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Brazilian Couple Receive Criminal Conviction for Homeschooling

Brazilian Couple Receive Criminal Conviction for Homeschooling

Verdict given despite sons passing law school entrance exams -- at ages 13 and 14

By Matthew Cullinan Hoffman, Latin America Correspondent
MINAS GERAIS, BRAZIL, March 26, 2010 ( - Despite the fact that his children passed difficult government imposed tests, and even qualified for law school at the ages of 13 and 14, homeschooler Cleber Nunes and his wife Bernadeth have been slapped with fines equivalent to a total of $3,200 for refusing to submit their children to the Brazilian school system.
However, Nunes told (LSN) that he has no intention to pay the fine, although he says that he might have to spend 15-30 days in jail if he does not.
Although homeschooling is common in many countries, including the United States, and is associated with higher levels of academic achievement, it is completely prohibited in Brazil, the government of which has become increasingly intrusive in recent decades following the establishment of a socialist regime in the 1990s.
Since Nunes began to homeschool his two oldest children four years ago, his family has been subject to repeated threats of fines, imprisonment, and loss of custody.  However, he has resisted steadfastly and his case has gained national attention.
The guilty verdict in the criminal case against Nunes, which follows two negative verdicts in a parallel civil case that ended over a year ago, was given despite the fact that David and Jonatas Nunes had passed a difficult set of tests imposed by the criminal court.
"They had asked the kids to do the tests to check their level of knowledge, and also psychological tests to check their mental health," Nunes told LifeSiteNews (LSN).  "It seems that the only valid result they expected was the failure of the kids."
The tests imposed by the court on Nunes' children were so difficult that one of the teachers who had designed it reportedly admitted that she herself could not pass it.  However, David and Jonatas Nunes both passed the exams by margins of five and eight percentage points.
Despite his sons' performance, however, the government has again ruled against Nunes, this time in criminal court, and ordered a fine.  The total amount in fines owed by Nunes as a result of the decisions against him has mounted to over $3,200 in US dollars.
"If they impose tests it means that two possibilities should be considered.  They could be suffering intellectual abandonment, or not," Nunes told LSN.  "In other words, they were trying to prove they were victims. But they passed and they kept saying we were criminal."
Nunes says that despite his success, the judge ruled against him because of his style of home schooling, in which the children direct their own learning, with Nunes overseeing the process.
"The judge said we left the children to learn by themselves," said Nunes.  "He recognized that they passed the university entrance examination and the tests, but said that it was by their own efforts," he added, calling that a "joke."
"They want to take control of them, of their minds"
Nunes says he has decided not to appeal the ruling, because Brazil's Supreme Court has already refused to hear the appeal of his civil case.  Although he has paid his wife's fine to spare her jail time, he says he will not pay his own fine.
"The natural thing to do is appeal, but I don't trust the Brazilian judges," Nunes told LSN. "They already showed who they are and what they want. They are not interested in protecting our kids....They want to take control of them, of their minds, they want them out of their home."
Although he has refused to comply with the rulings against him, Nunes currently faces no more legal difficulties stemming from the homeschooling of David and Jonatas, because they are now beyond the age of mandatory schooling.
However, his daughter could soon be subject to compulsory schooling in Brazil.  She will soon turn four, the age at which compulsory schooling begins in Brazil.
Contact Information:
Cleber Nunes (he speaks English) can be contacted at:
To contact the Brazilian Embassy:
Embassy of Brazil in the USA
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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Lula humiliates Israel

Lula humiliates Israel 

Brazilian president refuses to lay down flowers on the grave of the founder of the modern State of Israel 

