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Two Brazilian lesbians stab a boy one year after cutting off his sex organ to make him a “girl,” but the press and psychologists refuse to link the crime to homosexual behavior

Two Brazilian lesbians stab a boy one year after cutting off his sex organ to make him a “girl,” but the press and psychologists refuse to link the crime to homosexual behavior

By Julio Severo
Obsessive lesbian behavior. This was the life in the last five years of Rosana da Silva Candido, 27, and Kacyla Damasceno Pessoa, 28, who killed with knife blows boy Rhuan Maycon, 9, son of Rosana, on May 31, 2019.
Lesbians Rosana da Silva Candido and Kacyla Damasceno Pessoa
According to testimony given at the police station, the two Brazilian lesbians had severed the boy’s penis about a year ago.
“It was kind of a sex-change surgery. After removing the penis, they sewed the mutilated region and improvised a version of a female genital organ, making a cut in the groin,” said Claudia Regina Carvalho from the Child Protective Services.
The lesbian mother wanted to turn him into a girl.
With no medical follow-up, the boy went through physical suffering that culminated one year later with the two lesbians killing Rhuan with knife blows while he slept.
Psychologists hastily asserted that the crime had no connection with homosexual behavior, called by the left of “sexual orientation.”
Interestingly, when a crime case appears to indicate homosexuals as victims, psychologists are quick to point out that the alleged victims suffered because they were homosexual. When the case is negative for the homosexual image, they simply reject any homosexual connection.
The mainstream press has had the same attitude. No major Brazilian newspaper, which routinely points to the homosexuality of alleged victims of crimes, called the two women involved in a violent crime against an innocent child lesbian.
The crime has shocked Brazil, but the homosexual factor of the crime was properly covered up and protected from a negative exposure in the media.
The international press, which always reports alleged crimes against homosexuals in Brazil pointing to the criminal’s anti-homosexual connection, has not reported anything about the Brazilian crime pointing to the homosexual nature of the crime.
The Brazilian public has asked how authorities failed to investigate the boy’s suffering at the hands of the two lesbians. Where was the father?
The father lived a sexual relationship, with no marriage, of almost two years with Rosana, who betrayed him to stay with lesbian Kacyla, who already had a daughter (now 8 years old) in 2014. After the betrayal, both fled.
Rhuan’s father recorded an incident report immediately and told the Brazilian press that for five years he had sought his son, had obtained his legal custody and sought the police and the Child Protective Services to help him. “We tried to save Rhuan. We published messages on the social media, we contacted police and the Child Protective Services. No one helped us,” said Maycon Douglas Lima de Castro, Rhuan’s father, in an interview with Brazilian news service UOL.
The two lesbians fled, moving from place to place. They were in several Brazilian states. They were able to escape the Child Protective Services, even though there had been denunciations against them since 2014. For five years the Child Protective Services could do nothing to save a boy tortured by two sadistic lesbians.
However, the cases in Brazil in which the Child Protective Services persecute fathers and mothers who educate their children at home in the educational choice called internationally homeschooling, totally legal and practiced in the United States and other advanced countries, are notorious. Even Russia grants parents the freedom to homeschool.
The Child Protective Services relentlessly persecute these families, who are not cutting off their boys’ penises or killing them with knife blows, the way they should have persecuted the two lesbians, but they did not do so.
The two lesbians practiced physical and psychological torture against boy Rhuan, forcing him to reject his masculinity. As for Kacyla’s daughter, the girl has an aversion to male figure, as the two lesbians convinced her that all men were aggressors and evil.
According to police, the two lesbians also planned to kill the girl, who witnessed their years of torture against her and her brother.
The Bolsonaro administration, which only took office this year, is not to blame for boy Rhuan’s murder, although it might have tried to do something in its first 5 months of government. The main culprit in those five years when the two lesbians lived fleeing and torturing a boy is the Child Protective Services that were under the responsibility of left-wing President Dilma Rousseff and then Michel Temer, who did nothing.
Leftism, which prevailed in the Rousseff era, does not care about crimes committed by homosexuals. Maybe that’s why no one in the Rousseff administration moved to answer the calls for help from a father who turned to the police and the Child Protective Services, but nobody helped him.
Right now, Brazil’s Federal Supreme Court is criminalizing the so-called “homophobia,” thus preventing any criticism of the homosexual behavior. The sinister result of such a draconian law is that physical and psychological torture by homosexuals, including indoctrination for children to hate men and murder of boys who are victims of homosexual sadism, can not be reported as homosexual crimes. Anyone who dares to tell the truth may be arrested.
Although President Jair Bolsonaro rightly accuses the press of fabricating fake news, no one in the Bolsonaro administration has until now spoken out on the fake news reports seeking to disconnect homosexuality from the torture and murder of Rhuan.
Boy Rhuan suffered torture for five years. Long before his penis was severed, his masculinity had already been violated. Even so, psychologists seek a million reasons for the crime, but find no satisfactory explanation, because they avoid the homosexual connection at all costs. The Bolsonaro administration is missing out on a golden chance to speak the truth.
The normalization of homosexuality in soap operas, music, movies and culture during many years in Brazil has brought as consequence two women who saw as normal their lesbian obsession and physical and psychological torture to turn a boy into a “girl” and to make a girl hate men.
While the Dilma administration favored alleged crimes against homosexuals and concealed crimes committed by homosexuals, I expect the Bolsonaro administration to do justice for Rhuan after his death, showing that homosexual relationships have actually links to perversions and violent crimes, including against children.
With information from UOL, Midiamax and Globo.
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Unknown said...

How incredibly disturbing and sad! How that poor innocent boy suffered! For no reason other than his "mother's" SICK AGENDA!!!!!!! I pray they are persecuted TO THE FULLEST!!!! EVIL PIECES OF SHIT!!!

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20 years minimum. Feral human beings !

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Take these two CRAZY BITCHES and torture them to death!! They are not humans, they are MONSTERS at best!

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The reason they did this was likely to have a young person to sexually misuse for their own gratification. They probably learned how to perform the procedure on YouTube. Go to YouTube type in keywords surgically remove penis. My opinion. The word depraved comes to mind.