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Brazilian President Seeks to Secure Abortion as “Right,” Ban Crucifixes in Government Buildings

Brazilian President Seeks to Secure Abortion as “Right,” Ban Crucifixes in Government Buildings

Massive legislative program being called a nonviolent “coup d’etat” and a socialist party “dictatorship.”

By Matthew Cullinan Hoffman, Latin American Correspondent
BRASILIA, Brasil, January 22, 2010 ( — Brazilian President Luiz Lula da Silva has introduced a massive legislative reform package in the last year of his term that would secure abortion as a “human right,” impose socialist and homosexualist ideology in the schools and media, and ban crucifixes from government facilities, among other measures.
The legislative program, which is called the Third National Program for Human Rights (PNDH-3), would establish a level of control over the media and private property that is being called a nonviolent “coup d’etat” and a socialist party “dictatorship.” It has elicited widespread protest from institutions ranging from the Catholic Church to military leaders, the agricultural sector, and even members of the president's own cabinet.
The leadership of the National Conference of Brazilian Bishops (CNBB) has issued a declaration “reaffirming its position, manifested many times, in defense of life and the family, and against the decriminalization of abortion, against marriage between people of the same sex and the right of adoption of children by homosexual couples.”
The CNBB leadership “also rejects the creation of ‘mechanisms to impede the display of religious symbols in public establishments of the Union,’ because it regards such an intolerant measure as ignoring our historical roots.”

A Socialist Party Dictatorship?

If the Brazilian Labor Party succeeds in imposing the legislative package contained in the PNDH-3, it will receive broad powers to shut down media outlets that disagree with its ideology, impose its pro-abortion and homosexualist political agenda on the entire country, and undermine the rights of private property.  The extensive powers proposed by the government have led at least one prominent Brazilian commentator to speak of a party “dictatorship.”
For example, the Program treats the killing of unborn children as a “human right,” to be protected by the state. Directive 9 includes “supporting the approval of legislation that decriminalizes abortion, considering the autonomy of women to make decisions concerning their bodies.”
It also orders the creation of “campaigns and educational actions to deconstruct the stereotypes related to sex professionals.”
“Education and Culture in Human Rights,” the fifth “axis” in the Program, directs that children from “infancy” (early childhood) must be taught the government's concept of “human rights,” which includes “the study of themes of gender and sexual orientation” for the purpose of “combating prejudice, which is sometimes rooted in the family itself.”
Directive 10 strikes a decisive blow against the Brazilian tradition of displaying crucifixes in public facilities, mandating the creation of “mechanisms to impede the display of religious symbols in public establishments of the Union (Brazil).”
It also proposes to “carry out campaigns and educational activities to deconstruct the stereotypes related to ... sexual identity and orientation.”
The Program’s Directive 19 requires the creation of curricula “for all of the levels and forms of teaching for basic education,” for “promoting the recognition and/or respect for the diversities of gender, sexual orientation, gender identity…”
The Program’s educational directives will have an even greater impact given the fact that the government recently passed a constitutional amendment requiring that all children be sent to school at the age of four.

Broad Control over the Media and Private Property

Directive 22 of the PNDH-3 would establish state control over broadcast media content, requiring radio and TV stations to show “respect for Human Rights in services of radio broadcasting (radio and television) that have [government] concessions, permission, or authorization, as a condition for the awarding or renewal [of their licenses], foreseeing administrative penalties such as warnings, fines, suspension of programming and cancellation, in accordance with the gravity of the violations committed.”
It also directs the creation of “incentives” for “regular investigations that may identify forms, circumstances, and characteristics of violations of Human Rights in the media.”
Directive 8 also proposes the use of the media as a mouthpiece of the government's “human rights” indoctrination program for young people, directing the “informing of children and adolescents regarding their rights, by means of joint efforts in schools, print media, television, radio, and internet.”
Regarding private property, PNDH-3 proposes that a special “legal framework” be created for the “mediation of urban property conflicts” which will “guarantee the required legal process and the social function of property.”  It uses similar language for rural property conflicts.  According the conservative Spanish publication El Pais, this language is almost identical to that of Venezuela's president Hugo Chavez, who speaks of the concept of “social property.”
The Program has caused consternation and provoked threats of resignation from senior military leaders for proposing the creation of a “Truth Commission” to examine crimes committed by the military regime of the 1960s and 70s.  Military leaders are exempt from prosecution from such crimes according to current Brazilian laws. Lula has calmed fears among military leaders by agreeing to apply the commission to all violations of “human rights,” which presumably includes the terroristic activities of the socialist opposition during the same period.

