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Nietzsche Was Wrong: God Is Not Dead. His Church Theology Was Dead


Nietzsche Was Wrong: God Is Not Dead. His Church Theology Was Dead

By Julio Severo

Atheist philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche (1844—1900) came to the conclusion that many young people from non-charismatic churches arrive: God is dead — in their souls!

That is, God is not really dead, but when these young people out of moral obligation or parental imposition went to church, what did they see? Liturgy, empty and dull sermons, songs that sounded more like funeral songs. They called it service. Nietzsche would seem to call it a wake. Who could disagree with him?

Decades ago, I went to a Swedish Lutheran church. The pastor appeared to be conducting a funeral service. The members sang as if they were at a wake. The atmosphere was cold — typical Nordic ice and typical spiritual ice. It was easier to find a needle in the haystack than the presence of the Holy Spirit there.

Theology without freedom from the Holy Spirit is like a lifeless corpse. Body without breath and without life is dead.

Even so, silently not to disturb the wake they called a service, I prayed in my spirit that the Holy Spirit would be poured out in the dead church.

It was no accident that Nietzsche saw God as dead. He was a member of the Lutheran Church, which has so emptied itself of the presence of God that everything that members can feel there is little more than a wake.

My wife was born in a Lutheran home. All she remembers is a lot of liturgy and services that looked more like funerals. It seems that the only time that pastors would acquire any emotion was when it was time to preach against the supernatural gifts of the Holy Spirit. These pastors, full of dead theology and empty of the presence of God, were sure that these gifts were from the devil.

The tragic result was that when a Lutheran member would have a terminal illness, he was afraid to seek out a Pentecostal pastor to pray. Ask for prayer from the Lutheran pastor? No way! The Lutheran pastor’s prayer was nothing more than a liturgical wake.

Tragically, I personally met Lutherans who were very afraid to ask prayer from Pentecostal pastors, but they were not afraid to seek out witches. Why? Because the real opposition of the Lutheran pastors was the Pentecostal pastors, not the witches.

So who can blame Nietzsche? He was the son of a Lutheran pastor. He spent his entire youth attending the “funerals” of the Lutheran Church. After such an experience, he could only come to two dismal conclusions: God is dead or Nietzsche is spiritually dead.

However, I must warn you that I have seen the same funerals in the Catholic Church, the Presbyterian Church and other churches of a more liturgical style. They had exquisite hymns, sermons and temples. But they were empty of the presence of the Holy Spirit.

And where the presence of the Holy Spirit is absent, demons occupy space in the church and among members. Remember the synagogues? They were the churches of the Jews. In the synagogues there were liturgy and hymns, especially songs from the Psalms. There was a reading of the Bible. And incredibly, there were manifestations of demons.

And what did Jesus and his disciples do in synagogues? They cast out demons. Important lesson: Demons can inhabit churches and synagogues. Demons inhabited Nietzsche, who spent his youth attending the Lutheran Church.

Churches should be spiritual hospitals. People who enter churches with disease, oppression and demons should find cures.

Nietzsche entered in the church as an oppressed and demonized man. To make matters worse, the Lutheran Church that received him was full of theology and empty of the presence, manifestations and gifts of the Holy Spirit.

Elegant as it may seem, theology does not heal, does not deliver and does not save. Nietzsche discovered this from experience. But instead of concluding that his church and theology were dead, he concluded that God was dead — just because his church and his theology were too far from God. Away and dead.

The Britannica Concise Encyclopedia said,

Nietzsche, Friedrich (Wilhelm)

born Oct. 15, 1844, Röcken, Saxony, Prussia

died Aug. 25, 1900, Weimar, Thuringian States

German-Swiss philosopher and writer, one of the most influential of modern thinkers.