By Julio Severo 
I wonder what would happen if, in visit to Brazil, an Israeli government official declared in the Brazilian Congress gaffes humiliating Brazil. 
Israelis would not be capable of that discourtesy. They are so polite and civilized that they allowed Lula, as a demonstration of affection for the Brazilian people that represents a large portion of the tourists visiting Israel, to make his speech in the Parliament of Israel. 
No retribution for the affection. Lula took advantage of the opportunity to criticize Israel. 
That was the only visit that Lula made to Israel. That, in fact, was the only visit that a Brazilian president made to Israel. The marks left are of a sickly ideology — which tolerates everything that communist Cuba does against her own people, but criticizes Israel for defending her people and her land. 
As if it were little humiliating for a foreign president to humiliate Israel in her own Parliament, Lula went beyond. He refused to do what all of the presidents that visit Israel do: to lay down flowers in Theodor Herzl’s grave, considered the founder of the modern State of Israel. 
Evidently, Lula must have been aghast, because different from his friend Fidel Castro, who has his hands dirty of innocent blood, and different from many of his own assistants, linked to communist terrorist groups that shed innocent blood in the past, Theodor Herzl had never shed blood of anybody. 
Don’t ask him what he thinks about Herzl having the idea of helping the State of Israel get up from the debris of History… 
Today, Lula laid flowers in Yasser Arafat’s grave, considered the founder of the modern State of Palestine, established in Israeli lands. He did it as a demonstration of his respect and affection.
Very different from Herzl, the hands, the feet, the head and everything else of Arafat are dirty of blood. In his terrorist attacks, Arafat didn’t spare anybody, even children in school buses, which were exploded by the bombs of the terrorist group PLO, founded by Arafat. 
However, Lula knows how to dissimulate. In Israel he visited the Museum of the Holocaust, laid down flowers and said: “Never more, never more, never more!” Two months from now, he will be visiting Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, which denies the Holocaust, “What never more, comrade Lula? That never happened!”
Ahmadinejad wants at all costs to make nuclear weapons. And he makes no secret of his objective: To destroy Israel. To kill Jews. 
In Lula’s agenda, there is not any speech in the Parliament of Iran criticizing Ahmadinejad or the bomb to destroy Israel. They are friends, and friends deserve respect and affection. Fidel Castro and Hugo Chavez are witnesses of the fidelity to Lula to his friends. 
If in his several visits to Cuba Lula never criticized the Cuban government, why would he make that now to comrade Ahmadinejad? 
If Ahmadinejad is able to fulfill his dreams, Lula will have the opportunity to dissimulate again and lay flowers in the 2nd Museum of the Holocaust, which will have to be built away from the lands of Israel, which will be then polluted by a strong radioactivity. 
Lula will repeat again, “Never more, never more, never more!” And Ahmadinejad will join him, adding, “Israel never more, never more! Israel never more, never more!”
Portuguese version of this article: Lula humilha Israel
Spanish version of this article: Lula humilla a Israel