Controversy Erupts in Brazil

Although President Lula has quieted fears of a socialist witchhunt against its former military enemies, the plan continues to provoke outrage and fierce opposition within Brazil.
Reinaldo Azevedo, blogging for the widely-read news magazine Veja, says that the proposals would constitute a “dictatorship” run by associates of president Luiz Lula, calls it a bloodless “coup d’etat,” and compares the regime it proposes to that of Hugo Chavez, who is gradually eliminating civil liberties in Venezuela.
Azevedo also writes that the proposals would “extinguish private property in the country and the cities” and avers that “the Military Regime instituted in 1964 was more explicit and more modest” in its intentions.
Dimas Lara Resende, Secretary-General of the National Conference of Brazilian Bishops, has commented that “next we will have to demolish the statue of Christ the Redeemer.”
Broadcast media and agricultural associations have also raised their voices against the proposals.
The President of the National Confederation of Agriculture, Senator Katia Abreu, has reportedly said that the creation of mediation programs in cases in which people invade private property will encourage rural violence and prejudice the rights of property owners.  Andre Meloni Nassar, Director General of the Institute for Studies of Commerce and International Businesses writes that the Program is a “funeral for agribusiness.”
Even Lula's Minister of Agrigulture, Reinhold Stephanes, has rejected the idea, expressing fears that such measures will “increase the insecurity in the country” and “strengthen radical organizations.”
Although Lula has himself expressed concern about some of the material in the Program, he appears determined to defend it, although it threatens to undermine his strong popularity in his last year of office.
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Will an earthquake be necessary?

Will an earthquake be necessary? 

Lessons of Haiti for a Lula administration avid to promote Afro-Brazilian religions as “culture” 

