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Roy Moore Attacked by Homo-Fascists for Sharing My Article Endorsing Russia’s Anti-Gay Propaganda Laws

Roy Moore Attacked by Homo-Fascists for Sharing My Article Endorsing Russia’s Anti-Gay Propaganda Laws

By Julio Severo
In the wake of the biased CNN report titled “Roy Moore’s Facebook page shared inflammatory memes, article praising Russia’s anti-gay laws,” which attacks Moore because of my BarbWire article, the homosexual websites Intomore and LGBTQNation quickly followed suit.
Referring to my article, LGBTQNation published its headline: “Senate candidate Roy Moore agrees with Russia’s antigay crackdown.”
In its piece titled “GOP Senate Candidate Shares Article Endorsing Russia’s Brutal Anti-Gay Propaganda Laws” (as if to ban homosexual propaganda to children were “brutal”), Intomore said:
One of America’s most homophobic politicians is in hot water yet again following reports that his Facebook page shared an article praising Russia’s anti-gay propaganda laws.
Roy Moore, the former Alabama Supreme Court justice who attempted to block same-sex marriage in his state, shared the offending link in 2015. Authored by BarbWire’s Julio Severo, the piece refers to Vladimir Putin’s oppressive regime as championing “a strong stance in defense of traditional family values.”
“It bans homosexual groups and individuals from giving children information about homosexuality,” Severo writes. “Violators face hefty fines and arrest.”
Intomore complains that homosexual “pride parades have been blocked across” Russia.
The Russian law kills homosexual propaganda, not homosexuals. In contrast, Saudi Arabia kills both homosexual propaganda and homosexuals.
Does Intomore see the difference? Apparently, it does not see. A simple Google search finds, in its results, that Intomore has condemned Russia many times (in 78 hits) and Saudi Arabia just 4 times (yes, incredibly just 4 hits).
If I understand Intomore’s logics, if you ban homosexual propaganda, you deserve many condemnations. But if you ban homosexual propaganda and apply capital punishment on homosexuals, you deserve just a few condemnations.
So, to avoid many condemnations from Intomore and other American homosexual websites, should Russia imitate Saudi Arabia, the closest Islamic partner of the United States, and add capital punishment to homosexuals?
Russia is the largest Orthodox Christian nation in the world. Saudi Arabia is the capital of Islam in the world.
Obviously Intomore and other homosexual websites are much more worried about Christianity than about Islam.
If homosexualists at Intomore were given an opportunity to choose between Saudi Arabia and Russia to live, would they would choose Saudi Arabia?
Perhaps their life philosophy is: It is better to die under Islam than living under Christianity!
Intomore also said about Moore:
The 70-year-old told C-SPAN2’s After Words in a 2005 interview that homosexuality should be illegal. Moore has called same-sex relations “abominable, detestable, unmentionable, and too disgusting and well known to require other definition or further details or description.”
Nothing new. Moore merely said what the Jewish and Christian Bibles have been saying for thousands of years!
Sadly, current America grants excessive freedom to homosexualists — a nonsense never imagined by the U.S. Founders, including the first U.S. president, George Washington, who loathed homosexuality and expelled homosexuals, but never killed them.
Intomore added:
So is Intomore unhappy that Moore suggested Obama is a Muslim? For Intomore, is Islam better than Christianity? If so, to live in the United States or Russia is a bad choice and a “nightmare.” They should move to Saudi Arabia.
Next, Intomore said about me:
But at least one person is happy about Moore’s endorsement of Russian homophobia: the author of the BarbWire piece himself.
Responding to the CNN report which broke the story, Severo writes that it’s a “privilege” to have his article shared by the former jurist, who was removed from his position after being found guilty of numerous ethics violations. Calling the cable station the “Communist News Network,” the author refers to CNN as “one of most rabid left-wing, anti-conservative channels in the United States.”
The “numerous ethics violations” are mainly that Moore refused a federal judge’s order to remove a Ten Commandments monument from the state courthouse lobby and that he opposed gay “marriage,” resulting in his permanent suspension. I would also love to be condemned for such “ethics violations”!
As an evangelical Christian, Moore acted correctly by sharing my article endorsing Russia’s anti-gay propaganda laws.
Christians do not approve the brutal Islamic treatment of homosexuals in Saudi Arabia and other Muslim nations. This treatment results in the torture and death of homosexuals.
But Christians everywhere approve righteousness everywhere. If Russia has a law banning homosexual propaganda to protect children and teenagers from the harmful effects of homosexual indoctrination, this is righteousness.
If Russia, the largest Orthodox Christian nation in the world, approves such righteousness, Christians everywhere praise it.
If the United States, the largest Protestant nation in the world, approves such righteousness, Christians everywhere praise it.
I am a Brazilian, but I praise George Washington for his correct attitude of loathing homosexuality and expelling homosexuals. Would he expel homosexualists from the U.S. government today? You bet! I am a fan of Washington. Yet, Intomore would prefer to express many condemnations of Christian Washington and a few condemnations of the Islamic Saudis.
For homo-fascists, it is “brutal” to ban homosexual propaganda to children. Yet, whatever they think, they are not entitled to our children. In fact, they have no rights whatsoever over children.
It is actually brutal not to protect children and teenagers from homosexual propaganda.
I am pretty sure that if Washington were risen today and given an opportunity to offer his views on laws banning homosexual propaganda, he would side with children’s safety.
Washington is not here. But America has thousands of Christians like Washington. Moore is one of them.
To protect children from predatory homosexuality and its propaganda is more important than protecting predatory homosexual propaganda to children.
Roy Moore should be praised for understanding this difference and siding with Washington.
America needs heroes like Washington. Moore is one of them. If America has wicked individuals, including in her State Department and her embassies, who praise sodomy around the world, why cannot America have a hero praising efforts around the world, including in Russia, to protect children from the homosexual propaganda?
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Media Gets Brazil Ruling on Sexual Orientation Therapy All Wrong

