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Globalization “Elders” want female ordination as ministers, priests and rabbis

Globalization “Elders” want female ordination as ministers, priests and rabbis

Campaign by the 12 “apostles” of the New World Order criticizes churches for female exclusion from male leadership

By Julio Severo

Billionaire Richard Branson and Nelson Mandela, a known pro-abortion and pro-homosexuality Marxist, have launched an international campaign against churches that refuse to ordain women. For their campaign, they convened the “Elders”, a group formed by twelve former world leaders who work together to promote peace and the “shared interests of humanity,” and to fight human suffering.

The “Elders” include ex-UN Secretary General Kofi Annan; former Brazilian President Fernando Henrique Cardoso; former Irish Prime Minister and UN High Commissioner for Human Rights and pro-abortion feminist, Mary Robinson; former US President Jimmy Carter; former Prime Minister of Norway, Gro Brundtland; Nelson Mandela: and others. Anglican Archbishop Desmond Tutu serves as chairman of the “Elders”.

In the campaign, the “Elders” attack the Catholic Church, the Southern Baptist Convention and any other religious tradition that refuses to permit women to become ministers, priests, or bishops. In his participation, “Elder” Jimmy Carter notes that he left the Southern Baptists because women are “prohibited from serving as deacons, pastors or chaplains in the military service.”

“We believe that the justification of discrimination against women and girls on grounds of religion or tradition, as if it were prescribed by a Higher Authority, is unacceptable,” says a statement by The Elders.

“We especially call on religious and traditional leaders to set an example and change all discriminatory practices within their own religions and traditions,” says the release, referring to the ban on women occupying leadership roles in these religions and traditions.

Carter: “no” to Christian churches not ordaining women, but “yes” to Muslim groups mistreating women

Carter has been the most prolific “Elder” on the matter. Writing a column for the UK Observer which has since been republished elsewhere, Carter claims: “During the years of the early Christian church women served as deacons, priests, bishops, apostles, teachers and prophets. It wasn't until the fourth century that dominant Christian leaders, all men, twisted and distorted Holy Scriptures to perpetuate their ascendant positions within the religious hierarchy.”

Carter ties in the refusal to ordain women as ministers, priests and rabbis with abuse of women, saying that the decision to restrict ministry to men “provides the foundation or justification for much of the pervasive persecution and abuse of women throughout the world.”

Even though Carter has been very hard on evangelicals, Catholics and Jews, nevertheless he does not display similar hardness to Muslims. Recently, he befriended Islamic terrorist groups like the Hamas, which want the destruction of Israel and have horrific policies in the treatment of women.

He left Southern Baptist Convention over female ordination, but he has a hard time to avoid terrorist Muslim groups over mistreatments and even “honor killings” of women. On abortion, he said, “I’m personally opposed to abortion, but women have the right.” Even though his former Southern Baptist Convention has no sympathy for legal abortion and mistreatments and “honor killings” of women, this is basically his view:

* Female freedom should involve access to abortion and to all male leadership positions.

* The Hamas, which commits terrorist acts against Israel and crimes against Muslim women, should be respected and not treated as a terrorist group.

* Evangelical and Catholic churches and synagogues that do not ordain women should be boycotted…

Marxist atheist “Elder” rebukes churches

The 12 “Elders” have spoken out against what they consider religious discrimination against women in videos produced for the campaign condemning female exclusion from male leadership roles in the churches. “Elder” Fernando Henrique Cardoso says in his video, “the idea that God is behind discrimination is unacceptable.”

Even though his profile as an atheistic Marxist and marijuana supporter makes him distant from Christianity, “Elder” Fernando Henrique Cardoso is engaged in the elimination of all hindrance against the total female inclusion in the leadership of Christian churches.

The involvement of a Marxist atheist in the rebuke of churches is a drastic change in the global politics for women. These politics, which for decades required the opening of all the workforce spaces for women, were always limited to the secular realm.

UN World Conference on Women

One of the main intents of the United Nations, for example, has been to push all women into the workforce, especially leadership posts. The Fourth World Conference on Women, held by UN in Beijing, China, 4-15 September 1995, emphasized the formulation of national and international politics and laws to push married women into the workforce. Many other UN conferences and documents put women as priority of its politics.