By Julio Severo 
Before the immense tragedy of the earthquake in Haiti, where dozens of thousands died, Gerge Samuel Antoine, the consul of Haiti in São Paulo, Brazil, was sincere enough — and also politically incorrect — to attribute the tragedy to the religion of Haitians. The official religion of Haiti, a nation overwhelmingly formed by African slaves’ descendants, is voodoo. 
Voodoo is a religion from Africa that, as Afro-Brazilian candomblé, mixed elements of the Catholic rulers’ religion. As in candomblé, rituals in voodoo are marked by music, dances and food, including sacrificed animals. In the ceremony of both, participants enter a trance and receive spirits in their bodies. There are reports, abundantly documented and published, of human beings’ sacrifice in some of those rituals — including boys’ rape by the leader, which is usually homosexual. 
From the point of view of the Bible, those practices are dangerous: 
“You must never sacrifice your sons or daughters by burning them alive, practice black magic, be a fortuneteller, witch, or sorcerer, cast spells, ask ghosts or spirits for help, or consult the dead. Whoever does these things is disgusting to the LORD…” (Deuteronomy 18:10-12 GWV)
Would it be any wonder then that the same nation that has voodoo as its official religion is, at the same time, the poorest nation in the Western Hemisphere? That miserable condition is a spiritual heritage preceding European colonization. 
Before the European colonization, Africa lived a culture of wars among tribes, enslavement of the members of conquered tribes, human beings’ ritual sacrifices — and the common element of that “culture”, which was impeding progress and peace in Africa, was its own religion, which leaned on the invocation of spiritual beings and powers considered by the Bible and the Christian tradition as demons and dark powers.  
Therefore, one can understand the Haitian consul’s declaration, Antoine, who said on the earthquake in Haiti: “I think it has to do with messing so much with voodoo, I don't know what it is… The African himself has a curse. Everywhere there are Africans it’s f…”
It is not difficult to decipher the consul’s words, although expressed in a thoughtless way. Where there are many descendants of Africans, there are a lot of voodoo and candomblé. And where there is a lot of voodoo and candomblé, there are many descendants of Africans. And where there is a lot of voodoo and candomblé, there is a lot of curse. At least, that is the sheer reality in Brazil and Haiti. 
However, it is necessary to make it clear that the curses on them are not the result of their skin color, but because of predominant religious practices. When those wicked practices are given up, there is real change. According to the Bible, the man that is in Christ is a new creature, whether he is white, black, yellow or blue. Where there are blacks saved, delivered and transformed by Jesus’ blood, there are not the usual curses of voodoo and candomblé. That is a different and beautiful reality, which Haiti and its consul in São Paulo ignore. What they know is the reality of destruction of voodoo. 
I understand that reality very well, because in my childhood I was taken to the rituals of an Afro-Brazilian religion, where my mother was one of its local leaders. So today I am able to pray with discernment when a homosexual activist threatens me saying that he has been invoking Afro-Brazilian spirits against my life.
Gay activists and Afro-Brazilian religions have been very united because, different from the God of the Bible who abhors homosexuality, spirits in candomblé, macumba and voodoo love sex between two men. Even “Christian” gay activists in Brazil are very supportive of Afro-Brazilian religions. Late Neemias Marien, a Rio de Janeiro minister expelled from the Presbyterian Church in Brazil for his homosexual militancy, said that he had spiritual experiences common in candomblé and voodoo. And in a meeting of the World Council of Churches in Brazil, gay militants and Afro-Brazilian adherents were pictured together.
Of course the same “cultural” tendency that despises Christianity equally values the religion (not mentioning the homosexuality) of “minorities” and historically “discriminated” groups, so that any Brazilian daring to say openly what the consul said against voodoo (or against candomblé) incurs a moral lynching by the leftist media and by the paranoid leftist government of Brazil. Nevertheless, only people that lived under Afro-Brazilian religions, or voodoo, know the destructive power of the evil spirits. Haiti is living that reality. 