Media Gets Brazil Ruling on Sexual Orientation Therapy All Wrong

By Peter Sprigg
The LGBT activist movement has long been notorious for using a variety of untruths and/or distortions to advance their social and political agenda.
In few areas has this been so blatant and shocking as in the current all-out war against the freedom of clients and therapists to pursue sexual orientation change efforts (SOCE).
For example, we are repeatedly told (falsely) that scientific evidence has proven that all SOCE is harmful. Yet even the Left-leaning American Psychological Association—although critical of SOCE—was forced to admit:
Early and recent research studies provide no clear evidence of the prevalence of harmful outcomes among people who have undergone efforts to change their sexual orientation. . . Thus, we cannot conclude how likely it is that harm will occur from SOCE [emphasis added].
The mainstream media’s complicity (or ignorance) in all this is highlighted by the continuing use of the term “conversion therapy” in reference to a practice whose actual practitioners refer to it as “sexual reorientation therapy,” “sexual orientation change efforts,” or “SOCE;” or the more recent “sexual attraction fluidity exploration in therapy” or “SAFE-T;” or “reparative therapy”—but not “conversion therapy.”
Another claim made by critics of SOCE is that it is premised on the belief that homosexuality is a mental disorder—a belief they claim was discredited by the American Psychological Association’s vote in 1973 to remove homosexuality from its Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM). However, the 1973 decision was not based on any clear-cut body of scientific evidence proving that homosexuality is normal, natural, and harmless. Instead, as a result of aggressive political activism, the APA simply changed the definition of a “mental disorder” in such a way as to exclude homosexuality, by making it contingent on the presence of “subjective distress.”
While it is probably true that most therapists who assist with sexual orientation change efforts do not consider homosexuality to be a normal and natural variant of human sexuality, it is not necessary to classify it as a “mental disorder” to justify their work. Many people who experience same-sex attractions do experience “subjective distress” about those feelings, and that alone is sufficient to justify allowing therapists to assist in overcoming those attractions, if that is the goal the client chooses.
All this background is necessary to understand why I was skeptical about an Associated Press article published recently under the headline, “Brazil ruling that homosexuality is disease to be appealed.” According to the article, Brazil’s “Judge Waldemar Claudio de Carvalho ruled last week that homosexuality could be considered a disease that could be treated with sexual orientation conversion therapies.” The article suggested that the ruling had the effect of overturning a 1999 resolution by Brazil’s “Federal Council of Psychology” (abbreviated “CFP” in Portuguese) aimed at “prohibiting psychologists from treating homosexuality as a disease.”
An article from the British newspaper The Guardian offered more detail, noting that the case was “brought by Rozangela Justino, an evangelical Christian and psychologist whose license was revoked in 2016 after she offered ‘conversion therapy.’” However, I was still doubtful that we were getting the whole story on this so-called “ruling that homosexuality is disease,” so I reached out to Julio Severo, a Brazilian pro-family activist and Christian blogger, for more information.
After researching the issue, Severo confirmed my suspicions with an article on his English-language website. Severo offers an English translation of the CFP’s “Resolution 001/1990” which includes the following:
* [H]omosexuality is not a disease, disturbance or perversion;
* Psychologists shall not use any action for making homoerotic behaviors or practices pathological, nor shall they use coercion to direct homosexuals to unsolicited treatments.
* Psychologists shall not offer their opinions, . . in regard to homosexuals as sufferers of psychic disorders.
However, the private practice of sexual reorientation therapy with consenting clients who are distressed about unwanted same-sex attractions does not, in and of itself, violate any of these restrictions. In addition, a Google translation of a Portuguese language news article says explicitly, “The preliminary decision of federal judge Waldemar Cláudio de Carvalho maintains the full text of Resolution 01/99.”
However, Severo does say that the resolution also included a paragraph saying:
* Psychologists shall not collaborate with events and services proposing treatment and cures of homosexualities.
This appears to be the only part of the CFP resolution that the judge actually modified, by ordering, as Severo translates it,
that the Federal Council of Psychology [must] not interpret [its resolution] to hinder psychologists from promoting studies or giving professional care, in a private setting, regarding . . . sexual (re)orientation, thereby ensuring to them full scientific freedom about the subject, with no censorship or prior permission from the Federal Council of Psychology.
The translated article quotes the judge as expanding on the importance of “scientific freedom,” saying that a total ban on such therapy would
prohibit the deepening of the scientific studies related to (sexual) orientation, thus affecting the scientific freedom of the country . . . insofar as it prevents and makes unfeasible the investigation of the most important aspect of psychology [which] is human sexuality.
The translated article also says the judge’s decision “underscores the reserved nature of the service and prohibits advertising and publicity” for sexual reorientation therapy.
Nevertheless, a spokesman for the CFP condemned the decision, taking issue with the idea that the CFP policy interferes with research. According to The Guardian,
“We have no power over research,” he said. “The way it was put by the judge gave the impression that we prohibited research which is not true.”
Yet it is hard to understand how anyone could do “research” on sexual reorientation therapy if no one is permitted to engage in such therapy.
In summary, a very modest ruling by a Brazilian judge in defense of freedom for clients, therapists, and researchers has been distorted by the media (especially the Associated Press) into a judicial ruling that homosexuality is “a disease.” The media urgently needs to abandon its caricature of sexual orientation change efforts—and the U.S. needs more judges with the wisdom and courage of Judge de Carvalho.
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Left-Wing Groups Plan Nationwide “Deface Columbus Day”

Left-Wing Groups Plan Nationwide “Deface Columbus Day”

By Julio Severo
According to a WND (WorldNetDay) report, violent left-wing anarchists have announced a nationwide campaign to deface Christopher Columbus statues this coming Monday.
Those left-wingers label themselves Antifa, a shortening of anti-fascism, even though their violent actions are essentially fascist.
Five Christopher Columbus statues have already been vandalized in New York City in recent weeks, according to Far Left Watch. In one case last month, vandals defaced a “larger-than-life” statue of Columbus in Central Park, leaving blood-red paint on his hands, and scrawled, “Hate will not be tolerated” and “#SomethingsComing” on its pedestal.
What is coming appears to be a coordinated campaign to destroy monuments all across the country on Columbus Day.
Left-wing and Black Lives Matter groups see Christopher Columbus, who was an Italian navigator of Jewish extraction, as an oppressor against Indian minorities. Just because he was white.

