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GCM Watch interviews Julio Severo

GCM Watch interviews Julio Severo

GCM Watch Note: Julio Severo is a Brazilian Christian leader who has endured persecution from the homosexual movement there (both christian and political) for speaking out against the aggression and suppression tactics in his native country. After exchanging emails with Julio, we felt it important to make you aware of this situation in Brazil. In case you didnt know, Brazil is one of the top vacation destinations for homosexuals worldwide. The government, seduced by the money homosexuals bring in for the lewd carnivals (think Mardi Gras on steriods) have begun to side with activists against anyone like Julio for speaking out. We ask that you do a couple of things: (1)please pray for our brother and his family and (2) please list his blog Last Days Watchman on your blogroll to show soladarity and (3) drop him a line or two of encouragement []. He is on the front lines there as many of us are here, proclaiming the Word of the Lord despite opposition.

Gay Christian Movement Watch: What’s going on in Brazil that alarms you regarding the homosexual movement?

Julio Severo: I am concerned because the federal government has given extensive, official financial support to the homosexual movement. The First National Conference of Gays, Lesbians, Bisexuals, Transvestites and Transsexuals, to take place May 8-11, 2008, received its official convocation by the socialist president of Brazil, Lula. He has also established a federal program called “Brazil Without Homophobia” to destroy all opposition to homosexuality in the Brazilian society. These initiatives are groundbreaking in Brazil. Besides, the Lula administration was the first country in the world to introduce in the UN Human Rights Commission a resolution establishing homosexuality as an inalienable human right. Again, this was a groundbreaking move by Lula.

GCMW: Is this a real threat to the Christian church or are you just overreacting?

JS: I think that some sins are a special threat to all people, and homosexuality, especially when promoted by an aggressive agenda, is very harmful to the society and to the homosexual themselves. Overreaction? Before a strident and militant advance of the gay politics, in Brazil we are under increasingly wicked pressures to shut up because of the Christian underreaction. There are anti-homophobia bills in the Brazilian Congress that, if approved, will effectively gag Christian views on homosexuality.

GCMW: What happened to you specifically?

JS: Some gay activists wanted to get me before the approval of the anti-homophobia bills. They were able to shut down my blog for some days in July 2007, but after many Christians contacted Google, this American company explained that it had closed my blog because of complaints by homosexuals saying I preach violence and hate. Christian lawyers who are readers of my articles explained that they have never found any hate in my texts.

GCMW: Have you heard anything from other Christian ministers?

JS: I have received messages from ministers worried about what happened to me.

GCMW: What would you say to Christians in America who may think this would never occur here?

JS: They should be worried, because what militant homosexuals are doing in Brazil they learnt from their American counterparts. Brazilian gay leaders got and get their training in America. For a long time America funded the homosexual movement in Brazil, which is successfully now getting federal, state and city financial support for their events and activities. If they are successful in Brazil, their American ideological sponsors will be encouraged by such victories.

GCMW: Are you still under a threat?

JS: In November 2007, the biggest gay group in Brazil, ABGLT (Brazilian Association of Gays, Lesbians, Bisexuals, and Transgender People), lodged a criminal complaint against me before federal prosecutors, for the same reasons they wanted my blog closed down.

GCMW: Is the gay political movement partnered with the gay christian movement in Brazil as far as you know?

JS: Yes, they work together!

GCMW: As a Christian leader, why do you think homosexuals find true Christian witness a threat?

JS: Well, I think the answer is spiritual, because true Christians have the true Gospel to share, and this Gospel has a door of hope for all sinners, including homosexuals. If every homosexual welcomes the true Gospel, Jesus will enter their lives and homosexuality will end, by the power of Christ’s blood. When Christ lives, homosexuality is unnecessary. Christ’s joy surpasses all momentary gay pleasure. Just ask former gays who know Jesus today… That is why militant gays, under demonic oppression, fight the Christian witness: they want to see no one freed from homosexuality.

Source: GCM Watch

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