Monday, March 15, 2010

Lula, the meddler

Lula, the meddler 

Cuba, Israel and the forsaken black 

By Julio Severo 
No, the Fidel Castro dictatorship has never considered Lula a meddler. In fact, in his recent visit to Cuba, Brazilian president Lula preferred not to defend a black that, after years of unjustified prison and torture, also died from a hunger strike. Lula had no pity and mercy on him. After all, he was guilty of a horrible crime: to disagree with the Cuban communist paradise. Have you already seen crime worse than that? 
Additionally, it was a mistake — in Lula’s modest opinion — for the man to appeal to a hunger strike, stopping eating the beggar ration kindly granted by the Cuban government. The correct thing was for him to remain alive to keep suffering tortures. In the past, Cuba used the paredón a lot, but probably because of the shortage of bullets, tortures are more economical. However it may appear bad, the Cuban striker just was one of the dozens of thousands of innocent men annihilated by the Cuban government, which only wants the “well-being” of its own people.
Evidently, if Lula were not socialist, the socialist media would never forgive him, “Racist Lula! False human rights advocate!” But his friendship with Fidel Castro and Hugo Chavez guarantees immediate and automatic pardon and closed eyes by the press, which don’t also care about blacks and others that perish under communist governments.
Blacks and other minorities are very useful for the socialist ideology, but they are disposable when they riot against the slavery imposed by socialist governments on their populations. This is why Lula took the decision of not interfering in the Cuban “internal affairs”. 
The case of the wretched Cuban black didn’t move black-rights Brazilian activists, nor did it lead them to yell complaints against the alleged supreme benefactor of their cause in the Brazilian presidency. After all, Lula has the zealous commitment of supporting Castro’s communist cause and the black militants’ cause, providing that they don’t interfere in the supreme cause — “May Karl Marx’s kingdom come. May his will be done!” 
In Lula’s utopian socialist vision, Fidel Castro and his government are victims of the tyranny of the free speech from Cuban citizens that refuse to see the benefits of a life subdued under the socialist collar. Real oppression is a government suffering resistance by a stupid people against the “sovereign right” of the State of controlling citizens by any means. For Lula, that is the worst kind of oppression. So, what if he thought the black’s death in the rotten communist prison was the death of one more “oppressor” against the wonderful liberating forces of the secular State?
So far as it depends on Lula and Castro, every anti-socialism citizen should make a permanent hunger strike, without any right to breaks.
Undeniable admirer of the gay agenda, Lula would have just a paraphrased saying by Oscar Wilde to blacks, Christians and others oppressed by Castro’s paradise, “The best way to defeat the Castro communism is surrendering to it!” 
Lula would apply that saying to many other examples. 
However, he would never do that to Israel.
The Brazilian government, which has been systematically voting against Israel in the UN Security Council since Lula took office in 2003, has never condemned the most severe human-rights violations in Sudan, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, etc., where hundreds of thousands of Christians have been tortured and murdered. Philosophy of Lula: For friends, everything. For “enemies”, nothing.
If the poor black were Palestinian and he had been victim of Israel, Lula would certainly appeal for more drastic reactions. (“Hey, comrade Ahmadinejad, why so much delay? Are you going or not to make the bomb?”) 
Certainly, Lula would never be silent on a Palestinian black’s death. But because the poor black “chose” to be victim of Lula’s Cuban friend, the only solution was the hunger death indeed. 
Now, Lula is visiting Israel and Palestinians in the Jewish territories occupied by them. Ah, at last, the man recognized — after almost one decade visiting the countries enemies of Israel without touching the land of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob — that he also needs to travel at least once to Israel. 
It is not a courtesy visit, although Shimon Perez, the president of Israel, is as socialist as Lula. Actually, the Brazilian president hopes to obtain in some way the position of a peace “mediator” between Israelis and Palestinians. He wants, in short, a significant role in the international pressures that want to force Jews to hand over to the Palestinian Arabs half of the land God gave in promise to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. 
Hey, don’t judge Lula. He does it because he has no faith in God and his promises. Is there free will, isn’t there? Everybody has a right to fight against what God promises. Lula is just exercising his right of secular interference in the internal affairs of Israel. In addition, he just wants to change the Brazilian scale, where crowds of evangelical Brazilians visit Israel yearly as a gesture of support to the Jewish people. 
Lula’s visit represents the shadiest side of Brazil. He will be representing Brazilians that don’t accept by any means the alliance of God with the Jewish people. 
I am not sure what can happen to a man that wants to be a meddler right in the middle of an issue that God have already fully decided. The land of Israel has already been handed over. That decision, which is final, came from God, not man. If Lula wants to give lands to Palestinians, let him give his personal properties. 
However, I know what could have happened if Lula had used his gift of meddling between Fidel Castro and a poor dark-skinned Cuban subject. Yet, nobody defended the man, who died in a horrible way. Lula was there, in his comfortable presidential skybox, watching, with popcorn and coke (euphemism for rum) in his hands, the last minutes of a lonely Cuban citizen’s show against communist tyranny. In the end: unhappy end — for the black. At least, Lula was able to consume his popcorn and coke. 
In the case of Israel, Lula’s pretension of being a “peace mediator” between Israelis and Palestinian is just an euphemism for “meddler”, a term that according to the Webster’s Revised Unabridged Dictionary (1913) means, “One who meddles; one who interferes or busies himself with things in which he has no concern; an officious person; a busybody”.
Before dictators, Lula’s necessary interference disappears while the oppressed die. Hundreds of thousands of tortured and murdered Christians in Sudan, Cuba, Iran and North Korea do not appear to have some effect on Lula’s conscience (or conscienceless).
Before God and his promises, Lula, with his nose in the air, says, “Nobody will hold me back from entering in this issue! I do what I please and I travel where I want with the money from my subjects!” 
In the trip agenda of Lula this year, there is also a scheduled visit to the president of Iran, comrade Ahmadinejad, who is always promising to destroy Israel and Jews.
Would Lula be able to consider paying a visit to Ahmadinejad or calling him a friend if the Islamic leader had promised to destroy dictators Fidel Castro and Hugo Chavez?
Chavez is a friend of Ahmadinejad, and both have friendship with Lula. Both also support terrorist groups against Israel.
Yet, you will see who will prevail in the end. 
I only fear for Brazil, because although Lula has a right of playing the role of comrade of the anti-Israel and anti-Jewish modern Haman, a whole nation may suffer the consequences from a bibacious and irresponsible man’s decisions.
Portuguese version of this article: Lula, o intrometido

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Does Julio Severo preach ‘hate’ against homosexuals?

Does Julio Severo preach ‘hate’ against homosexuals? 

