Monday, June 07, 2010

Flotilla of the disguised peace receives forceful defense of Turkey

Flotilla of the disguised peace receives forceful defense of Turkey 

By Julio Severo 
Turkish government is mobilizing to have Israeli authorities judged by the International Criminal Court in The Hague, Netherlands, because Israel “dared” to inspect “humanitarian” ships destined to Palestinian Arabs. The ships, coming from Turkey, also contained hidden weapons. 
After all, how will Palestinian Arabs be able to continue their attacks against Israel without the “humanitarian” help of weapons?  
Turkey, a mostly Muslim nation that has a long history of shedding of Christian blood, got hysterical about the actions of Israel, which exposed the disguised humanitarianism. The “pacifists” faced the Israeli military inspectors with extreme violence. And they received the due treatment and answer. 
Since when are weapons for use against Israeli citizens “humanitarian” help? If, in a daring opposed scenery, a flotilla with similar “help” were destined to the Kurdish separatist minority in Turkey, would Turks react with delicacy? In fact, the same Turkey that demands from Israel a state for Palestinian Arabs also persecutes the Kurdish minority in Turkey, because they want a state! The kind Turks are determined to extinguish the Kurdish wish.
For Turks, there can be persecution and blood-shedding at will, provided it is not against their chosen Muslim faith. That is why Turkey condemns UN attempts of condemning Sudan, whose Muslim government murdered about half a million of Sudaneses that were not Muslim. Most of those massacred were Christian. 
In the UN Security Council — where for decades Israel has been systematically condemned by pressure from Islamic nations —, Sudan has been protected from condemnation. Even if six million Jews were being murdered today, by sheer ideological pressure UN would eventually manage to condemn Israel and clear Sudan.
Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdog said: “It’s not possible for a Muslim to commit genocide. That’s why we are comfortable [with the Islamic president's visit of Sudan to Turkey].”
Turkey has no reason to admit and oppose genocides committed by Muslims. Immediately before the World War 1, the Islamic government in Turkey murdered hundreds of thousands of Christian Armenian men, women and children in cold blood. Until today, Turkey doesn’t tolerate when somebody says that that massacre of innocents was genocide. 
Turkey speaks from the position of one that committed genocide and of one that today defends the genocidal Islamic government in Sudan. 
Israel answers from the position of one that suffered the genocide of more than 6 million Jews during the World War 2. With that tragic experience, Israel can never treat carelessly the defense of her families, even when a weapons cargo is disguised in “innocent” ships of leftist peace activists bringing candies and medicines.
As to the International Criminal Court, what about Turkey and Sudan giving an account of their atrocities against innocent populations?

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