The son of a Lutheran pastor, he studied at Bonn and Leipzig and at age 24 became professor of Classical philology at the University of Basel. He became close to the older Richard Wagner, in whose operas he saw the potential for the revival of Western civilization, but broke with Wagner angrily in 1876. His Birth of Tragedy (1872) contained major insights into ancient Greek drama; like Untimely Meditations (1873), it is dominated by a Romantic perspective also influenced by Arthur Schopenhauer. Mental and physical problems forced him to leave his position in 1878, and he spent 10 years attempting to recover his health in various resorts while continuing to write prolifically. His works from Human, All Too Human (1878) to The Gay Science (1882) extol reason and science, experiment with literary genres, and express his emancipation from his earlier Romanticism. His mature writings, particularly Beyond Good and Evil (1886), A Genealogy of Morals (1887), and Thus Spake Zarathustra (1883–92), were preoccupied with the origin and function of values in human life. If, as he believed, life neither possesses nor lacks intrinsic value and yet is always being evaluated, then such evaluations can usefully be read as symptoms of the evaluator's condition. He fulminated against Christianity and announced the death of God. His major breakdown in 1889 marked the virtual end of his productive life. He was revered by Adolf Hitler for his dislike of democracy and his heroic ideal of the Übermensch (Superman)… His analyses of the root motives and values that underlie traditional Western religion, morality, and philosophy affected generations of theologians, philosophers, psychologists, poets, novelists, and playwrights.

© 2005 Encyclopædia Britannica, Inc.

If I attended a Lutheran, Presbyterian, Episcopal or Catholic church and saw a lot of liturgy, innocuous sermons and songs of wake, I would come to only two conclusions if I were not a spiritual Christian: I AM DEAD. Or: God is dead. But as a spiritual Christian, I would have just one conclusion: These churches are dead.

Nietzsche was wrong. God is not dead.

After I was baptized in the Holy Spirit and received supernatural gifts from the Holy Spirit, I experienced the fullness of the Spirit’s presence and its manifestations. With such authority, I can in the name of Jesus preach the Gospel with power, heal the sick and cast out demons.

It seems that neither Nietzsche nor his Lutheran Church had such experiences. It is therefore no wonder that Nietzsche thought that God was dead. And I very much doubt that the other Lutherans in his church had an experience with the living and supernatural God.

God is not dead in churches that do not give freedom to his Holy Spirit. He is only absent until he is invited to manifest himself.

God is not dead in human hearts. He is only absent until he is invited to manifest himself.

Empty, hard hearts conclude that the lack of life within them is evidence that God is dead.

Empty hearts that are hungry and thirsty for God end up being, sooner or later, filled with the fullness of the Holy Spirit.

What can you do? Even if you are the son of a Lutheran pastor or son of a pastor of another Christian church, you are not required to spend your entire youth in the evangelical church with Nietzsche’s emptiness and hardness. You can pray audibly:

“God, my father is a pastor, but I don’t feel you. God, I go to church faithfully, I don’t feel anything of his presence in my mind, soul and interior. So, I open myself to you. Pour into me the same Holy Spirit of power that the Lord poured out on the apostles. Pour into me the gifts of the Holy Spirit. Fill me with your presence and deep love for Jesus that there is no place left for anything else. In Jesus’s name!”

I don’t know if Nietzsche would be open for such a prayer. But if he were, his life would have totally changed and he would have proclaimed worldwide: GOD IS ALIVE!!!!! His Holy Spirit lives in me!

Portuguese version of this article: Nietzsche Errou: Deus Não Está Morto. A Teologia da Igreja dele Estava Morta

Source: Last Days Watchman

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Was Braulia Ribeiro, Former Director of Brazilian YWAM, Reduced to Mere Propagandist of a Witch and an Astrologer?


Was Braulia Ribeiro, Former Director of Brazilian YWAM, Reduced to Mere Propagandist of a Witch and an Astrologer?

By Julio Severo

Known years ago for her role as director of the Brazilian branch of YWAM (Youth With A Mission), which was a large universe in terms of international opportunities, Braulia Ribeiro today chose a smaller universe, and there are worrying clues that this universe is far from Christianity that she claims to believe.

Clarice Lispector, Bráulia Ribeiro and Olavo de Carvalho

For example, her official Twitter account has as main message expressing her thoughts a statement by Clarice Lispector, a Brazilian writer who was considered a closet witch. Perhaps not so discreet, as she was one of the distinguished guests at the 1st World Witchcraft Congress in Bogota, Colombia, in 1974.

Lispector’s literature is marked by eroticism and even lesbianism — characteristics that witches, open or closet, have.

