues that the transfer of power in South Africa to the black majority has yielded disastrous results for them as well as for the white minority.
What went wrong for Calvinists in South Africa?

Modern South Africa and Old Witchcraft

Nelson Mandela inaugurated in South Africa an era where witchcraft was recognized and respected by the state.
The festivities in 2012 of the centenary of the ruling African National Congress, Mandela’s socialist party, were marked by animal sacrifices and rituals held by witches “to remember their ancestors and remember their own gods in a traditional way.”
This “traditional way,” or African way, is known in Brazil: candomble and other afro-Brazilian religions. By the way, if you disapprove this way by pointing that in the Bible God condemns witchcraft, the Brazilian state response follows the leftist mantra: criticism of the African worship and its gods and demons is discrimination, even racism!
Two goats, two chickens and a bull were sacrificed to communicate with supposed dead ancestors in the centenary of the African National Congress. Witches were hallucinating during the ritual, commemorating the “liberation” of South Africa.
Rituals at Mandela’s funeral in 2013 were similar. Animals were sacrificed. The ceremonial slaughtering of animals is one of the ways the “ancestors” are called upon for help. Guests in these rituals drink blood of the slaughtered animals. Veneration for the world of the ancestral spirits plays an important role in South African “culture.” (I know these terms very well. In Brazil, during years Brazilians have been indoctrinated by their leftist government that Christianity is a religion and African witchcraft is just “culture”!)
Following this tradition, Mandela’s body was accompanied by individuals who kept communication with his spirit and other spirits.
Witchcraft is not the only problem. South Africa is under the powerful spell of the Western Left.

Murderous Legacy

Mandela and his African National Congress were about to turn South Africa into a violent Marxist, communist country in the Soviet or Cuban model “when they were bought off by the [socialist] American Democratic Party and big multi-national business who showered the new black rulers with wealth and power, and, above all, with favourable international media coverage,” according to Rodney Atkinson. They were bought off by the Western Left. The result? They became a violent socialist nation in the Western model.
Under the spell of this socialist model, South Africa has been implementing moral decadence as no other African nation has done. For Mr. Atkinson, Mandela has a murderous legacy. In 1996, Mandela endorsed one of world’s most liberal abortion laws.
The same year, Mandela’s new constitution made, according to LifeSiteNews, South Africa the first country in the world to place “sexual orientation” alongside race and religion as a restricted grounds for discrimination — something that was instrumental for the legalization of homosexual “marriage” a decade later.
In other words, while many other African nations follow the tradition of protecting the family, including against gay “marriage” and abortion, in this respect South Africa under Mandela followed the Western socialist model. Just in regard to religion, Mandela opened the national doors for the traditional African way and its demons.

Calvinism in South Africa

Just as other African nations, South Africa was also strictly against sodomy and abortion, under white administrations. White administration officials were mostly Calvinist, and undeniably South Africa greatly flourished under Calvinist inspiration. Their greatest challenge was to prevail over racial barriers — a common problem in Africa, considering tribal wars where tribes have hated, enslaved and massacred one another for racial and “cultural” differences. Just consider Tutsis and Hutus. Blacks hated, enslaved and massacred one another long before whites and long after them.
The Calvinist difficulty to prevail over racial barriers opened the doors to resistance, especially communist, and a gradual weakening of their own religious tradition.
In 1985, while under white administration, 92% of Afrikaners (South African whites) were members of Reformed (Calvinist) Churches. But after the pro-abortion and pro-sodomy Mandela rule, everything changed. By late 2012, this figure had dropped to 41%, while actual weekly church attendance of Reformed Churches is estimated to be below 25%.