And even so Brazil, under the Lula administration, wants the promotion and protection of those religions, including in schools, as “culture”. It is with a lot of haughtiness that the government insists on that direction — antagonizing the largely Catholic culture of Brazil. 
Actually, what the socialist agenda wants is the weakness of Christianity and its values, which are contrary to the socialist ideals. By insinuating that Afro-Brazilian religions are “victims” of an “oppressive” Christianity, socialists hope to eradicate every trace of Christian influence in the society and substitute it for their own values. 
The notion that they want to teach to the public is simple: if the African slaves’ descendants are victims, then their religion is a victim too. All of their millenarian misfortunes are used then to blame exclusively European colonialism and by extension Christianity — leaving voodoo and candomblé virtually untouched and exempt from responsibility in all of the tragedies, catastrophes, poverty, criminality and other evils. 
Try to suggest slightly that there may be evil in voodoo and candomblé, and the leftist media quickly provides a heavy torrent of criticism and condemnations, as if every denunciation against those religions were a direct racist attack against backs. They put those religions in a privileged pedestal where to criticize them is like a “sacrilege”. But that same media grants totally inverse treatment when Christianity is under criticism.  
The socialist agenda wants the situation to reach a point where a Christian, even one that has left African religions, might be legally threatened and condemned by “prejudice” if he says that there are curses in people and countries that invoke demons of witchcraft. It is evident: there won’t be any condemnation for the “irreverent” individuals that say what they want about Christianity — in these cases, the invocation of a right of free expression seems always to work very well! 
But, wanting or not, what the anti-prejudice ideology is doing is to put demons of voodoo, candomblé and similar religions to occupy in an outstanding way the social stage as “victims” of the “imperialistic” Christianity — in fact, as “poor victims” in need of the protection and assistance from the State —, as if now it were the turn for God to be put in the category of criminal, discriminator, bigot, racist against African religions, etc. Or as if now it were the turn for the gods of the Afro-Brazilian religions to have their “cultural” revenge. 
With his ambitious and obstinate politics of promoting as culture what the Bible classifies as witchcraft, Lula shows his own preferences. Before the 2006 presidential election, he visited Benin, the African nation considered the cradle of voodoo. There, Lula participated in a long ceremony of voodoo priests, to “help him” being reelected. In return, now he wants the Afro-Brazilian religions, which are related to voodoo, in privileged position in the schools, to the detriment of Christianity itself. 
Will one or two earthquakes be enough to wake up the Brazilian society for the evils of the politically correct? I doubt a lot. The book of Revelation makes it clear that in these last days there will be a lot of curses and environmental tragedies, including enormous earthquakes, which will come as judgment and consequences of the sins of the society. Revelation describes the reaction of those surviving these judgments: 
“And they did not repent of their murders or their sorceries or their sexual immorality or their thefts.” (Revelation 9:21 NKJV)
That is, even after major earthquakes and plagues, 
Modern generation won’t repent from their homicides: murder of unborn babies through abortion, euthanasia, human beings’ ritual sacrifice in witchcraft, macabre scientific experiences with embryos, etc. 
Modern generation won’t repent from their sorceries (invocation of demons and their powers under several forms, including macumba, candomblé, voodoo and many others) and from promoting them as “culture” in the schools, TV and other educational ways, flooding the whole society with their infernal malignancy and protecting them of criticism. 
Modern generation won’t repent from their sexual immorality (adultery, sex outside marriage, homosexual acts, pornography, pornographic sexual education in the schools, etc.). 
Modern generation won’t repent from their thefts, in a culture where many want to take advantage of their neighbor in the first opportunity, especially through government offices. 
For their sins and a lack of repentance, they will continue suffering judgments.
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Spanish version of this article: ¿Se hará necesario un terremoto?
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Inhumane rights