Her death in 1977 was involved in premonitions that she had months before. Premonition is another characteristic of witches.

How a former YWAM director puts a (open or closet) witch’s statement as a central Twitter message is a mystery to me. Lack of discernment? Dissatisfaction with the Christian universe? Apostasy?

Researching Braulia’s Twitter more, I saw her sharing ideas from other occultists and esotericists.

In a single day, November 16, 2020, she shared two statements (here and here) by Eric Voegelin.

The problem with such propaganda is that Voegelin was anti-Protestant.

According to the Cambridge University Press in its work “An Agnostic View of Voegelin’s Gnostic Calvin,” written by William R. Stevenson, Voegelin believed that “the ‘Gnosticism’ of the Modern age had its roots in the Christian experience, and that the Protestant Reformation most explicitly nourished its growth.”

Since Voegelin saw communism and Nazism as the greatest forms of Gnosticism, he was accusing Protestantism of having produced communism and Nazism.

But Stevenson makes it clear that “Voegelin’s characterizing John Calvin’s project in particular as Gnostic anti-intellectualism manifesting an obvious will to power has no sound basis in Calvin’s writings.”

Voegelin saw the Protestant Reformation as the “Great Confusion” saying that the Reformation was “probably the biggest piece of political mischief concocted by a man [Luther], short of the Communist Manifesto.”

He did not spare attacks on Luther, saying that with the Reformation “Luther destroyed the balance of human existence.” Although Luther wrote a lot and had many books published, having been the great unifier of the German language through his translation of the Bible, Voegelin did not hide his total contempt for Luther’s intelligence.

Voegelin attacked Luther for his “antiphilosophism.” That is, for him Luther was against philosophy. He mentioned “[Luther’s] almost incredible lack of wisdom.”

He also said:

“Luther did not possess the powers of intellect that enable a man to grasp the essence of a problem… he was singularly lacking in intellectual insight and imagination.”

If Braulia now likes to make propaganda of anti-Protestant men, she should have no problem in making propaganda of Fidel Castro, an anti-Christian dictator.

In general, only Brazilians mentally affected by Olavo de Carvalho see Eric Voegelin as a “philosophical” reference. Carvalho is Voegelin’s greatest promoter in Brazil. Carvalho’s adherents always promote what he promotes.

In the defense of Voegelin, Carvalho and his adherents claim that he fought Gnosticism. But Voegelin’s interpretation of Gnosticism was pure fanaticism: He saw Protestantism as the greatest producer of Gnosticism and accused that Protestantism’s anti-Gnosticism was anti-intellectualism. It is like a witch accusing Christians of witches and claiming that witchcraft is true intellectualism and accusing that any attack on witchcraft is anti-intellectualism.

Voegelin is also part of perennialism. Considering that there are connections between Carvalho and the Islamic occultist René Guénon, it is not surprising to find such connections between Voegelin and Guénon. A Voegelin website unites the two who, although of different styles, did not differ in their occult soul. Apparently, the same maze of confusions and contradictions that was present in Guénon was also present in Voegelin. And it is undoubtedly present in Carvalho.

Did Braulia become a discreet adherent of Carvalho just as Clarice Lispector was a “discreet” witch? I do not know. I only know that I saw her, on her Twitter account, making intense propaganda for Brasil Sem Medo — a Braziliam website that “discreetly” belongs to Carvalho, who is the director of its editorial board.

For example, on November 19, 2020, Braulia said:

“Right-wing media in Brazil cannot survive (and neither do writers) without your support!! Subscribe to @JornalBSM.”

On the same day, she made another propaganda of the astrologer’s website:

“Once again I ask, those who like my articles and the other incredible columnists of @JornalBSM, please subscribe. It costs less than a dollar a day!!”

On other days, she made a lot more of propaganda.

Faithful to its occult master, on the “About” page of Brasil Sem Medo, nothing appears on the origins and purpose of this organization, as I recorded on November 22, 2020.

When I call Carvalho an astrologer, it is not by cursing. The vast majority of people do not know that the first time he became famous in Brazil was as a professional astrologer.