Deception and abuse in the slanderous anti-“homophobia” propaganda 

By Julio Severo 
Since my book “O Movimento Homossexual” (The Homosexual Movement) was firstly published by the Brazilian branch of Bethany House Publishers in 1998, Brazilian gay activists have had the ideological consensus that Julio Severo preaches anti-homosexual hate. And that consensus is abundantly spread by them in comments and articles that flood the internet — probably as a way to draw away and protect ordinary homosexuals from a message showing that homosexuality is not normal. What is true and false in their “consensus?” What is true and false in their attitudes toward Julio Severo? 
True: Regularly, Julio Severo receives gay activists' furious messages swearing at him and accusing him of crimes and hate against men that commit homosexual acts. 
False: Regularly, Julio Severo sends messages to gay activists swearing at them. 
True: Some of the hostile messages that Julio Severo receives bring threats. 
False: Julio Severo sends messages to homosexuals threatening them of physical aggression. 
False: Julio Severo is accused of hate because he killed homosexuals. 
True: Julio Severo follows the biblical norm of loving the homosexual sinner and agrees with the biblical and divine condemnation to the homosexual sin. 
False: Homosexuality is a natural behavior without any connection with diseases and boys’ sexual abuse. 

Hate in the Bible? Hate in the Blog Julio Severo?

I and millions of other Christians just repeat and mention the Bible, which explicitly condemns homosexuality, sodomy, sex between a man and other man — whatever one wants to call a man’s behavior putting his penis into another man’s anus. 
Is there incitement to anti-homosexual hate in the Bible? If there was, homosexuals would not have any chance, because there are millions of Christians in Brazil that respect what the Bible says, including on homosexuality. With millions of Christians moved by “hate”, the entire homosexual population would be murdered, and with the total absence of homosexuals in the society we would not have any longer problems of boring “homophobia” accusations and worries about forced pro-homosexuality indoctrination of school-children. Nobody would need any longer to worry about any threat of gay dictatorship.  
Resuming the question: Is there incitement to anti-homosexual hate in the Bible? Is there incitement to violence against homosexuals in the Blog Julio Severo?
Life expectancy of homosexuals is low, but the Bible and Julio Severo cannot be blamed for it. With their unhealthy and harmful lifestyle, they acquire so many diseases that homosexuality itself is a serious risk for their lives. 
There are the cases of some homosexuals that were murdered by skinheads and by neo-Nazis. But those individuals have no interest in what the Bible says. They don’t also like what Julio Severo writes. Many homosexual prostitutes are murdered by thieves (drug-traffickers and thieves), not because of incitement from the Bible or from the Blog Julio Severo, but because they chose places prone to criminality. 
Many gays are murdered — and many more are assaulted — by violent partners, but not because of incitement from the Bible or from the Blog Julio Severo. And, ultimately, a lot of homosexuals die because of a life of excesses, drugs, alcohol and unhealthy and destructive practices. The Bible or Blog Julio Severo cannot be blamed for inciting them to drugs, alcohol and unhealthy and destructive practices. 
Both the Bible and Blog Julio Severo are a source of orientation and information, containing recommendations against drugs, alcoholic beverage and destructive behaviors, including homosexuality. Even so, gay militants insist that both the Bible and Blog Julio Severo incite hatred against homosexuals.

Does Blog Julio Severo “incite” its readers to hate homosexuals? 

Alexander, a reader of Blog Julio Severo that suffers discrimination just for not supporting special laws and 'marriages’ for homosexuals, tells that on the Sunday, March 7, about 11:00 pm, he began to hear curse words coming from the upper apartment. Soon afterwards more curse words and frightening screams came. “You * &% $#@  Come here… You * &% $#@, you deserve this [followed by a scream]… Now you * &% $#@, you will see [followed by another scream]”.  
Alexander says, “At ounce, the threats and screams increased, and it was evident that somebody wanted to flee at all costs from an aggressor. I jumped from the sofa and I went up gingerly the stairway to see what was happening, and when I arrived close it become apparent that it was a violent fight of a homosexual ‘couple’. When I heard the screams again I had no doubts, I knocked on the door. On that moment the voice that screamed desperately screamed still higher: ‘Help!!!! Please, help!!!’ I knocked again on the door, which was locked. When I continued to knock, the door opened up partially: this was the aggressor holding the door and saying that everything was ok, and that I should leave. Through the opening I was able to see the other man’s face. He was shaking and visibly desperate to leave the apartment. Half-naked and with panic-stricken eyes, he screamed: “Please, help me! Help out from here! He is beating me!” 
The aggressor then ordered Alexander away. Immediately, Alex calls the police, and in 5 minutes 3 policemen arrived and for a long time negotiated to enter in the apartment to save a homosexual from another homosexual… 
Then Alexander tells me: “Julio, this was my history at the Sunday night… the history of a ‘homophobic’ that had to save a gay that was victim of aggression from another gay”. 