Columbus wanted to save an oppressed people

Very far from oppressing anyone, Columbus wanted to save Jews, who were oppressed and treated as “Marranos” —which means pigs in Spanish. His effort to discover new lands, resulting in the discovery of America, was to find a safe place for the Jews.
In a sense and spectacularly, Columbus was successful. The United States, which are the largest Protestant nation in the world, became the greatest refuge for Jews that the world has ever seen. And the U.S. “trade name” is: AMERICA. America became the nation that achieved the largest awareness campaign against the Inquisition’s horrors the world has ever seen.
Yet, left-wing anarchists want to pervert Columbus’s image and mission, which was to save the oppressed Jewish people. Those anarchists are the actual oppressors who, 500 years ago, would be arm in arm with the Inquisition’s thieves and killers.
According to a DailyMail report:
There is compelling evidence that suggests Christopher Columbus was secretly Jewish and that he hid his true faith to survive the Spanish Inquisition.
Historians believe the real motive behind his historic quest was to find a new homeland for Jews who were persecuted and run out of Spain.
The Spanish Inquisition tortured tens of thousands of Marranos, who were ordered to give up the names of others — including friends and relatives.
Marranos who had their secret lives exposed were paraded in front of crowds, tied to stakes and burned alive while the crown and the church divided and took their land and personal possessions.
It has been claimed that Columbus was a Marrano and that keeping his Jewish heritage secret was crucial to his survival.
With information from WND and DailyMail.
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CNN Attacks Roy Moore Just Because He Shared My BarbWire Piece

CNN Attacks Roy Moore Just Because He Shared My BarbWire Piece

By Julio Severo
In a report titled “Roy Moore’s Facebook page shared inflammatory memes, article praising Russia’s anti-gay laws,” CNN (Cable News Network), one of most rabid left-wing, anti-conservative channels in the United States, did not like the conservative contents of the Facebook page belonging to Roy Moore, the Republican nominee for US Senate in Alabama.
Among Moore’s Facebook posts hated by CNN the most highlighted was the BarbWire article “Conservative Russians Give Moral Lesson to Facebook’s Homosexual Propaganda,” written by me.
CNN said,
Moore’s Facebook page also shared an article from the religious conservative website BarbWire.com in July 2015 with the headline, “Conservative Russians Give Moral Lesson to Facebook’s Homosexual Propaganda.” The article highlighted efforts by some Russians to counter a feature on Facebook that allowed users to overlay a rainbow over their profile picture.
“The strongest reaction came from conservative Russians who overlaid an image of the colors of their country’s flag — white, blue and red — over their profile picture,” the article read, adding that users also “countered the homosexual #LoveWins hashtag with #pridetobestraight and #pridetoberussian.”
The article also described Russia’s efforts to crack down on the LGBT community, including the country’s so-called “gay propaganda law,” as a “strong stance in defense of traditional family values.”
CNN added,
Moore shared an article in July 2015 that praised Russia’s anti-gay laws and Russians who opposed Facebook’s feature that allowed users to change their profile pictures to celebrate same-sex marriage:
I consider a privilege to have a conservative BarbWire article written by me shared by Judge Roy Moore.
As a conservative evangelical Christian, I am not surprised that CNN attacked Moore just because he shared one of my BarbWire articles.
After all, what expect from the Communist News Network?
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What Is Neoconservatism? Who are the Neocons?

What Is Neoconservatism? Who are the Neocons?

Everything You Should Know about the Neoconservative Movement

By Julio Severo
Recently, Pope Francis said, “America has a distorted vision of the world,” warning against Trump’s “dangerous alliance” with Russia that he fears will harm Islamic immigrants.”
John McCain
Why is the pope so worried about an alliance between U.S. and Russia?
To see Russia as a threat is a traditional neocon approach.
Actually, in his campaign Donald Trump, who is the U.S. president today, countered this approach by attacking, and being attacked by, Republican Senator John McCain and hordes of neocons. Trump made abundantly clear that he wanted an alliance with Russia against Islamic terror.

Franklin Graham, a U.S.-Russian Alliance Is Necessary

Franklin Graham, the son of the legendary evangelist Billy Graham and who was one of the Christian and Jewish leaders chosen to offer prayers at Trump’s presidential inaugural, has asked prayers also for a U.S.-Russia alliance against Islamic terror.
Graham, who would be labeled a “fundamentalist terrorist” by pope’s closest associates, sees such union as very essential.
Different of the Catholic pope, who sees such alliance as “dangerous,” evangelical Graham sees such alliance as necessary against Islamic dangers.
Consistent with pope’s wishes, neocons have asked sanctions and hostility against current Russia, which is conservative.
Neocons thrive on wars. They need to support their military industrial complex. So if the endless Islamic wars are extinguished, the neocons’ profits are gone. For them, it is more advantageous to make Russia a bogeyman and scapegoat and have a U.S.-Islamic alliance against the Russian bogeyman than having a U.S.-Russian alliance against Islam and its incessant wars and terrorism. If the world achieves peace, neocons go bankrupt. If America stops her incessant military meddling in the affairs of other nations, neocons go bankrupt.
With Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, McCain was a vocal supporter of the Ukrainian revolution, and of the U.S. providing arms to Ukraine against Russia, saying the Obama sanctions imposed against Russia were not enough. McCain has also been instrumental for the U.S., under Obama and now under Trump, providing arms to Islamic rebels in Syria and imposing sanctions on the Syrian government.
So if Trump wanted an alliance with Russia, why has he capitulated to McCain and neocons?
The best analysis came from Scott Lively, who said,
“I believe President Trump will begin to shift back to some of his seemingly abandoned campaign promises, including an alliance with Russia, which I think is the best possible geopolitical outcome for pro-family conservatives. Many people are angry with him for capitulating to McCain and the neo-cons on Syria and on Obama’s Cold War revival re Russia. However, I think those capitulations are probably unavoidable because the US State and Defense department are the deepest strongholds of globalist power in our government and the hardest for the White House to control. Taking and exercising control in those departments is a slow, systematic process that should grow incrementally easier as Mr. Trump consolidates control across the rest of the Executive Branch. If I am right in my analysis, we’ll see significant policy changes within a year and obvious steps in the right direction soon.”
John McCain has reportedly received over $100,000 from billionaire liberal activist-funder George Soros, who, by the way, has campaigned also against Russia.
Because Russia was the main opposition to Soros’s revolution in Ukraine, Soros has attacked mainly Putin. In his article titled “Putin is a bigger threat to Europe’s existence than ISIS,” Soros said, “The leaders of the US and the EU are making a grievous error in thinking that president Vladimir Putin’s Russia is a potential ally in the fight against Islamic State. The evidence contradicts them. Putin’s aim is to foster the EU’s disintegration.”
Capitulation to the neocons leads to disaster. What will Trump gain by capitulating to McCain, who has capitulated to Soros?
What will Trump gain by capitulating to McCain, who wants the U.S. government meddling in Ukraine and Syria against Russia?