In addition to Carvalho, another boss of Brasil Sem Medo is Bernardo Kuster, who years ago was an evangelical and worked in an evangelical church, but left everything to follow Carvalho’s “philosophy.” Following his master’s line, today Kuster propagandizes the book “The Inquisition — A Mercy Tribunal.”

What is the use of saying that you are a pro-life conservative if you defend the Inquisition? Defending the Inquisition is like defending abortion:

* Abortion tortures and kills.

* The inquisition tortured and killed.

Legal abortion and Inquisition are morally and immorally equal.

There is no moral difference between the abortion industry and the Inquisition machine.

There is no moral difference between defending the Inquisition and defending the communist assassin Fidel Castro.

I am sure that the ideological descendants of Kuster will make in the future propaganda, together with the book “The Inquisition — A Mercy Tribunal,” of books with titles such as “Legal Abortion — A Procedure of Mercy.”

True conservatives denounce abortion and the Inquisition.

False conservatives do not do this.

Although, compared to YWAM, Carvalho’s universe is small, its network of proselytism and occultism that uses right-wing baits is immense.

As Brasil Sem Medo uses a right-wing tone as bait, Braulia became their evangelical tone or bait to attract evangelicals. I don’t know if Braulia realized that she became bait or if she cares about it.

Olavo de Carvalho is a black hole of occultism, ideological radicalism and opportunism, only bringing into his orbit minds that he can swallow and use to glorify his own movement and ego.

He has already done this on the former Midia Sem Mascara website, which received sponsorship from large companies. But no columnist received a salary. For example, I worked at Midia Sem Mascara for more than ten years without receiving a single penny of salary.

I was not the only columnist used and explored by Carvalho. Atheist writer Heitor de Paola and Catholic writer Graça Salgueiro, who were the biggest columnists for Midia Sem Mascara, were also used and discarded.

However, it was not easy for Carvalho to deceive me at all, because when it came to the question of the Inquisition, which he defends in the same way that communists and Nazis defend their murderous machines, I confronted him and continue to confront him.

Today I understand that Carvalho’s right-wing ideology has occult roots and has parallels with Julius Evola, a adherent of Guénon who was a guru of the Italian fascist dictator Benito Mussolini.

Will Braulia be able to make such a confrontation or will she continue to submit to her role as bait to get evangelicals for Carvalho through Brasil Sem Medo?

Will Braulia speak against the Inquisition?

Will she talk about Carvalho’s occult connections and the proselytizing of his activism?

I highly doubt it. Propagandizing Clarice Lispector, Eric Voegelin and Carvalho himself, she will continue as bait. In fact, loving Lispector, it will be impossible for Braulia to see any occultism in Carvalho, Voegelin, Guenon and other occultists.

In 2009, I had to confront Braulia for her leftist activism against evangelicals who fight against the gay agenda. My confrontation is found in this article: “Director of YWAM in Brazil attacks Christian activism against the anti-‘homophobia’ bills and homosexual ‘marriage.’”

She was disgusted with this article. In fact, her disgust lasted so long that on April 21, 2016 she said on Twitter:

“I don’t block anyone. But Julio Severo I block with pleasure. Listening to him makes me want to become a member of the São Paulo Forum.”

She ended up entering the Carvalho Forum, which is so radical in esoteric fascism as São Paulo Forum is radical in socialism!

Perhaps in her revolt against me she is quite happy to ally herself with a man who has already produced several videos asking the Bolsonaro administration in Brazil and the Federal Police to investigate me for crime of free speech, because I exposed Carvalho’s occultism and his advocacy of the Inquisition. With Braulia, will everything become a forum against Julio Severo?

Although Carvalho says he is much persecuted, the vast majority of reports and articles about him in English accurately present him as a man with an occult history. One of the greatest books against the occult, “War For Eternity: Inside Bannon's Far-Right Circle of Global Power Brokers,” by Benjamin R. Teitelbaum, presents the main names of Guénon’s Traditionalist School, including Steve Bannon, Julius Evola, Alexander Dugin and Carvalho, who was only mentioned, albeit rarely, because of the much propaganda Bolsonaro does for him.

Teitelbaum is an American Jewish writer and his book deals with occultism on the right in the U.S., Russia and Brazil.

