Tuesday, September 04, 2012

To the pioneers

To the pioneers

By Julio Severo
Weeks ago, a dear brother in Christ sent me a video with a very encouraging song by Nancy Honeytree, from the Jesus People.
As I watched it, I saw Melody Green, from Last Days Ministries, and I remembered how God made me a pro-life Christian. As I told in an interview to LifeSiteNews in 1997: “My first contact with the pro-life message was through publications from Last Days Ministries, in 1986. Through them I learned about Americans Against Abortion (a branch of Last Days Ministries). Before, I supported abortion in cases of rape and risk of life. Later, after reading the LDM materials, I had a change of mind”.
These pioneers helped me fight for life and family in Brazil.
Please, watch this video: http://youtu.be/_EBg_IyJU4Y

The subtitles are in Portuguese because Brazilians need to be encouraged too.
May this encouraging video help you to become a pioneer in your city and country.

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