Why Does the Left Accuse Trump of Collusion with Russia?

There is also a desperate effort to accuse Trump of “collusion” with Russia, as if Russia were a big threat to be shunned, as if Russia were the biggest communist threat in the world.
Actually, modern Russia is much more conservative, including in pro-family values.
Yet, there is actually a U.S. “collusion” with the largest communist nation in the world. The United States has made China the most powerful communist-capitalist nation in the world. If China has the biggest communist army in the world, it is thanks exclusively to the countless economic incentives from U.S. to the Chinese communist government.
Communist China has been supported by Democrats and Republicans, by Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, Bush, Clinton, Bush, Obama and Trump. All the conservative and socialist U.S. presidents have had “collusion” with the largest communist nation in the world in a lesser or larger scale. All of them are to blame, because all of them have in a lesser or larger scale followed the neocon agenda.
All of these presidents have different views on pro-family issues, but in neocon ambitions, all of them are equal in a lesser or larger scale. Some of them are ideologically different, with Carter, Clinton and Obama adhering to the socialist agenda and with Reagan, Bush and Trump adhering the conservative agenda. But all of them follow the neocon agenda that seems mandatory by the deep State.

Bill Clinton and George Bush: Example of a Union Between Left-Wingers and Right-Wingers Under the Neocon Flag

What has a conservative president in common with a socialist president? What has a pro-family president in common with a pro-abortion and pro-sodomy president?
In pro-family terms, nothing. In neocon terms, everything. In 2014 George W. Bush described Bill Clinton as a “brother from another mother” in a gushing interview about their surprising friendship, according to Daily Mail.
He added that his own father “serves as a father figure” to Clinton, who pushed the elder Bush out of office in 1992.
Daily Mail reported that after becoming president, Clinton frequently sought Bush Sr.’s advice, just as Bush Jr. did with Clinton when he was elected America’s 43rd president.
Did these mutual advices include abortion and homosexuality? After all, before Obama, Clinton was the most prominent pro-abortion and pro-sodomy U.S. president. In contrast, Bush was generally pro-life and pro-family.
Does their friendship involve moral clashes? No, because their union is not based on pro-family interests, but only on neocon ambitions.
A real conservative Christian would never do vote for a socialist candidate. But neoconservatives (neocons) in the Deep State have conservative candidates for conservative constituents and they have socialist candidates for socialist constituents, and all of these candidates are submissive to the neocon agenda.
What is a neocon? Neoconservatives are present in both the Democratic and the Republican Parties and their focus and priority is not to conserve pro-life, pro-family and Christian values. They seek to conserve and expand the U.S. military, economic and political hegemony around the world. Neocons work with any U.S. president having this focus, whether a right-wing Bush or a left-wing Obama.
U.S. neoconservatism focuses on foreign policy as its main concern, to keep the United States as the only superpower molding the New World Order.

How the Neoconservative Movement Was Born

The term “neoconservative” was popularized in the United States in 1973 by socialist leader Michael Harrington, who used the term to define the ideology of Irving Kristol, Daniel Bell and Daniel Patrick Moynihan.
Daniel Bell was a Jew who once described himself as a “socialist in economics, a liberal in politics, and a conservative in culture.”
Daniel Patrick Moynihan was a Catholic member of the pro-abortion and pro-sodomy Democratic Party.
Irving Kristol, dubbed the “godfather of neo-conservatism,” was a powerful liberal writer during the 1950s and 1960s. He had grown disenchanted with the Democratic Party by 1970 and switched to the Republican Party, welcoming the name “neoconservative” for the band of liberal intellectuals he brought with him.
Kristol described a neoconservative as a “liberal mugged by reality.” He was immensely persuasive in the shaping of the neocon movement, especially among Catholics.
During the Cold War era, most neoconservatives vigorously opposed the Soviet Union. Even though most neocons stand against communism, their ideology, which gives no priority to the Christian values that founded America, is basically socialist, except for the exacerbate warmongering and expansionist nationalism. Hillary Clinton is an example. She was opposed to North Korea, an officially communist nation. As a 2016 presidential candidate, she was supported by the most capitalist conglomerates in the world, but she is opposed to pro-family and Christian values. In a sense, she is capitalist. In a sense, she is socialist. But in every sense, she is neocon.
In American politics, a neoconservative is someone presented as a conservative but who usually does not participate in the March for Life and does not stand up for traditional marriage. Neocons emphasize putting America first in a very militaristic nationalism. They support attacking and even overthrowing foreign governments, even when the result is more persecution of Christians. Some neocons have profited immensely from the military-industrial complex.