Only defamations   

However, instead of worrying about the genuine well-being of homosexuals and attacking the real causes of the problem, what gay activists make routinely is to abuse, insult and slander people that don’t agree with their views. They launch systematic defamatory campaigns against their victims, accusing them of having exactly the same hate that is so predominant among them.  
They chose to live a life of lies and defamations, and they are angered at any Christian that reminds them that they need to repent, in order to avoid the place of eternal punishment shown by the Bible as the place of destiny for those that choose to reject salvation and to remain in their sins: hell. 
They are very lucky that Christians in Brazil have not all the hate that they so much preach against us in their defamations, because if we had, Brazil would have no longer any gay activist to complain and suck taxpayers for their gay orgy parades.
Their defamations are so ridiculous they go so far as to accuse Brazil of being champion of murders of homosexuals, as if Iran were a paradise where no homosexual is murdered.

Send Brazilian gay activists to the Islamic paradises in the Middle East

However, if they want to combat genuine hate against them, I make a suggestion: they should send a homosexual delegation to Iran, led by Luiz Mott (the leader of the Brazilian homosexual movement), with the goal of convincing Muslims in Iran not to kill homosexuals. If that delegation doesn’t return to Brazil, I suggest to send another, led by Toni Reis (the president of the largest gay group in Brazil), to Saudi Arabia. If for some “mysterious” reason the second delegation also does not to return to Brazil, I suggest to send a delegation a day, in chartered jets with hundreds of gay activists, to other Muslim countries. 
In the end, Paulo Vanucchi, the Secretary of the Human Rights Office of the Presidency of the Brazilian Republic and responsible for the federal program Brazil Without Homophobia, would let Lula know, “Majesty, Brazil sent so many gays to Iran, Saudi Arabia and other Muslim nations that it is possible now to do big Brazilian gay parades in those countries. The big trouble is that almost no gay was left here to receive the enormous budgets that you, Majesty, allocated to gay groups, which are emptied of their board of directors and members, which accompanied those delegations. What will we do now with so much money remaining? Besides, up to now we have received no phone call or email from Luiz Mott and Toni Reis. Our biggest allies disappeared! Brazil is now facing an unprecedented shortage of gays in all of its history. That is a state of public calamity!” 
It is possible (but not certain) that Lula could call his friend Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in Iran to ask, “Comrade Ahmadinejad, in the past months hundreds of homosexuals delegations left Brazil for Iran, Saudi Arabia and other Muslim nations. So many gays left here that now we run the danger that they have become a species in extinction in Brazil”. 
With a shy and uncomfortable voice, he continues, “Would you be offended or bothered if I asked you a little question? We have still received no news from those delegations, and I just wanted to know if something has happened…” 
Ahmadinejad: “Friend Lula, I will be sincere. Here in Iran there are no homosexuals”.
Lula, who is a notorious hard drinker, would answer under the effect of alcoholic beverage, “Comrade Ahmadinejad — hic! —, if Brazil were not under a crisis of reduced homosexual population — hic! —, we could give some of them to you free of charge!”
Without alcohol, probably Lula’s answer would be, “Thank you, comrade Ahmadinejad. I knew that you were going to be sincere. However it may be, I won’t allow such a small issue to interfere in our friendship or in my friendship with other Muslim presidents. My regards to you”. 
Vanucchi: “What about now, Majesty? How are we going to explain to the Brazilian public that massive ‘disappearance’ of gay activists? Whom will we make accountable for it?” 
Lula: “Didn’t you hear what comrade Ahmadinejad said? There are no homosexuals in Iran. Wretched homophobic Christians in Brazil: they have exploded the airplanes of the gay delegations before they arrived at Iran, Saudi Arabia and other Muslim countries!” 
Lula continues, “We need to move fast, before somebody in the media insinuates that our Islamic allies could have some responsibility in those terrorist actions”. 
Vanucchi: “Majesty, we can create a Truth Commission to investigate all the terrorism that Christians in Brazil have been using against homosexuals for years. For many years they have been saying that men that commit homosexual acts are condemned to hell. That is a most serious terrorism! We can also create anti-terrorism laws and a national list of anti-terrorists alert containing the names of all homophobic Christian leaders in Brazil. That will make possible for us to track, monitor and arrest any one of them at any moment” 
Lula: “Excellent idea, Vanucchi! Just do not forget to put in the list also the fanatics that during all my administration tormented my efforts to legalize abortion”. 
Portuguese version of this article: Julio Severo prega “ódio” aos homossexuais?