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Abortion: Is the solution not only abuse, but kill?

Abortion: Is the solution not only abuse, but kill?

By Julio Severo

If a pedophile, in his individual abuse, is rightly condemned for his acts, why does government, in his greater collective abuse, not receive also a deserved treatment?

National Congress in Brasília, Brazil, will vote the legalization of abortion in Brazil on December 6, 2005. The secular State is not guided by Christian values, so strange values replace them. Usually, many of those values belong to national and international groups for years planning, working and pressing for the legitimating of abortion in our country, with the complicity of leftist politicians. Additionally, the Ministry of Health and other federal departments have also been following the same direction. Therefore, it is necessary to turn our attention to this matter, for abortion has everything to do with children.

Children are defenseless and vulnerable creatures, and they greatly need our protection and supervision. Families have the highest duty to watch and take care of their children. The role of society is to collaborate with such supervision and care, with total respect to families and their moral and Christian values. The responsibility of the State is not to substitute the families in their essential functions, but strengthen them. The family, not government, is the natural protector of children and adolescents.

The topic children produces so much concern and attention from the public that it is enough for one to mention the word abuse or pedophilia and everyone will gather together to support and help the victims. When cases of pedophilia emerge, the press enters in the picture crying that the State has the obligation of intervening against those crimes, and the government soon shows up before the cameras declaring that it will take energetic measures against the criminals. In fact, the government has been “summoned” by UN and radical groups to drag for its net of abusers all cases its secular worldview judges as abuse, not sparing even innocent evangelical families that, following the biblical ethics, educate their children by a wise application of the corporal discipline. It is the government’s firm goal to prohibit that discipline, stigmatizing it as abuse. The role of the modern State is to interpret, judge and take care of all those cases.

However, that role has been at the least contradictory. The government has all power and authority to prohibit all public incitement to pedophilia and other crimes. Then why does it let the media to spread, with impunity, frequent scenes and programs inciting to sex? Millions of children are daily exposed to that inciting, and the State, so interested in protecting them, is hardly able to lift a finger against the TV industry that gets shamefully rich by its programming that rapes not only the children’s mind, but also all the values respecting and protecting their innocence. Federal measures against immorality in the TV are purely symbolic, with little or no positive effect.

The government has, in general, protected the media role in its incitement to sex. In retribution, the same media remembers unceasingly to give prestige to the State as the greatest responsible for the solution of the pedophiliac cases, as if the government were a Father above all the other fathers: perfect, honest, incorrupt, well disposed. So incitement to sex increases, and also does pedophilia.

However, has the government the final word in those matters? Does only the State know how to judge and decide the children’s well-being? Is the government really a Father above other fathers?

It seems that is what the whole society wants, or is induced to want. Certainly, that is what all the liberals want!

Yet, the government not only does not inhibit the shameful and wild incitement to sex in media, but it also collaborates with all that incitement.

In early 2005, the Lula administration committed itself to distribute condoms for the 10-year-old schoolchildren. Instead of educating children for marriage and for avoiding sex out of marriage, government prefers to stimulate sex without marriage and teach children to avoid pregnancy, as if pregnancy were a disease or a problem and as if sex without marriage were not a problem.

In its matter entitled “Ten-years-old students will receive sex education, says a new federal policy”, Brazilian newspaper Folha Online reported: “In the public health-care services, the order is to guarantee that adolescents may have access to contraceptives and legal abortion… The Code of Ethics prohibits physicians from violating the professional confidential nature of their treatment if the underage boy or girl has the ability to evaluate and solve his or her problem without health risks. The Child and of Adolescent Statute also guarantees the right to physical, psychic and moral integrity”. [1]

Then, according to federal determination, schools will work together with health-care services. Schools have become state instruments to address the sexual issues of children and youth, and the government is determined to protect them from parents’ “interference”. To guarantee that no family may disturb, the Code of “Ethics” prohibits physicians and the school authorities from revealing to parents that a male student is receiving condoms or that a female student is receiving contraceptives or “abortion services”. Under the government ethics, parents having moral and Christian values should be totally kept ignorant of that “assistance” to children.