Neocons Led Bush to Invade Iraq, instead of Saudi Arabia

Even though neocons praise the Iraq War, DailyMail said that this war “was one of the biggest mistakes made in the history of modern America.” In 2016, Trump condemned the Iraq War.
Both George W. Bush and senator Hillary Clinton approved it. From a Christian and humanitarian perspective, this war was a total disaster for Christians.
Before the U.S. invasion of Iraq, there were over 2 million Christians. Today, they number less than 300,000. The U.S. military presence in Iraq did not protect Christians and even after the genocide, the U.S. massively opened its immigration doors to Muslims, not their Christian victims.
The ten Islamic terrorists who attacked the U.S. on 9/11 were not from Iraq. They were from Saudi Arabia. Even so, the U.S. did not invade and attack Saudi Arabia, which is, in fact, the biggest sponsor of worldwide Islamic terrorism. The U.S. invaded Iraq as if the 9/11 terrorists were Iraqis.
Saddam Hussein was not a good man, but at least he protected Christian minorities much better than the U.S. did after the invasion of Iraq. The U.S. military mission in Iraq was a failure and eventually brought ISIS and chaos and genocide to Christians.
The difference is: Iraq under Hussein was an enemy of Saudi Arabia, which has been always a friend and ally of U.S. neocons and presidents, including the Bushes, the Clintons, Obama and Trump.
The U.S. invasion of Iraq left a predictable vacuum that resulted in the murder of thousands of Christians there and the rise of ISIS. During the Republican presidential primaries in 2016, Donald Trump humiliated the neocons’ insistence on war in Iraq, Ukraine, Libya and Syria, even though as president Trump has followed their insistence.
Trump is doing today, regarding to Syria, virtually everything he had condemned in Hillary, Obama and neocons, and Syrian Christians, who had supported Trump, are discontented.
The highest priority of the neoconservatives has been to increase military action by the United States in the Middle East and to expand it to a confrontation against Russia. There is a revolving door between some neocons and highly paid positions in the defense industry, which may explain the constant neoconservative demands for more wars.
Neoconservatives favor expensive foreign interventionism with massive federal spending, often to replace a dictator with a new system of government that may be worse, especially for Christians. Sometimes this is expressed as a desire to install a democracy in a culture incompatible with it.
The neoconservative position was discredited in the failure of democracy in Iraq, Libya and Afghanistan. In all of these nations, which were home to Christian communities and churches, a measure of tolerance was replaced by Islamic radicalism and purge of Christians after U.S. interventions, and today no Christian church is left in Afghanistan.

Neocons, Globalism and U.S. Hegemony

In contrast to traditional conservatives, neoconservatives favor globalism through U.S. hegemony, downplay Christian values and are unlikely to actively oppose abortion and the homosexual agenda. Neocons do not care about the evangelical foundation of America and they do not care about making alliances with Islamic terror groups to confront Russia. Neocons favor strong active U.S. interventions in world affairs.
On foreign policy, neoconservatives believe the mission of the United States is to install democracy around the world. When fulfilling this mission, both Bushes talked about a New World Order.
A second main line of development of neoconservatism was strongly influenced by the work of German-American political philosopher Leo Strauss. Some of Strauss’ students include former Deputy Secretary of Defense Paul Wolfowitz under George W. Bush. Wolfowitz, an American-Jewish neocon, had a known affair with Shaha Riza, a Muslim woman who grew up in Saudi Arabia. (It reminds former CIA director John Brennan, who converted to Islam in Saudi Arabia. U.S. neocons want to be close to Islam, and even to the communist China, but not close to Christian Russia.)
According to Paul Craig Roberts, former Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Economic Policy in the Reagan administration and associate editor of the Wall Street Journal, Wolfowitz created the Wolfowitz doctrine, which is basis for the U.S. foreign policy toward Russia. His doctrine regards any power sufficiently strong to remain independent of Washington’s influence to be “hostile.”
The Wolfowitz doctrine justifies Washington’s dominance of all regions in the world. It is, according to Roberts, consistent with the neoconservative ideology of the U.S. as the “indispensable” and “exceptional” country entitled to world hegemony.
Roberts said that “Russia is in the way of U.S. world hegemony” and that “Unless the Wolfowitz doctrine is abandoned, nuclear war is the likely outcome.”
Yet, the Wolfowitz doctrine can be used not only against Russia. In 2008 American prophet Chuck Pierce told us, a small group of Brazilians in São Paulo, Brazil, that “God had removed his national anointing from the U.S. in 2008.”
“Pierce also said that God was looking for another nation to grant this anointing. He told that if Brazil got closer to Israel, God was going to give the anointing to Brazil. Then he had a vision about what would happen if Brazil began to develop into an international power: He saw the U.S. government encircling and stifling Brazil economically and militarily. He saw the U.S. filled with envy. He saw the U.S. totally determined to hinder Brazil’s economic rise. What I understood from his vision is that the U.S., as the only superpower today, will not accept the rise of any other nation to rival its hegemony. The development of every nation is to be under the submission of U.S. interests, and these are wicked interests, because the U.S. government has abandoned the Lord long ago. The U.S. sees the economic rise of other nations as competing with its power.“
Perceiving or not, Pierce described neocons, who demand all the nations to be dependent on the U.S.
Neoconservatives are often described as “conservative,” but their positions on social issues are mixed. There are two main groups of neocons:
* There are neoconservatives who hold to liberal positions on social matters, and are unlikely to agree with Christian conservatives on issues like abortion, prayer in school and same-sex marriage.
* There are neoconservatives who tend to have greater degrees of agreement with Christian and cultural conservatives on social issues.
Neoconservatives differ from libertarians in that neoconservatives tend to support Big Government policies to further their military objectives.

