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Brazilian President Will Seek to “Criminalize Words and Acts Offensive to Homosexuality”

Brazilian President Will Seek to “Criminalize Words and Acts Offensive to Homosexuality”

Homosexual leader Luiz Mott urges homosexuals to “kill in legitimate defense”

Matthew Cullinan Hoffman

BELEN, BRAZIL, April 30, 2009 ( — Brazilian President Luiz Lula is promising homosexual leaders that he will continue to seek to criminalize speech that is critical of homosexuality.

In a written address delivered to the Third Congress of the Brazilian Association of Gays, Lesbians, Bisexuals, Transvestites, and Transsexuals (ABGLT), Lula denounced groups, most of them Christian, who have objected to plans to outlaw such speech, calling them “hypocrites.”

“Some backward as well as hypocritical sectors ... have criticized our government for supporting initiatives that criminalize words or acts that are offensive to homosexuality,” he wrote. “That has no importance.  I will continue, with the support of the entire government, to maintain that attitude.”

As LifeSiteNews has reported in the past, Lula has for several years sought to pass a “homophobia law” that would make it a crime to criticize homosexual behavior.

Although he has failed to achieve his goal as of yet, in many cases Brazilian courts already enforce existing laws as if they prohibit such speech.  Religious groups and individuals have been censored and fined for criticizing homosexual behavior, including one organization whose pro-family campaign was canceled by court order. 

Julio Severo, one of Brazil’s most famous pro-life and pro-family activists, fled the country recently after investigators sought his address following a complaint of “homophobia” lodged against him.  He now lives in exile in an undisclosed location (see LifeSiteNews coverage at

At the same conference, Brazil’s most influential homosexual leader, Luiz Mott, called on homosexuals to kill attackers in “legitimate defense” according to the homosexual website A Capa.

Citing statistics indicating an increase in the number of murders of homosexuals over the previous year, Mott stated that “if in the next poll this number increases, we must radicalize.  And for that purpose we are going to have a campaign where we say 'Kill in legitimate defense, protect yourself.”

Although Mott’s organization, the Gay Association of Bahia, claims that “homophobic” murders are high, its counts define all murders of all homosexuals as acts of “homophobia,” even when they involve male prostitutes apparently killed by a john.

Moreover, the total murder rate for homosexuals documented by Mott is significantly lower than the overall murder rate, per capita, in Brazil, as LifeSiteNews has previously reported.  While the overall rate is 28 per 100,000 people, the rate of murders of homosexuals in Brazil is 1.31 per 100,000, according to Mott's statistics.

Homosexualist leaders reacted with alarm to Mott’s statements, according to A Capa.

Caio Varela, an advisor to Brazilian Senator Fatima Cleide, complained that “he doesn’t understand that tomorrow some queer out there at the end of the world might read that in some site or publication and commit a crime.” 

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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Brazilian Ministry of [in]Justice of the Lula administration wants strict control on Internet

Brazilian Ministry of [in]Justice of the Lula administration wants strict control on Internet

Julio Severo

Truth should be shown so that people may know what is happening.

However, in Brazil major television networks refuse flatly to defend truth, covering up important information about the moral, financial and ethical corruption of the most corrupt government in the history of Brazil.

By coincidence, this government is socialist.

Over the media the Lula administration has a nice and attractive ”censorship”: when a TV network is well-behaved, state companies are nice with it, making big investments in sponsorship of TV shows.

It is very easy to keep the “independent” television networks in Brazil under control.

However, when this method of persuasion does not work, the resort left is to use the old censorship, with the most “elegant” excuses.

The fact is that the Lula administration is seriously worried that Brazilians have access on internet to information they never see on the “independent” television networks. To appease the Lula administration, the Ministry of [in]Justice wants to impose some “democratic” restrictions on Internet, with different alleged reasons, especially to fight pedophilia.

The information below was taken from the leftist website CongressoEmFoco:

As far as it is possible for the Lula administration, the law of crimes on internet will be very restrictive. A bill from the Ministry of Justice (MJ) wants internet providers to keep for three years all the traffic data of their users. In other words: what time users got connected to Internet, what sites they visited and how long it was.

The MJ measure was influenced by Federal Police and the Brazilian Intelligence Agency (Abin), which has links with the nefarious and infamous Cuban police of espionage and repression.

In addition to all the data traffic, MJ wants providers to be required to register the full name, parentage and ID of each individual or company.

The MJ measure establishes that providers are required to collect, store and “make availale data for criminal investigation or criminal procedures”.

It also tells that, upon request from the Federal Prosecutors’ Office or police, webbrowsing data are to be turned over immediately upon court order.

Socialism hates the freedom of citizens the way the devil is afraid of the Cross.

Common sense cautions: Socialism is harmful for the freedom of expression.

Portuguese version of this article: Ministério da [in]Justiça do governo Lula quer controle rígido sobre a Internet

Source: Last Days Watchman

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Latin American Delegations Appear to Betray Pro-Life Constituencies Back Home

Latin American Delegations Appear to Betray Pro-Life Constituencies Back Home

By Piero A. Tozzi, J.D.