Inhumane rights

Inhumane decree misleads Brazilian people with oppressive and dictatorial measures

By Julio Severo
Very in the Soviet style, Lula, president of Brazil, has shown all of his red claws, from his feet and hands.
His presidential decree of “human rights” (Decreto 7037, issued on 21/12/2009, also known as “3º Plano Nacional de Direitos Humanos” [Third Human Rights National Plan]), allegedly crafted with the approval and consensus from the people, violates major rights of the Brazilian citizens, giving to evil the covering of “human rights” and stripping most of the population from their legitimate rights.
For those that do not know, in the Soviet Union, the biggest practical model of socialism in the world, everything was done “in the name of the people”. Courts, which condemned the innocent and protected criminals of the only party, were the “people’s courts”. To resist this “justice” was considered crime against the people. The innocent people were condemned in their own name!
It is obvious that all of that talk of “from the people” and “for the people” was in truth just a camouflage for the state arbitrariness. The State could freely violate rights under the pretext that it was acting “in the best interests of the people”.
Not much different, the socialist government of Brazil alleges always to be acting “in the best interests” of the poor, or of the oppressed, or of the disabled, or of the women, or of the blacks and now of the gays — in the most advanced and updated Marxist malice
Soviet communists committed horrendous genocides — everything in the name of the best interests of the people. Today, the thirst for blood and the moral and ethical annihilation are turned, in Lula’s decree, into the defense of “human rights”: to approve abortion, to legitimate prostitution, to legitimate as “culture” the imposition of Afro-Brazilian religions (similar to voodoo) in schools, to ban Christian symbols in federal facilities, to canonize communist terrorists, etc.
In my article Presente das Trevas (Gift from the Darkness), published in December 22, 2009, I warned Brazil that while everybody were resting and enjoying their family and the holiday, Lula and his comrades were scheming their inhumane bomb of “human rights”. The bomb, delivered as a presidential decree in December 21, 2009, will have a devastatingly lethal effect if the population does not show their strength and courage.
If the red and morally inverted decree of Lula prevails, everybody will have “human rights” in Brazil — except for the innocent. His decree in reality decrees the extinction of morality, ethics, private properties, free speech and, with the imposition of gay “marriage”, religious freedom.
Lula’s decree establishes several measures filled with ideological malice in the most sophisticated Soviet style of distortion of words and reality, presenting as “human rights” the following aberrations,
*Professionalization of prostitution.
*Press and internet control.
*Ban on Christian symbols in public facilities.
*Official promotion of Afro-Brazilian religions (similar to voodoo) as “culture” of the descendants of slaves from Africa.
*Legalization of abortion.
*Legitimating of gay “marriage” and the adoption of children by these couples.
For minimally healthy people, this has nothing to do with human rights. But when morally unhealthy individuals are in power, what should we expect?
Recently, I have read that, in the Open Doors rating, the nation that most persecutes and murders Christians in the world is communist North Korea. In the second place is Iran — the same Iran whose Israel-hating president keeps friendship with Lula.  
Have Lula ever remembered mentioning to Mahmoud Ahmadinejad that to murder Christians is to violate human rights? Have Lula remembered issuing a fair presidential decree condemning Ahmadinejad and his administration for crimes and abuses of legitimate human rights against Christians?
This is the essence of the ethics of Lula and his administration, which use and abuse the “human rights” term to defend and give honor even to communist terrorists, including by taking away from Brazilian taxpayers for scandalous and unfair reparations. And his presidential decree orders the transformation of these criminals into heroes. And guess who is going to be lowered and debased into the category of criminal and “human rights violator”? No, it was not Ahmadinejad that was chosen. Lula and his gang are aiming at the Brazilian military, which were able to save Brazil from a sure communist coup in the 1960s, while many other Third World nations were falling into the hands of international communism.
To Ahmadinejad, Lula and his administration show kindness, respect, consideration, etc. To the enemies of the state arbitrariness robed in “human rights”, the weight of the “justice” of the “people’s” or “human rights” courts — it is all the same. The impeding anti-“homophobia” courts will show plenty of evidences of this arbitrariness.
Lula has already decided: the mutilated and raped corpses of the tortured and slaughtered Christians in Iran have no value for his ambitious ideological agenda. So there will be no presidential decree defending these or other real victims of human rights abuses.
The nasty left will keep praising and supporting Lula with Ahmadinejad, Fidel Castro, Hugo Chavez and other authentic human-rights abusers. And it will keep praising his presidential decree, which guaranteed a red Christmas for Brazilians — a gloomy redness that, if not resisted and fought, will extend its nefarious consequences for a long time. Christmas holiday has gone, but Brazilians are still choked and sickened with the decreed crafted in the most pure and immoral Soviet spirit.
As usual, the people expect, with outstretched hands, gifts and favors from the government, with the illusion that the government is the source of all solutions. But the Brazilian government is no Santa Claus. And notwithstanding it were, it would be fictitious, not real. The only undeniable reality is that the vast ethical and moral problems facing Brazil have largely been caused by the government itself. The decree of Lula is the biggest evidence of what a wicked administration can do against its own people, in the name of the people!
Yet, there is hope: the people that elected that redness has always the democratic right to throw it down
Portuguese version of this article: Direitos desumanos
Spanish version of this article: Derechos inhumanos