In the Fight against Neocons in 2016, the Only Major Support for Trump Came from Evangelicals

Because in his 2016 campaign Trump had openly opposed neocons and their ambition for more U.S. military expansion, Commentary, the leading neoconservative magazine in the U.S., said, somewhat hyperbolically, that Mr. Trump is “the No. 1 threat to American security” — bigger than the Islamic State. Very similar to Soros, who sees Putin as a threat bigger than ISIS.
The big lesson in last U.S. election was the way neocons were exposed by Trump, notwithstanding Trump, as president, essentially abandoned his anti-neocon speeches and actions.
Because of Trump’s confrontation with neocons in 2016, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange said that Trump “has had every establishment off his side. Trump does not have one establishment, maybe with the exception of the Evangelicals, if you can call them an establishment. Banks, intelligence, arms companies, foreign money, etc. are all united behind Hillary Clinton. And the media as well. Media owners, and the journalists themselves.”
Assange’s assumption proved true. After the election, it was confirmed that officially white evangelicals gave victory to Trump.
It was not neocons who gave victory to Trump. It was not the military-industrial complex that gave him the victory. It was not the Vatican that gave victory to him. In fact, the pope’s closest associates have labeled Trump’s Christian supporters “fundamentalist terrorists.”
It was white evangelicals gave victory to Trump.
But for some reason, Trump has not continued his confrontation with neocons, at least not in the first year of his presidency.
If evangelicals were the only major group supporting Trump in the last U.S. elections, where was the second largest Christian group in America, Catholics? Why were not they supporting Trump? Why most U.S. Catholics preferred neocon Hillary?

Why Are Catholics More Involved in the Neoconservative Movement?

A simple Google search shows that Catholics are predominantly mentioned as predominantly involved in neocon politics and geopolitics.
A search for “Catholic neoconservatives” delivers 3,100 results.
A search for “evangelical neoconservatives” delivers just 43 results.
A search for “Protestant neoconservatives” delivers just 4 results.
Evangelicals and Protestants, in this search, account for about 1 percent of Christian neocons. Religiously, Catholics are in the Christian frontlines in the neoconservative movement. If this search is correct, it explains the “neocon” opposition from the pope to a U.S.-Russian alliance against Islamic terror. It seems that the Vatican would prefer alliance with Islamic terrorists than with Russia — not to mention with Israel.
It is not known why Catholics would sacrifice Christian and pro-life and pro-family values for a foreign policy of U.S. ideological interventionism and expansionism that slaughter other Christians. For example, in the Iraq War thousands and thousands of Christians were sacrificed in the aftermath of the U.S. invasion, approved by right-wing Bush. Later, left-wing Obama expanded the sacrifice when his left-wing State Secretary Hillary Clinton helped create ISIS, which has been torturing, raping and slaughtering Christians masses in Iraq and Syria.
The U.S. foreign policy, carried by neocons in the Republican Party and Democratic Party, has been very bad for Christians in the Middle East.
Most Christians slaughtered in Syria and Iraq are Orthodox Christians. Because powerful U.S. neocons are Catholics, some could wonder if they would approve such invasion, meddling and massacres in Syria and Iraq if Christians there were exclusively Catholic.
Actually, the U.S. has been soft with Islamic terror against Middle East Christians in the same way the Vatican has been soft.
A conflict between Christian powers, motivated by a millennial hostility between Catholics and Orthodox Christians, but masked as insincere concerns about the communism of the defunct Soviet Union, is everything Islam needs to advance more and keep its yearly martyrdom of 100,000 Christians.

America: The Vatican’s New Italy

The same Vatican that is soft with Islam is now more aligned, in terms of global governance, with the U.S. government. There are scholarly works confirming that the Vatican is very connected to the U.S. In fact, the survival of the State-Church Vatican has been dependent on the U.S.
Is such “union” beneficial to the original U.S. evangelical conservatism?
Even under Pope John Paul 2, who was a pro-life and pro-family champion, conservatism was not as strong as thought. He did what conservative Ronald Reagan never did. While John Paul 2 lost no opportunity to be with the Palestinian terrorist leader Yasser Arafat (with abundant pictures proving their glad meetings), Reagan deliberately boycotted every opportunity to meet the Islamic terrorist leader, threatening to boycott his presence even at the United Nations.
While the U.S. conservative president boycotted the terrorist leader, the “conservative” pope embraced him, thereby proving that the Vatican is really soft with Islam and its terrorists.
According to Catholic sources, the Catholic Church has received millions in dollars to facilitate Islamic immigrant invasion in U.S. This explains partially why the pope is worried that an U.S.-Russian alliance will harm Islamic immigration to the U.S. That is, it will harm directly the Vatican’s pockets.
The big question is: How did a nation born essentially Protestant and pro-Israel and pro-Jews unite itself with a State-Church historically against Russia, Israel and Jews and it is soft with Islam, including by facilitating Islamic immigrant invasion in U.S?
“Rome in America: Transnational Catholic Ideology from the Risorgimento to Fascism,” by Peter R. D’Agostino, shows that in the past, the essential association was between the Vatican and Italy. Now it is increasingly between the Vatican and the U.S. In effect, the U.S. has become the Vatican’s new Italy.
Another fundamental book is “Parallel Empires: The Vatican and the United States — Two Centuries of Alliance and Conflict,” by Massimo Franco, which says:
“The Vatican view [under Pope John Paul II] is that the American response to [Islamic] terrorism, the battlefront of the third millennium, is too strident and more likely to exacerbate the problem than to solve it. While Islamic fundamentalism is the main threat to the West, Vatican officials press their arguments that historically Islam and Christian communities have generally managed to coexist in the Arab world.”
This explains the soft U.S. stance on Islamic terror. But what does explain a hard U.S. stance on Orthodox Russia?
For centuries, Catholics advocated an Italian nationalism (and an overwhelming majority of popes were Italian) because the Vatican was linked to Italy. Today, Catholics, even in Brazil, the largest Catholic nation in the world, defend an exacerbated American warmongering nationalism. Why? For the same old reason: The Vatican today is connected to the United States in many respects and ambitions.