Summarizing: the State now is the Big Abuser of children and families. But such shameful and fair title is never applied to it, especially by the liberal media. For the time being, only pedophiles are condemned. The secular State goes unpunished.

As if incitement to sex and abuse were not enough, the government, that likes so much to represent itself as the children’s greatest defender, now wants to assume a role that contradicts that image: murderer of children. The National Congress is, under pressure from the Lula administration, ready to vote the legalization of abortion in Brazil. For government, now the solution is not only to abuse, but also kill.

Abortion, differently from what the secular State preaches, is not a right of woman, is not a public health issue, is not a health reproductive or sexual issue, and is not a free choice issue, because only murderers choose to kill. And the Brazilian government wants to make such choice. Faking to respect the women’s right to abortion, the government is fully willing to facilitate that practice and still force public hospitals to carry out what most of pedophiles do not do: to kill children.

The fact is that abortion does not involve only a pregnant mother. Abortion allowed by law involves the intentional destruction of an innocent life. But, unbelievably, the secular State ignores that fact. Its schools stimulate sex out of marriage and teach children to avoid pregnancy, delivering a very clear message: immoral sex is good, pregnancy not. Is it any wonder then its support to abortion?

But no government is entitled to use its hospitals to kill children. To kill is crime, whether committed by a hardcore criminal, a woman, a doctor or government. The voluntary and legal interruption of pregnancy is to kill children in the belly of their mothers. Whoever doesn’t know that abortion kills no longer knows what life is.

Can you really believe that a government involved in support to child sexual abuse and children’s murder deserves the children’s protector role the liberal media imposes on it? Or the State assumes a role guided by moral and Christian values or then it risks later to find in its midst a legion of pedophiles that, tired of “persecution” and the social stigma of their perverted behavior, invaded it in order to take advantage of the state impunity to satisfy their instincts. But, for liberals, to be guided by Christian values is worse than to be invaded by pedophiles!

Firstly, liberals demand a secular State. After such a State is formed according to their image and likeness, the Judeo-Christian values and all other essentially moral values are discarded on behalf of a pluralist ethics and democracy, where a few have some correct notion of what is right and wrong. With the discarding of the Judeo-Christian values, the value of life eventually is submitted and measured by several pressures, interests and trends, bringing in their trail abortion, euthanasia, laws favoring homosexual perversion, etc., — and the role of the State as protector and respecter of innocent life gets lost in the middle of the pluralist maelstrom. The commandment “You shall not kill” has little moral effect in a secular government — perhaps just for distorted and contradictory interpretations. Such a confused State eventually protects criminals and condemns innocent humans, not accepting death penalty for convicted killers, but approving such penalty for defenseless babies through cruel laws allowing abortion.

The Brazilian government today has definitely those confused “values”, because it was “hijacked” by ideologies favoring abortion, feminism and homosexuality. Because of the humanist ideals controlling it, the so-called secular State is not driven by Christian values, nor is able to respect them. Therefore, it cannot respect or promote totally the value of the innocent human life. But it has been struggling for the legalization of abortion. And the experience in Europe and in the United States shows that, after abortion is made legal, the secular State protects it, respects it and promotes it as a women’s sacred right — and millions of European and American babies have been killed in name of that right.

So what does the Brazilian government expect to solve with abortion? Where is to the real government concern with the children’s well-being?

Studies and polls have confirmed that a large majority of Brazilians do not want abortion legal.

If the abortion voting in the National Congress turns out the way the Lula administration expects, the Brazilian people will receive a big bitter Christmas gift.


Original title: Aborto: a solução não é só abusar, mas matar? Written originally in Portuguese by Julio Severo and posted in his personal website in Portuguese:


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Updating on the abortion voting 29 December 2005

Due to many political maneuvers, the abortion voting eventually did not happen on December 6, 2005. Its date has been arranged and postponed several times.

The abortion subject is the hardest, because the press let the population know nothing, so that the people may not be able to mobilize. Politicians arrange a date and after another for a voting , and later move it so that the pro-life politicians may be taken unprepared in a point or another. As the pro-abortion politicians do not have the approval of the most Brazilians, they appeal to machinations Unfortunately, that is Brazilian politics. A lot of times bills are approved not because the Brazilian people want, but because a political group conspired better....

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