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Why I am not a socialist

Why I am not a socialist

Some reasons why I am not helping to build the kingdom of the Beast

By Julio Severo
Socialism is a fashion among atheists since Karl Marx. In its essence, socialism enthrones the State in the center of everything, as if the State had some kind of divine vocation or permission to replace God and meet all human needs: education, health, housing, employment, etc. Intending or not, every government promising such total provision is socialistic.
The socialist fashion has imposed on the collective mindset the strange “normalcy” of viewing government as responsible for taking care of all human needs, as if we needed a state super-nanny “caring” for us for a lifetime. Ask a cleaning woman or a powerful businessman what the role of the State is, and they will robotically echo: to deliver education, health, housing, employment, etc. The brainwashing is virtually finished now. Everything is ready for the coming of the kingdom of the Beast.
This brainwashing, which is widespread today, hit and so changed the mindset of many nominal Christians that they defend naturally ideas that are basically leftist. They unashamedly defend a State in the place of God, albeit with other words. 
I for one am unashamed not to belong to that ideology, and I give now my reasons why I do not accept a State in the place of God.
1. I am not a socialist because I am not an idolater. The Bible puts God as the supreme provider. In the past, heathens put in this stand Baal and other gods. Today, socialists put the State as the supreme provider, giving it a character and function completely outside God’s purposes. To accept that role for the State imposed by socialism is to embrace idolatry and fall into serious sin against God.
2. I am not a socialist because I am not stupid. The Bible says that “by their fruits you will know them”. What has been the fruit of Marxism, created by Satanist Karl Marx? Socialism and its variations brought forth to the world more than 100 million murders. Socialism is undeniably the most murderous ideology today.
3. I am not a socialist because I love Jesus Christ with all my heart. There is no place in my life for socialism. Jesus walked healing and preaching the Kingdom of God, while the preachers of the Integral Mission “gospel” and other Liberation Theology labels preach, in Christian vestures, the kingdom of this world — the government in the place of God. The only kind of healing these false messengers preach is the state health care, funded by abusive and criminal taxes that violate God’s commands.
4. I am not a socialist because I am not a blasphemer. I do not mix Bible with the ideology of Karl Marx and his successors. I do not use the Gospel and the precious name of Jesus Christ to promote socialism and a socialist State. I cannot serve two masters, because it would be blasphemy to preach that, in the presence of the blood spilled of Jesus Christ that has been saving so many souls, an ideology that has shed so much innocent blood is the answer for the poor. I came from a past of poverty, and Jesus was my answer. To equate slightly the blood-shedding socialism with Jesus that shed his own blood for me would be blasphemy. 
5. I am not a socialist because I do not want blindly to help a corrupt system. The Bible makes it clear that in the last days an arrogant and strong idolatrous State will raise up, demanding worship to itself. This day has come. We are in the last time foretold by God’s Word. The State today has almost no similarity with what a State should be according to Romans 13. Modern State is a false god, with its homosexual priests (as the old heathen religions) and pro-abortion, thirsty for innocent blood (as the old heathen religions).
6. I am not a socialist because I do not accept that the State became a religion, requiring worship to itself above all the religions, commands, precepts, etc. The State today is increasingly reflecting the image of the Beast, imposing itself above religions, equating Jesus Christ, the sovereign King of the Universe, with all the false gods, including from witchcraft, and imposing the submission of citizens to its pro-abortion and pro-homosexuality commands. The State-Beast today is a religion that will not accept anything except worship and submission. 
7. I am not a socialist because I am not cynic. Intending or not, admitting or not, a Christian working for socialism is promoting a strange glory, though unashamedly he may say that everything is for God’s glory. Jesus does not need socialism to glorify his name. Jesus does not need a welfare and provider-of-everything State to achieve the objectives of the Kingdom of God.
8. I am not a socialist because I am a Kingdom of God citizen. In these last days, when individual States are merging and turning themselves into a super-state — or State-Beast — foreseen in the Revelation, I am glad to be a member of the army of prophetic resistance, which with the Lamb will overcome (see Revelation 17:14). The Government of God shall come and destroy the world government of the Beast built for a long time by the sympathizers of socialism and other aberrations.
9. I am not a socialist because I preach another government system. King Jesus has his own government system. That government system is called Kingdom of God. While atheist, Catholic, evangelical and animist socialists preach the kingdom of Karl Marx and his successors, I and many others preach the Kingdom of God.