Carvalho has not threatened Teitelbaum and other Americans who exposed their occult connections, but he has, in several videos, threatened me, asking the Bolsonaro government and the Federal Police to investigate me. His claim is that my exposés against him involving the Inquisition and esotericism are a threat to Brazil’s national security.

The difference between him and me is big. He says he is persecuted when the U.S. press exposes his occult connections, while for years I have been attacked by the leftist press in the United States solely because of my conservative evangelical stances against abortion and homosexual sin.

While Carvalho is “persecuted” for his occult connections, I am persecuted by the left and by Carvalho himself for my Christian connections. All criticism of the U.S. press against Carvalho is not because of Christianity, but because of occultism and extremist rightism. All criticism of the U.S. press against me is because of Christianity.

As for Braulia and her presence in Brasil Sem Medo, I suspect that her only use is, in addition to fishing evangelicals, only softening among evangelicals Carvalho’s strong anti-Protestant image. This image was produced by himself, with his insane statements against evangelicals, including his public desire for the state police machine to persecute me. If that is not fascism, in the style of Julius Evola and other adherents of Guénon, I do not know what fascism is. Using the state police machine to pursue critics is standard behavior for fascists.

Yet, if the goal is goal is to go after me, Braulia, who has hated me since 2009, sees no problem in such fascism.

In 2009, I thought that Braulia Ribeiro’s biggest problem was pro-homosexual leftism. Today I think she is changing her direction. She is now an evangelical collaborator of the occult fascism that dominates the Olavo de Carvalho movement.

Portuguese version of this article: Bráulia Ribeiro, ex-diretora da JOCUM, foi reduzida à mera propagandista de uma bruxa e de um astrólogo?

Source: Last Days Watchman

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Marxist Movement Black Lives Matter Is Imported by Brazilian Agitators Who Spread Radicalism, Terror and Violence in Brazil


Marxist Movement Black Lives Matter Is Imported by Brazilian Agitators Who Spread Radicalism, Terror and Violence in Brazil

By Julio Severo

In a headline, British newspaper DailyMail said on November 21, 2020: “Violence erupts after black man is beaten to death by supermarket security guards on eve of Brazil’s Black Consciousness Day.”

BLM smashing front windows of Carrefour

Although the word racism appears 5 times in the report, the police investigation did not indicate racism at the Carrefour supermarket. And DailyMail did not explain the violent conduct of João Alberto Silveira Freitas, the alleged victim of racism.

It all started when Freitas started arguing with a Carrefour female employee. The woman, fearing Freitas’s violence, called security.

When he was taken by security guards, Freitas attacked them, as shown in images. His violent action provoked a violent reaction from security guards, and the case ended in Freitas’s death.

DailyMail pointed out that Freitas was a victim of violence, but did not comment on the violence he practiced. In fact, Freitas and violence is not a case that started at Carrefour.

According to the Brazilian Court of Justice, Freitas had an extensive police record of violence and personal injury against people, including women.

So the Carrefour female employee did well to call security. She was really at risk of being beaten.

DailyMail has not revealed any of this information to its readers.

DailyMail said nothing about the woman who was under threat of violence from Freitas.

DailyMail also did not explain whether women will now be unable to call security guards or the police if they are assaulted by black men.

Speaking to reporters, Brazilian Vice President Hamilton Mourao, who is racially mixed as Indian and black, lamented the incident at Carrefour, but denied it reflected racism.

“Racism doesn’t exist in Brazil. That is something they want to import here,” Mourao said, according to DailyMail.

Despite this, agitators and importers linked to the Marxist movement Black Lives Matter started a wave of violence in Brazil. DailyMail said:

“In Sao Paulo, protesters smashed the front window of a Carrefour, scattered goods from shelves over the floor and set a fire that employees hurried to extinguish.”

The only problem is that DailyMail was extremely kind to the agitators, calling them “protesters.” Does this mean that if agitators smash the front windows of the DailyMail building and set a fire, the British newspaper will kindly call them “protesters”?

Ultra-leftist Baptist pastor Ronilso Pacheco, who is a Brazilian immigrant in the U.S., complained to CNN of Brazil about a report that showed the violence of the rioters. Ronilso said:

“It is good for @CNNBrasil to know. Your headline is unfortunate. Your journalism on this issue is still so mediocre because you still do not understand how to distinguish the life of a battered black person and the smashing of a window.”

