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Coincidence or Warning? USS John S. McCain Damaged in a Collision on the Same Day as the Solar Eclipse

Coincidence or Warning? USS John S. McCain Damaged in a Collision on the Same Day as the Solar Eclipse

By Julio Severo
Was it just a “coincidence” that a destroyer named USS “John S. McCain” was severely damaged on the exact same day as a great eclipse covered the United States?
Solar eclipses have long been believed to be warnings that judgment is coming upon a nation, and this eclipse was the first in all of U.S. history to be seen in its fullness only within the borders of the U.S.
But the eclipse was not the only historic event happening on August 21, 2017. Something almost impossible happened in the same day: USS John S McCain, a guided-missile destroyer, collided with the merchant vessel Alnic MC, a 600-foot oil tanker.
USS John McCain
The McCain suffered substantial damage and several sailors perished.
If such tragic collision had happened one time, it would have been strange, because U.S. destroyers are fully equipped to detect and face enemy ships. So a collision with a non-military ship is virtually impossible.
Yet, in a short period of two months, this is the second time this kind of collision happens. In the early hours of June 17, 2017, the USS Fitzgerald crashed into a merchant ship, leaving seven sailors dead. The U.S. destroyer was severely damaged.
One collision may be a “coincidence.” Two collisions may be a “warning,” especially because the U.S. Navy is the most powerful in the world, capable of facing formidable enemies. Two collisions with unarmed civil ships are inexcusable.
With its sophisticated military protection, how could a U.S. destroyer be unprotected?
God said in Ezekiel, “I will tear down the wall… When the wall falls, they will be destroyed by it. Then you will know that I am the LORD.”
Wall is military protection. God has the power to destroy the walls (the military protection) of an unrepentant nation.
God can grant protection and he can breach and even destroy protection.
The “walls” of the USS Fitzgerald and the USS John S. McCain were startlingly breached.
Is there an initial spiritual warning in the collision and “breach of wall” of the McCain?
Of all the members of the U.S. Congress, Senator John McCain has long been considered the most aggressive advocate for U.S. military interventionism in other nations.
He is an aggressive anti-Russian warmonger funded by George Soros. Even though he is a Republican and former Republican presidential candidate, he is the Democratic Party’s favorite Republican. He is also the neocon most loved by Republican and Democratic neocons.
McCain was actively involved in the Ukrainian revolution, including supporting neo-Nazis, to overthrown a pro-Russian administration in Ukraine. He was present in the revolution. After his will was done, McCain has been fighting for the U.S. Congress and its military to arm Ukraine against pro-Russian separatists.
John McCain with neo-Nazi leader in Ukraine
In a sign of McCain’s successful pressure, the Trump administration has appointed Kurt Volker, a neocon who was the director of the McCain Institute, to head the Trump policy on Ukraine, guaranteeing the fulfillment of the neocon ambitions against Russia. Volker wants U.S. arms transfers to Kiev.
Recently, socialist Democrats and “conservative” Republicans, spurred by McCain, joined forces to impose more sanctions on Russia, which is a more conservative and Christian nation today. The sanctions were imposed over Ukraine. McCain wants a solid U.S. military grip on Ukraine, which is in the Russia border. There is a carnage happening in Ukraine, supported by U.S. policies guided by McCain’s neocon geopolitical ambitions.
After his successful revolution in Ukraine, McCain “visited” (uninvited, which means he invaded) Syria to show support to Islamic rebels, who with ISIS and al-Qaida seek to overthrow the Syrian government. By McCain’s pressure, the U.S. Congress has approved sanctions on Syria. These sanctions are unjustifiable, because even the Islamic Saudis, who were responsible for the 9/11, have never suffered any U.S. sanctions from McCain and the U.S. Congress.
John McCain with Islamic terrorists in Syria
The Christian population in Syria, present since the apostolic days and comprising over 10 percent of the Syrian population, has been decimated by ISIS, which was created, according to Trump, by Obama and Hillary Clinton. And it has also been decimated by U.S.-backed rebels.
The Christian population in Iraq was also decimated in 500,000 Christians in the aftermath of the U.S. invasion.
It is very significant that the U.S. military, which should guard its own borders and security, is very busy meddling in other nations’ affairs, while U.S. borders are unprotected.
Many Trump’s speeches in 2016 were dedicated against neocons and their military expansionism at the expense of Christian lives and at the expense of the Protestant foundations of the U.S. He condemned Bush’s invasion of Iraq and U.S. military interventionism in Syria. Not surprisingly, for his 2016 anti-neocon stances, Trump was condemned by McCain.
Trump’s speeches were a kind of spiritual warning, because he was the first U.S. candidate to attack neocons and their military imperialism. God used Trump to show how demonic the neocons’ ideas are. Has now God used, or allowed, a collision of a powerful U.S. military ship to warn America that he is going to destroy the “walls” around America?
With God tearing down “walls,” even inoffensive unarmed ships can damage a powerful destroyer.
Is it coincidence that a powerful U.S. destroyer named “John McCain” collided with an unarmed civil ship in the same day an eclipse took over the continental U.S. and 33 days after Senator McCain’s brain cancer was diagnosed?
If solar eclipses may be warnings that judgment is coming upon a nation, does it mean that judgment is coming upon the United States over McCain’s bloody neocon military imperialism?
In his 2016 speeches, Trump said that the U.S. should protect its own borders and stop its neocon interventions in other nations. But now his administration is following McCain.
Has God used the collision of the USS “John S. McCain” as a warning for Trump and America to stop following McCain and his aggressive neocon military imperialism?
America has drifted far away from her original mission. America was founded by George Washington and other Protestants to develop as a Christian nation taking care of its own affairs, not to police the world, not to meddle in far-away nations’ affairs and not to invade nations for the sake of neocon policies and to the detriment of thousands of innocent Christians lives, especially in Iraq, Syria and Libya, whose Christian populations were the main victims of the U.S. military interventions.
U.S. neocon policies have taken a heavy toll of Christian lives internationally and, sooner or later, may exact a heavy price in America’s “walls.”
With information from Michael Snyder, Charisma magazine and WND.
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You may well be correct. McCain is most certainly an exceptionally evil man and it seems that he has managed to alter Trump's direction. I hope that is not true but it appears that way at the moment.