Thursday, July 28, 2011

Department of Homeland Security: newest Last Days Watchman visitor

Department of Homeland Security: newest Last Days Watchman visitor

By Julio Severo
The US Department of Homeland Security, created by the US government in response to the September 11 Islamic attacks, was caught visiting Last Days Watchman (LDW), my English blog.
US Department of Homeland Security visiting the English blog of Julio Severo
Obviously, LDW has no terrorist or Islamic connection. It is conservative Christian — which is a reason enough to be labeled “terrorist” by leftist and anti-Christian activists. And such is the Obama administration.
What does the US Department of Homeland Security want? To protect America from LDW?
I do not know how much time they spent in my blog, because this specific data was missing in the official record. Nevertheless, perhaps because of some security failure, relevant information was exposed, especially on where and who was “visiting” my blog.
It seems that the US Department of Homeland Security is searching for a Christian leader (from the United States? from Brazil?), who fled. But, searching for him in my blog?
I like visitors, because Last Days Watchman is intended to make English-speaking readers aware about what is happening in Brazil. It is my effort to let the world know information that often is unavailable in English, particularly on persecution of Christians.
So if the US Department of Homeland Security wants to search for terrorists, they should visit Islamic websites.
If they want to help persecuted Christians, my blog is a good starting point.
But if they are keeping surveillance on Christian leaders, it’s time for us to watch and pray!
Source: Julio Severo in English
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oandarilho01 said...

It seems that someone was searching for a christian leader who has runned away from USA to Brazil, and the BING search engine joined the pieces and produced your blog as a result for this query.
maybe they are really searching for someone in that situation, but they may too saw something "interesting" when they've accidentally fell at your blog.

Take care.

Docil 43 said...

Ola Julio! Voce acha que esta na lista negra do governo Americano? Vou orar por voce e Deus ti abencoe!

tyranasaurus said...

Here for the first time. Hey man, check out NTEB, (Now The End Begins). God bless you dude!

Anonymous said...

They're just surfing the web looking for thought crimes.

Thinking wrong thoughts about sodomy is very doubleplusungood.

Anonymous said...

To say this is disturbing, that is putting it mildly. As HLS tries to reassure the people this Minority Report Strangle-hold on 1st Amendment rights is all just for our safety. Just who is watching the watchers watching us?

Marshall Ramsey II said...

Don't worry Julio. God is bringing about a deliverance. The end is near.