The final report of this UN conference recommends emphatically,

“Special measures must be taken to ensure that young women have the life skills necessary for active and effective participation in all levels of social, cultural, political and economic leadership”. (Report of the Fourth UN World Conference on Women, Beijing, China, 4-15 September 1995, Chapter 2:40.)

“Develop leadership training and opportunities for all women to encourage them to take leadership roles…” (Report of the Fourth UN World Conference on Women, Beijing, China, 4-15 September 1995, Chapter IV:83.[h].)

Ostensibly, the UN intentions are just to promote the well-being of women. Yet, all UN politics in education, health and work for women are tied to contraceptive measures, this is, measures which turn women away from home and a normal, free and healthy fertility.

NSSM 200: What is behind of the “good” intentions…

To understand what is behind these politics, it is important to know the paper “National Security Study Memorandum 200: Implications of Worldwide Population Growth for U.S. Security and Overseas Interests”, classified under the code “NSSM 200”, a confidential White House paper formulated in 1974. NSSM 200 says,

“Finally, providing integrated family planning and health services on a broad basis would help the U.S. contend with the ideological charge that the U.S. is more interested in curbing the numbers of less developed countries people than it is in their future and well-being”. (NSSM 200, page 177)

NSSM 200 makes it clear that the incessant recommendations for indoctrinating women into equality with men in the workforce and in political and social leadership are aimed not at freeing women in the Christian sense, but in their utilization for the control of births,

“The status and utilization of women in less developed countries is particularly important in reducing family size. For women, employment outside the home offers an alternative to early marriage and childbearing, and an incentive to have fewer children after marriage. Research indicates that female wage employment outside the home is related to fertility reduction.” (NSSM 200, page 151)

NSSM 200 reveals that, in addition to abortion, the most effective strategy to reduce the world population is integrating birth control into the health services for women and investing in international laws to promote the mass entrance of women into the workforce.

The New World Order imposed by the UN under American inspiration

With colossal investments by the US government for years, the confidential recommendations of NSSM 200 were eventually carried out. The United Nations has been the main agency for the implementation of these politics that, with the pretext to advance women’s rights, promote the interests of the globalist elite, which sees women as an absolute priority in their ambitious mission to reduce the number of babies born into the world.

Even though the extinct Soviet Union was the greatest investor in the worldwide promotion of socialism (whose ideology preached and practiced in the Soviet society the control of births, the forced inclusion of married women in the workforce, the deflation from home of all female presence, etc.), by far the greatest investor and promoter in the international backstage, including in the UN, of politics and laws promoting abortion, contraception and the mass entrance of married women into the workforce is the United States.

The UN and the US control over women through health services and politics inducing women to occupy male leadership posts in the workforce has the exclusive intent to decrease the number of babies in the world and downsize the human family.

It is exactly in this context that you should understand the campaign by the “Elders”, whose initiative for the inclusion of women in the church leadership is nothing else than a religious extension of the secular US and UN measures to reduce the world population.

“Elder” Tutu: female and homosexual ordination

Today, the “Elders” demand from the churches female ordination, alleging that not to ordain them as ministers, priests or rabbis amounts to persecution and abuse against them. As far as it depends on Desmond Tutu, the chairman of the “Elders”, the New World Order demands on the churches will not be limited to feminism, because recently Tutu compared the ordination of homosexuals to that of women, saying, “I would find it impossible to stand by when people are being persecuted for something about which they can do nothing — their sexual orientation.”

The work of married women, whether as ministers or any other profession, reduces their fertility and the size of their families. Likewise, the involvement of men in homosexuality results in a decreased male fertility in the society: few men marrying women and begetting children in the marriage. Both examples serve the interests of the population-control elite.

The talk of Tutu is: not to open church leadership for women and homosexuals is abuse against women and homosexuals and it is, according to him, the cause of persecution and violence against women and homosexuals.

So churches are receiving rebukes and orders from ultra-liberal religious leaders as Tutu and even from atheists as Fernando Henrique Cardoso, so that they may get adapted to the New World Order. After many decades of actions by the UN and the US social planners, now even churches cannot get exemption from the global transformations demanded by the 12 “apostles” of the New World Order.