Gandhi, Apartheid and Racism

The weakening of Calvinists follows a strange societal idea that Apartheid is worse than any evil South Africa has been suffering since the end of Apartheid.
Apartheid has been elevated above the rampant rapes, including of children and babies, in South Africa.
Apartheid has been elevated above the troublesome personal life of its greatest opponent, Mandela, described by DailyMail as a “womanizing wife-beater.” He was also a communist involved in many terrorist attacks.
Apartheid has been elevated above the evil of socialism, abortion and other threats.
And it is very suspicious that Marxism, adhered by Mandela, embraced a supposed fight against racism. According to American Black academic Walter Williams, Karl Marx was a racist man. How then did Mandela espouse Marxism to fight Apartheid and, later, used Marxism to legalize abortion?
And now, Marxists, whose father was a racist, put Mandela in the same mythical level of Mahatma Gandhi — another racist. For Gandhi, who had visited South Africa, Africans were no better than the “Untouchables” of India. He thought black people were subhuman.
The deification of Gandhi intentionally eclipsed the real Gandhi, just as the deification of Mandela has intentionally eclipsed the real Mandela: the high-rank member in the South African Communist Party and an abortion and homosexuality advocate.
Gandhi was, according to HuffingtonPost, elevated to a 20th century messiah by both European and American Protestant clerics and missionaries. For example, John H. Holmes, a liberal Unitarian pastor from New York, praised Gandhi in his writings and sermons with titles like “Gandhi: The Modern Christ” and “Mahatma Gandhi: The Greatest Man since Jesus Christ.”
Will Mandela be the new messiah deified by liberal Protestant clerics and missionaries? Any doubts?

Calvinism and Pentecostalism

Perhaps Calvinists in South Africa might have averted the catastrophic destiny of their nation by opening the doors for spiritual revival. Some 100 years ago, when the African National Congress began its fight against Apartheid, the United States began to experience an abundant outpouring of the Holy Spirit, and the Pentecostal movement was born. The Holy Spirit did no distinction of race and color: whites and blacks were baptized in the Holy Spirit and whites and blacks became leaders in the Pentecostal church.
While left-wing and feminist birth control campaigner Margaret Sanger preached the extinction of blacks through birth control some 100 years ago, poor whites and blacks were united in their Pentecostal experiences.
Pentecostalism, rejected by many affluent and proud Calvinists, has been God’s way to address racial issues since the early 1900s.
Calvinists, who blessed South Africa over three centuries with their capitalism and hard work, needed such Pentecostal experiences to face the 20th century challenges. Failure to do so eventually became victory for Marxist idols and their “liberation” with epidemic rapes, abortion and homosexuality.
A revival, with abundant supernatural gifts, could also help Calvinists to confront one of the greatest evils in the African culture: Witchcraft and demons. Real Christianity always includes demon-expelling, just as Jesus did, but Calvinists in South Africa did not know such power, which was so necessary for them.
Christians heavily armed with supernatural gifts are also harder to fall prey to Marxism, which is rampant in South Africa.
Yet, Calvinists in South Africa lacked such power.
Under Calvinists, South Africa was pro-Israel. Since Mandela, South Africa is anti-Israel. South African Calvinists are much more conservative than their U.S. and European counterparts. They are so conservative as Russian Christians are.
In my view, the best place for Calvinist refugees of South African is not Russia. It is America or Europe. But what to do? The U.S. has received millions of Muslim immigrants in the last 40 years. Europe has also received millions of Muslim immigrants from Africa. But they do not want to receive white refugees who have their same ethnic, cultural and religious origins. They reject real refugees and embrace fake refugees.
Muslim “refugees” in the U.S. and Europe are busy destroying the nations helping them. In contrast, white refugees from South Africa would work hard.
Why are the U.S. and Europe rejecting conservative hard-working Calvinists from South Africa for the sake of left-wing free-loaders, troublemakers and even terrorists?
If Muslims label themselves victims of genocide, with no evidence, the West welcomes them. If Calvinist whites show evidence that they are victims of genocide by Marxists, the West just does not care.
At least once in his lifetime I would like Trump to remember his Calvinist origins. I would like him to remember the terrible plight of South African Calvinists. Trump can help these real refugees.
Charismatic Christians around the world should pray for revival among South African Calvinists and prophesy the defeat of the demonic Marxist genocidal forces in the South African government.
With information from Russia Today, “Into the Cannibal’s Pot: Lessons for America from Post-Apartheid South Africa,” National Review, NewsWeek and Wikipedia.
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