Saturday, September 15, 2012

Obama administration sends gay ambassador to Muslim Libya and does notknow why he was sodomized and murdered

Obama administration sends gay ambassador to Muslim Libya and does not know why he was sodomized and murdered

By Julio Severo
Fingers have been pointed, by the mainstream media, to the potential culprits of the Islamic, anti-American riot in Libya, resulting in the murder of the US ambassador and other Americans. The main culprit is an anti-Mohammed movie made by a Coptic Christian in California, they say.
It is easy to blame a Coptic man. Thousands of Coptic Christians in Egypt will suffer much more than they have been suffering since that the al-Qaida Spring began, aided by Western powers. Forget that the murderous riots coincided with 9/11. And forget that the homosexuality of Chris Stevens, the US ambassador to Libya, was no secret, to America and Libya. A gay American first broke this story yesterday, here.
Young Chris Stevens with his homosexual lover
Yet, everybody is keeping silent about this secrecy. Let the Muslim world know the American “audacity”, as al-Qaida adherents would say, to send homosexuals to their “sacred” lands, and expect more violent and murderous riots.
In this point, the US government and media have a big opportunity, in the eyes of the whole Muslim world, to teach a lesson to “homophobic” Libya.
Yet, the Western powers are very aware that it is diplomatic and military suicide to try to teach such a lesson to these “homophobic” nations.
It is much easier to blame Christians and let them suffer the consequences of bad diplomatic and political decisions. So the Obama administration and media chorus say, “Blame the anti-Mohammed movie!”
When a homosexual is murdered by non-Christian and often homosexual murderers in a Western nation, blame Christians, especially ministers. Yet, when a homosexual is murdered by Muslims in a Muslim nation, refrain from blaming Muslims. Otherwise, Muslims will do what Christians never do: murderous riots.
To cover up the sodomization and murder of a US gay ambassador by Muslims in a Muslim nation, the anti-Mohammed movie will be the perfect excuse to deflect attention from the Obama administration’s bad decision to insult Muslims by sending them a gay ambassador.
Chris Stevens sodomized and murdered in Libya
And Coptic Christians in Egypt and Christians in other Muslim nations will once more time pay a high price for the foolish US foreign policy.
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