10. I am not a socialist because I do not want to help to build the world government of the Beast. While an innumerable crowd is building the world kingdom of the Beast through socialism, I and many others are advancing the Kingdom of God, which shall destroy the kingdom of the Beast.
11. I am not a socialist because I am not an accomplice of thief and liar. The socialist State, which usurps the place of God promising to meet all human needs (health, education, housing, employment, etc.), has to impose abusive and criminal taxes on the population. And even after stealing continuously, it does not fulfill its promises. However it may be, the State has no permission from God to steal, regardless its justifications for the stealing.
12. I am not a socialist because I believe, as Romans 13, that the role of the State is only to punish criminals, including with capital punishment when necessary, and to praise good citizens. Any government overpassing and perverting the limits of Romans 13 is demonic and deserves to be denounced and repulsed. Any Christian preaching a government overpassing these limits is a false messenger and deserves to be prophetically denounced.
13. I am not a socialist because I believe in the revelations of God’s Word. The book of Revelation warns positively on the threats from the Beast, which will be a comprehensive and domineering State. The State-Beast wants for itself and its commands the maximum attention from everybody. The State-Beast promising care for every need of everybody forces all citizens to remain under its total welfare coverage. The State-Beast requiring being in the place of God reflects in truth its soul of Baal, with sacrifices of babies (abortion) and sacred and untouchable priests of homosexuality.
14. I am not a socialist because I have eyes to see and ears to hear what God’s Word shows and says. Whoever has eyes to see and ears to hear, let him pay attention to what God shows and says about the Beast, the gruesome State in these last days, which will mislead everybody. Promising to grant education, health, housing, employment, etc., who would fail to deceive the population? Year after year, the most corrupt politicians make these promises, and year after year the population elects them… The State-Beast already knows what to do to capture the people’s heart.
15. I am not a socialist because there is no ideology fighting so much as socialism so that “the kingdom of the Beast will come”. Certainly, there are other ideologies collaborating, but by far socialism is the master of ceremonies in this macabre and apocalyptic show of the Beast.
16. I am not a socialist because I am a son of God, not a fruit of imbecile ideologies impregnating collectively universities and schools. Modern schools, captured by the socialist ideology, deform citizens, forming a socialist mindset in children that will be congressmen, ministers, priests, physicians — everybody cast in the same casting, in the same mindset that the State should meet all the needs of everybody. I broke the casting. I belong to Jesus!
17. I am not a socialist because I am not manipulated. Most ministers in Nazi Germany used Romans 13 to teach German evangelicals to be submissive to the Nazi government. So do today leftist ministers on behalf of socialist governments. So will do ministers on behalf of the State-Beast. Even though those “revolutionary” ministers faithfully use Romans 13 to preach “submission and respect” to welfare governments, regardless how murderous they are, they do not hesitate to inflame their evangelical flocks with rebellious attitudes towards any and every government failing to fulfill the socialist ideal.
18. I am not a socialist because I am a follower of Jesus Christ. I love him and I hear his voice. Jesus is sufficient for me. Jesus and his government system — the Kingdom of God — are sufficient for me.
Those are only some of the reasons why I reject socialism and every ideology putting the State on a pedestal and in the center of the lives of human beings.

A time for prophetic resistance

Yet, the brainwashing in the conscious and subconscious of the masses has been so a profound, gradual and systematic process that even my arguments, which may appear many, are few. They are like a little stone in the overwhelming presence of the Goliath of leftist indoctrination prevalent throughout the society. They are insufficient to reverse the overpowering ideological hypnotization imposed on the mindset of the majority.
Nevertheless, I will continue preaching the Kingdom of God and its righteousness.
Nevertheless, I will continue serving King Jesus Christ in the context we are in — in the prophetic context of Revelation. It is in this context we should see the State and what it has changed into and what it is changing into.
While the order of God in Romans 13 is respect and submission to a State that respects and is submissive to the limits and calling God imposed on it, the direction for the followers of Jesus in Revelation is neither respect nor submission to the State-Beast. The State has changed, and so has done also God’s direction for the behavior of the Kingdom of God citizens in the modern society. The order in Revelation is resistance — to resist until the Kingdom of God comes.
So very gladly I say, pray and prophesize:
Come, Kingdom of God!
And certainly the Kingdom of God shall come and destroy all the systems and ideologies opposed to God and his indestructible government or put themselves in the place of God.
Portuguese version of this article: Por que não sou socialista
Spanish version of this article: Por qué no soy socialista
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