The Vatican and Its Historical Hostility to the Orthodox Church

There was a time, before the foundation of the Soviet Union, when Catholics, even U.S. Catholics, wanted the supremacy of the Vatican. Now Catholics heavily involved in the neocon movement want the U.S. supremacy, not in pro-family advocacy, but exclusively in military and political hegemony. Why?
Most U.S. suspicions of the current Russia come from Catholic neocons. Catholics have for one thousand years had suspicions of the Christian Orthodox Church. And today the largest Orthodox Christian nation in the world is Russia. Before the birth of the Soviet Union, they had suspicions of Russia — for religious reasons. During the Soviet Union, they had suspicions, rightly shared by evangelicals, over Soviet Marxism. But after the Soviet Union’s downfall, why do their suspicions remain?
Catholics had many suspicions of the largely Protestant and capitalist U.S. society, but they overcame this prejudice. Why not in regard to an Christian Orthodox Church that is fighting for the same pro-family values as Reagan’s America did?

Trump Was the First U.S. Candidate to Confront Neocons

As a Republican presidential candidate, Donald Trump was the first American in the U.S. history to confront neocons in the Democratic Party and Republican Party. He was not a conservative in the Christian sense of having a history of pro-family advocacy, but he had not the neocon advocacy of Hillary Clinton, shared by George H. W. Bush and many other Republicans, to conserve and expand the U.S. military, economic and political hegemony, especially through NATO, at the expense of Christians values and even Christian lives.
While both Republican and Democratic neocons want greater U.S. military interventions in Syria, Iraq and Ukraine, which are not U.S. territories and do not have a U.S. population, Trump wanted the U.S. to stop this meddling, including NATO meddling.
Trump wanted a partnership with Russia against Islamic terror, but neocons — including Obama, Hillary and both Bushes — wanted a partnership with Islam against Russia.
Even though personally Trump has a personal moral life as doubtful as Bill Clinton, he was right and very courageous to confront neocons and their ambitions in 2016.
God can use strange things and men to speak to people and nations. I believe that He used Trump to speak the truth in the neocon issue. Much Christian blood has been shed by neocons, through wars and Islamic violence.
How had Trump confronted neocons? He blasted them over the Iraq War and the U.S. meddling in Syria and Ukraine and demonization of Russia.
According to DailyMail, Trump had “criticized Clinton’s handling of U.S.-Russian relations while Secretary of State and said her harsh criticism of Putin raised questions about ‘how she is going to go back and negotiate with this man who she has made to be so evil’ if she wins the presidency.”
Demonization of Putin and Russia is the core of the neocon passions.

Ukraine: A Sample of Neocon Interventions

The Ukrainian case is a showcase of neocon ambitions. While Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and George Soros were calling the Ukrainian revolution a people’s revolution, in a WND report Savage said,
“The situation in Ukraine has been painted as a conflict between Vladimir Putin’s Russia, the so-called bad guys, and Ukrainian rebels, the so-called good guys who seek to oust Russia from a position of influence in Ukraine and install a new government that will be responsive to the Ukrainian people. Don’t believe a word of it. The Ukrainian nationalists are fascists. Washington’s original purpose for staging a coup in Ukraine was to move Ukraine away from Russia and bring Ukraine into the European Union. In other words, the neocons and the bought-and-paid-for ‘moderates’ in the Obama administration wanted to wrest control of Ukraine from Putin’s hands and gain economic and energy control over the country. As Dr. Stephen F. Cohen has pointed out, Western nations, with the U.S. leading the way, have been provoking Putin for decades. We’ve expanded NATO to include former Soviet states – Ukraine looks like the next target – and we’ve attacked allies of Russia, including Libya and Iraq. The U.S. – along with other Western nations – through our incursions into the politics, economics and national security of Russia and several of its allies, has effectively caused the situation that is now unfolding in Ukraine. Cohen is right.”
Savage pointed that Obama and his neocons, not conservatives, created a revolution in Ukraine to draw it away from Russia and put it, eventually, into NATO’s orbit.
While Trump had praised Russia in 2016 and his advisers were supporting pro-Russian forces in Ukraine, neocons have openly praised the Ukrainian revolution as the best democratic example against dictatorship. The Ukrainian revolution was the biggest Soros revolution, massively funded by him.
John McCain and other neocons want Ukraine in NATO and are willing to go to war over it. In contrast, Trump had shown no willingness to follow neocon passions for war in Ukraine against Russia.
On September 2016, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko invited Trump for a meeting, but, according to DailyMail, “the Ukrainian government says the Republican candidate blew them off.”
Yet, Hillary Clinton met Poroshenko and promised him that she would stand with Ukraine against “Russian aggression.”
While neocons want Ukraine in NATO’s orbit and they are using the Ukrainian situation to strengthen NATO, Trump had again been in conflict with their interests. Yet, now as president Trump has abandoned his anti-neocon promises and followed Hillary’s bad example.
Patrick J. Buchanan, a Republican pro-life traditionalist Catholic who was an adviser to President Ronald Reagan, has addressed the Ukrainian issue. Buchanan is hated by the neocons. He said that in crafting his platform on which he would run, candidate Donald Trump inflicted a major defeat on the War Party.
“The platform committee rejected a plank to pull us deeper into Ukraine, by successfully opposing new U.S. arms transfers to Kiev. Improved relations with Russia were what candidate Trump had promised, and what Americans would vote for in November,” said Buchanan in his WND article “Is Trump’s Russia policy being hijacked?
He also said that on Ukraine, vice president Mike Pence stated, “We stand with you.”

Mike Pence: a Protestant Strong in Neocon Wars But Weak in the War against the Gay Agenda

Pence also backed Trump’s decision to keep some homosexual decrees by Obama.
“I think throughout the campaign, President Trump made it clear that discrimination would have no place in our administration,” Pence said.
“Discrimination” talk was basically the same strategy Obama and Hillary used to promote the gay agenda.
“He was the very first Republican nominee to mention the LGBTQ community at our Republican National Convention and was applauded for it. And I was there applauding with him,” added Pence.
If Pence brags that Trump was the first Republican candidate to praise the LGBTQ community, Obama was the first president to appoint a special envoy for the homosexual agenda. How does Pence expect Trump to surpass Obama?
When he was the Indiana governor, Pence approved the Religious Freedom Restoration Act to protect religious people from persecution by gay activists. But after widespread pressure and boycotts, including from big businesses such as Apple and Wal-Mart, Pence rolled back his religious freedom law. His cowardly changes marked the largest step toward special homosexual rights there in history, according to pro-family activists who studied the language of the changed law.
So in regard to neocon’s warmongering ambitions, Pence, who is a Protestant, stands with them. But in regard to war against the homosexual agenda, Pence, who initially sides with Christians, swiftly backtracks to stand with homosexualists.