(NEW YORK – C-FAM) Latin American pro-life leaders are questioning how their delegations performed at this year’s United Nations Commission on Population and Development (CPD) meeting, and the picture is troubling. Brazil, seconded by Uruguay, pushed “reproductive rights” throughout the week-long session, while only two nations – Peru and Chile – made reservations affirming that abortion remains illegal in their countries.

As the CPD conference began the week of March 30, nations from the developing world known as the G-77 met to work out common positions, especially on controversial “sexual and reproductive rights” language that appeared in the initial draft resolution.

A number of mostly Islamic nations proposed that such language was not proper to the General Assembly Second Committee, whose purview is economic and financial issues, but rather should be debated at the Third Committee, which routinely deals with controversial social issues. This would have been a victory for pro-lifers. However, the proposal was blocked by Brazil, Uruguay and, reportedly, Colombia, while the delegations of Chile, Peru and Honduras gave muted support to the Brazilian position.

Throughout the negotiations, Brazil took radical positions in favor of reproductive rights, and was joined regularly by Uruguay. Sources told the Friday Fax that Brazil was “working” in particular with the delegations of Argentina and Peru to have them take more extreme positions.

The performance of representatives of Honduras, a strongly pro-life nation whose constitution provides that unborn children generally possess the same rights as those born, was especially disappointing. Sources inside the negotiations told the Friday Fax that at certain times it appeared that the more radical delegation from Uruguay was allowed to speak for Honduras, and that Honduras lent its name to two controversial proposals, one of which called for insertion of “reproductive and health services” language that some have interpreted as including abortion.

Uruguay’s delegation was criticized as being ideologically-driven. A year ago, Uruguay was represented at CPD by a professional demographer from Instituto Nacional de Estadistica who gave an objective, non-ideological presentation on challenges posed to Uruguay’s national development by a graying population and the emigration of younger people. This year, however, Uruguay sent a political representative from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs who touted efforts to achieve “fertility reduction” as part of its ongoing “sexual and reproductive health” measures.

In contrast, despite the efforts of certain pro-abortion Mexican delegates, including one appointed from Grupo de Información en Reproducción Elegida, to have the Mexican delegation advance reproductive rights language, by mid-week Mexico moderated its posture. Some have attributed this to direct intervention from Mexico’s capital. Some also discerned a similar change in Peru’s position as the week advanced.

At the conference’s end, only Peru and Chile wound up explicitly affirming their country’s pro-life laws and constitutions, with the Peruvian statement the stronger of the two. Other Latin American nations whose constitutions explicitly protect the unborn, including Guatemala and Paraguay, remained silent.

Source: C-Fam

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Prominent Pro-Family Activist Julio Severo Flees Brazil to Escape Charges of “Homophobia”

Activist Julio Severo Flees Brazil to Escape Charges of “Homophobia”

By Matthew Cullinan Hoffman

April 9, 2009 ( - Julio Severo, one of Brazil’s most prominent pro-life and pro-family activists, has fled Brazil to escape federal prosecutors who sought him following a complaint of “homophobia” filed against him for his unfavorable coverage of the nation’s Gay Parade in 2006, according to Severo.

Severo states on his blog that federal prosecutors were seeking to obtain his address from the man responsible for his internet domain, who hired an attorney to defend its claim that it was not obligated to turn over the information.  However, their arguments were rejected.

“Therefore, faced with this absurdity, I was forced to leave the country with my family: a wife in the advanced stages of pregnancy and two little children,” Severo writes on his blog. “We are now in a place that is completely foreign to us. What choice did we have?” (see blog entry in English at

“If they wish to continue with their absurd acts against me for ‘homophobia,’ I state that I am no longer in Brazil. Leave my friends in peace,” adds Severo.

“At the same time, I am making another statement. I will not be silenced. The voice that God gave me will continue to be used to alert Brazil, whether I am in India, Kenya, Nicaragua, or any other country in the world.”

The term “homophobia” is used by homosexualist ideologues to refer to those who reject sodomy and other unhealthy practices common among homosexuals. Although the term itself is meant to imply that the critic of homosexual behavior has an irrational fear of homosexuals, it is now treated as a crime in some nations, including Brazil.

Although Brazil has no “homophobia” law on the books, its courts have repeatedly convicted individuals and groups of the phantom crime, even going so far as to prohibit an entire pro-family campaign by the Evangelical Protestant group VINACC (

The article for which Severo was being sought observes that homosexual behavior is immoral, and urges those who are involved in the sin to convert to Christianity. It also notes the link between many homosexualist organizations and pedophilia, and notes that while Brazil’s annual homosexual parades receive heavy media coverage, its large “March for Jesus” is hardly mentioned (see original article in Portuguese at

Severo was given help to escape Brazil after the Brazilian philosopher Olavo de Carvalho made a public appeal for him on his internet radio program.

Carvalho, who is living in the United States, says that he regards Brazil as dangerous for conservatives, and has called Severo “the most discriminated against and persecuted of Brazilians.”

Severo is asking for help for himself and his family during this difficult time.

To contact Julio Severo:

To donate:

Severo’s Blog in English:

Severo’s Blog in Portuguese:

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