If women are able now to serve as soldiers, army generals and occupy many other male leadership posts, why should they be banned from being ministers, priests and rabbis? If religions are left untouched by female inclusion in their leadership, NSSM 200 and the UN plans may not be effectively and fully implemented in societies. For their low-birth agenda to advance, all women should have access to all leadership positions, including religious.

Population control: its effects

When it comes to population control, the US, the UN and the “Elders” are willing to push the human family to make any sacrifice. And the sacrifice they demand is more women in contraception and in male leadership posts and more men in homosexuality.

The same world system that commanded the inclusion of women in all the spaces of secular male leadership now imposes on the churches the inclusion of women in the ecclesiastic leadership, making all pulpits part of the ambitions population-reduction agenda to all families on Earth. The same world system today commanding the valorization of homosexuality in the society and the inclusion of homosexuals in the secular leadership posts sooner or later will not exempt churches and their leadership spaces from the same attacks.

However, all these measures are insufficient to achieve a complete reduction in the world population, because as NSSM 200 noted, “No country has reduced its population growth without resorting to abortion” (NSSM 200, page 182). This is why the UN conferences, which were able to implement and consolidate the NSSM 200 recommendations on the inclusion of women in the world social leadership, are now engaged to transform, along with homosexuality, abortion into an unalienable human right.

Population controllers have several strategies, but their goal is only one: babies. Their strategies include:

* Pervasive contraception in marriages: fewer babies. A product internationally imposed by the UN and the US.

* Pervasive sex divorced from marriage commitment: fewer babies. A product internationally imposed by the UN and the US.

* Pervasive female inclusion in all the male leadership posts in the secular world: fewer babies. A product internationally imposed by the UN and the US. What the “Elders” want is only an extension of this strategy to the religious world.

* Pervasive homosexuality in men: less male fertility in society and fewer babies. A product internationally imposed by the US and the UN.

* Pervasive legal abortion as a mere women’s “right”: fewer live babies. A product internationally imposed by the US and the UN.

This is the war against babies. This is the cost of the population-control agenda.

Population control: its roots

Yet, the campaign by the “Elders” is not the first population-control initiative to hit Christians. The birth control movement, which birthed the population-control movement, was a spiritual, not secular, movement. The first preacher for the reduction of the number of babies born to Christian families was lesbian Annie Besant (1847-1933), who was a revolutionary socialist, feminist, spiritualist and theosophical leader in England. The audience of her preaching was a predominantly Protestant England.

Later, promiscuous Margaret Sanger (1883-1966), who invented the term “birth control” and was equally a revolutionary feminist, socialist and theosophist in America, launched the challenge of female liberation through contraception. She founded the birth-control movement in the predominantly Protestant America and organized the pioneering World Population Conference in Geneva, Switzerland, in 1927. This first population-control conference was the precursor of the modern major UN population conferences.

Today, the International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF), founded by Sanger in 1952, is the most important ally and inspirer of the United Nations and it has been for many decades the biggest abortion, family-planning and sex-education promoter in the world.

In her first paper The Woman Rebel Sanger declared, “Birth control appeals to the advanced radical because it is calculated to undermine the authority of the Christian churches. I look forward to seeing humanity free someday of the tyranny of Christianity…”

She was right. The most pro-abortion, pro-homosexuality, pro-contraception and pro-feminism nations today had once predominantly Protestant cultures. They are now post-Christian nations, where under the dominant contraceptive culture — with its women in male leadership, men in homosexuality and few and small families — Europe population is shrinking drastically and Muslims in Europe — with their wives staying at home and having children — are experiencing an explosive population growth through their many large families. Birth control assured for a near future the extinction of the European civilization and the unprecedented Muslim domination in Europe. (See this video:

Who will resist the “Elders”?

Whether consciously or not, the lifestyle and mindset of many churches and Christians have already collapsed under the massive spell and delusions from the New World Order inspired and created by Annie Besant, Margaret Sanger, NSSM 200, the International Planned Parenthood Federation and the United Nations. How will they be able to resist the globalization “Elders” now?

With information from the article “Jimmy Carter, Kofi Annan, and Other Ex-Presidents Slam Christian Churches for Not Ordaining Women” by John-Henry Westen & Patrick B. Craine.


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