For Ronilso, breaking stores is insignificant compared to “racism” — even though in the case of Freitas what started the violence was not racism, but his own violence.

Dr. Guilherme Schelb, one of the greatest legal authorities in Brazil, said:

“Black and violent man with extensive police record of violent crimes. He punches supermarket security (there is a video). Security guards react brutally. Police Chief rules out racially motivated crime.”

Although Ronilso believes that the Freitas case should be labeled “racism” and that to combat this, no violence against commercial stores should be considered violence, his extremist stance is not shared by all blacks.

Sérgio Camargo, a black man in the administration of Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro for racial reasons, said:

“The only ‘black genocide’ in Brazil is that of police, which occurs in the face of the indifference of the black movement, the media and militant artists. Honest Lives Matter! Of every 3 police officers killed, 2 are of African descent. I do not remember the politically “correct” anti-racism reds manifesting themselves so vehemently when a police officer who declares himself black or brown is killed. Depredation to discuss racism is a disservice.”

He also said:

“The extremist and criminal tactics of Black Lives Matter, imported into Brazil, equate the black movement with neo-Nazis — similar objectives and methods; just their signals are different.”

He nailed it when he said that the Marxist extremist movement Black Lives Matter was imported into Brazil. Without knowing anything about Freitas’s criminal record, Black Lives Matter, on its Twitter account on November 21, 2020, said:

“We stand in solidarity with the folks protesting in Brazil after João Alberto Silveira Freitas, a 40 year old Black man, was murdered by Carrefour supermarket security, one being an off duty temporary military police officer.”

Black Lives Matter, which treated Freitas’s case as “racism,” was only showing support for its own agitators and importers in Brazil. The phrase “Black Lives Matter” was painted on Paulista Ave, the most important avenue in São Paulo, the economic capital of Brazil.

The big concern now is whether any black criminal who commits violence and in reaction suffers violence will benefit from the defense of this ultra-leftist movement.

For Ronilso, smashing front windows, setting fires and committing violence against Carrefour is not enough. Carrefour closed the store where Freitas was killed. The manager and hundreds of employees, including blacks, lost their jobs.

But for Ronilso and his extremist activism, this is not enough. In a tweet of November 20, 2020, he said:

“A black man beaten to death inside Carrefour and that did not affect the company’s performance in the financial market at all. It is useless to say that black lives matter, while the money that moves the world continues to ignore black lives and treat them like trash.”

Sticking forcedly the label of racism in the Freitas case, Ronilso said:

“Racism and the market. I want to know what @UnileverBrasil, @fundacaobunge, @PepsiCoBrasil, @BrasilColgate, @NIVEABRASIL and other Carrefour suppliers have to say. The issue is not limited to police violence.”

Does he want all suppliers to boycott Carrefour so that all blacks, including blacks with a criminal record and even blacks who start violence at Carrefour, are treated as sacred, divine and untouchable?

Black Sérgio Camargo got it right. Black Lives Matter’s extremist and criminal tactics are being imported into Brazil.

They are being imported by extremists like Ronilso, who today lives in New York studying theology at an ultra-left university.

Directly from New York and financially very supported, Ronilso inflames his extremist contacts in Brazil with the extremist ideology of Black Lives Matter.

Ronilso is a weird Marxist. Usually, Marxists complain about everything imported from the United States, saying it is imperialism. But he is very shamelessly importing Black Lives Matter into Brazil. Importing and praising other importers. Importing and living in the nation itself producing imperialist Marxist products. Marxist imperialism and black supremacism are what really matter to them.

Yet, smart blacks like Sérgio Camargo have already seen that Ronilso is nothing more than a well-supported agitator and importer who needs to use any true or fake case of racism to spread the hate ideology that gives him fame and money.

I am not defending Carrefour and the way its security guards treat violent and abusive men, but if agitators and importers are successful against Carrefour, then in their greed for power and money they will be able to choose Christian companies and even churches as their victims.

Portuguese version of this article: Movimento marxista Black Lives Matter é importado por agitadores brasileiros que espalham radicalismo, terror e violência no Brasil

Source: Last Days Watchman

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