Neocon Protestants Want America in the Ukrainian War But Not in the War against the Gay Agenda

Protestant blogger Warren Throckmorton asked active U.S. military involvement in Ukraine, and he has asked Christians not to get involved in wars to oppose homosexual supremacists in their agenda to destroy true marriage. Are now Christian interests less important than neocon ambitions?
Have Protestants capitulated to the neocons?
Buchanan asks another question: Has Trump capitulated to the neocons?
He explains that Kurt Volker, the new U.S. special representative for Ukraine negotiations, is the architect of the new arms package from Trump to Ukraine.
Buchanan said that Volker is a “former staffer of Sen. McCain… and executive director of the neocon McCain Institute.”
McCain is one of the most rabid neocons in the U.S. Congress.
Volker envisions a deepening U.S. involvement in a Ukrainian civil war that was initiated by Obama, Soros and neocons.
The best explanation about neocons’ intent was given by Savage, who said in WND:
“The neocons… thrive on military conflict. When the world is at war, the neocons and the defense contractors who work with them make enormous amounts of money. The neocons don’t care which side you’re on, as long as they can work with you to create a political situation that they can grow into a war from which they will profit.”
Savage is right. And Trump used to agree with him, because Trump had been reading his books and had a very positive interview with Savage. But neocon-minded individuals do not agree. The Trevor Loudon blog said in 2016,
“If Trump is elected, you will have the Russians… in the White House. Trump’s advisers are very connected to Vladimir Putin and Russia. Trump himself has many ties as well and is friends with Putin. This is why Putin will try to sabotage Clinton with leaked emails, etc.”
Trump’s approach to seek to get along with Russia and meet Putin was correct, but despised by neocons.

Conservative Ronald Reagan Sought Peace, Not Wars

Ronald Reagan tried Trump’s approach in the past, when Russia was the Soviet Union and was officially atheistic and communist. In that time, America under Reagan officially valued the Bible and Christian values. Today, the U.S. society officially despises these values, while Russia has officially left atheism and has embraced its Orthodox Christian Church.
It impossible for socialists Hillary and Obama to get along with modern Russia, especially after Russians passed a law banning homosexual propaganda to children.
Yet, if it was possible for evangelical Reagan to seek to get along with Soviet atheistic leaders, why should Trump be accused today of “collusion” for seeking to get along with a non-atheistic Russia?
He should be commended, not attacked, for seeking an alliance with conservative Russia.

Neocons, in Collusion with China, the Largest Communist Nation in the World, Accuse Trump of Collusion with Russia

Collusion is what the U.S. government has had for decades with the communist China, making it a powerful capitalist nation. The U.S. government has never made Russia rich. So where is the “collusion” with Russia? The only U.S. collusion is with China.
Neocons and their love of Islamic partnership against Russia and hatred of Russia are the biggest challenge. In this respect, Trump’s confrontation with neocons in 2016 is to be commended and imitated.
The heavy Catholic involvement with the neocon movement should be studied.
Even though former U.S. President George H. W. Bush were a hard-core neocon, his son, former U.S. President George W. Bush, was a good evangelical misled by neocons, who filled his administration. Reagan also was misled by them. As said Scott Lively, Bush was just their puppet. Many evangelicals have been duped by the neocons’ warmongering nationalism.
Incredible thing. Trump, a Presbyterian, had no history of confrontation with neocons and no history of Christian activism. But it is obvious that he played a very important role by showing who neocons are and what they are after. Sadly, his 2016 confrontation did not survive in his presidency.
Perhaps Scott Lively’s analysis will be fulfilled: “I believe President Trump will begin to shift back to some of his seemingly abandoned campaign promises, including an alliance with Russia, which I think is the best possible geopolitical outcome for pro-family conservatives.”
Perceiving or not, in his 2016 campaign Trump was used by God and left a powerful example and model to help evangelicals and other Christians fight neocons.
Neocons are engaged in blood-shedding of Christians in other nations. They should be stopped. Trump wanted to do it, but the pressure was too strong. Where are evangelicals and their holy pressure?

U.S. Evangelicals Should Sue the GOP for Capitulation to Neocons and Their Wars

Since evangelicals were the main base of voters who elected Trump, evangelical leaders, churches and organizations should sue the GOP. When U.S. evangelicals do not resist the neocons, the result is blood-shedding of Christians.
The neocons in the Congress have tied Trump’s hands. But evangelical leaders, churches and organizations should sue the GOP for capitulating to the will of the neocons, Democrats and socialists and for forcing Trump to do the neocons’ will.
Trump’s hands are tied by a Congress controlled by “conservative” Republicans who have capitulated to the neocons. What will evangelicals do to untie Trump?
It is time for U.S. evangelical leaders, churches and organizations to sue the GOP for the implementation of the original anti-neocon Trump Agenda.
It is time also for Christians around the world to pray that God may neutralize the neocons and their malevolent power in the U.S. government and in the U.S. military industrial complex.
U.S. evangelicals should sue the GOP for the genocide of Christians in Syria and Iraq in the trail of U.S. interventions and invasions. Even Trump condemned the Bush invasion of Iraq.
It is time for evangelicals to condemn the aggressive neocon military imperialism that is using the U.S. government.
If Trump is unable to fulfill his anti-neocon model shown in his 2016 campaign, America will need to choose a better model. Roy Moore, a brilliantly conservative Christian judge, may eventually become the best option.
With information from Conservapedia, WND (WorldNetDaily), DailyMail and other news channels.
Portuguese version of this article: O que é neoconservadorismo? Quem são os neocons?
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