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What is really behind WikiLeaks?

What is really behind WikiLeaks?

If WikiLeaks equals free speech, then why do those defending it want UN to impose censorship on the internet?

By Julio Severo
Out of curiosity, it was great to learn about the US embassies' cables, and it would also be very interesting to see the Brazilian ambassies cables. Sadly, there was still no leak from such secret communications of Brazil.
Excepting some exotic facts, did WikiLeaks reveal really sensitive information? In one of the leaks on critical installations for the US security, there is a mention of an Australian factory that produces antivenom. Can you believe that if Islamic terrorists attack the Australian factory, the US will be vulnerable to the largest attack of snakes in human history?
The scenes would be terrible: snakes biting Obama and his government officials. Thousands of poisonous snakes slithering in the streets and attacking thousands of participants in the gay parades from San Francisco to New York. Snakes in schools, hospitals and soccer stadiums, with millions of people falling to poisonous bites.
Poor snakes! They are being used as scapegoats for some big scheme. And there are other absurdities in the leaked list of possible terrorist objectives.
I doubt a lot that Islamic terrorists have swallowed the story of the Australian factory as vital for the US security. But I don’t doubt that behind WikiLeaks there are “snakes” and “serpents”, but not of the type that we know in nature. They are depraved human minds with the nature of astute and evil snakes.
Unfortunately, WikiLeaks didn’t reveal any really important American secret. If it had tried to do so, the American government has enough secret agents and enough power to “solve” the problem. In fact, CIA has for decades murdered people, killing really wicked men, but also eliminating innocent people, including in the famous case where an airplane, with a family of evangelical missionaries, was shot down.
The book “Target: Patton, The Plot to Assassinate General George S. Patton”, by Robert Wilcox, tells how the birth of the US service secret, infiltrated by Marxists, was followed by secret assassinations of criminals and innocent people.
Nothing hinders CIA from neutralizing the enemies of the US interests. However, Julian Assange is alive, and receiving massive support from famous Marxists, even in the US, that advocate control over internet — a control to keep an absolute predominance of their ideas and exterminate conservative ideas.
Recently, Assange got financial support from Michael Moore, producer of a documentary on “homophobia.” As far as it depends on Moore, supreme jester of Hollywood Marxism, free speech is a right to be granted only to those who take an oath of fidelity to sodomy.
Brazilian president Lula da Silva is one of the international personages protesting “persecution” against Assange and, in the public eye, he defended the right of free speech of WikiLeaks. Hey? Where is Lula whose administration has always sought to censure internet in Brazil?
Yet, Brazilian diplomats in the UN, under Lula, are spearheading an effort to create a UN agency to police internet, under the pretext of avoiding leaks similar to WikiLeaks’. The same Lula that advocates for the free speech of WikiLeaks is using it to restrict free speech of worldwide internet users.
If the WikiLeaks case were so serious, why is Assange alive? Why does WikiLeaks remain online? Why does Lula support it? And there are other strange facts. The man that gave WikiLeaks the allegedly sensitive information about the US was an American homosexual soldier. So why is the US government so determined and obsessed in guaranteeing that open homosexuals may serve in the military?
If WikiLeaks represented threat to the US security, then who should suffer banishment, repression and exclusion: homosexuality or internet free speech? How to explain that the most powerful nation in the world “let” thousands of allegedly confidential cables be leaked? In the show produced around WikiLeaks, who will the real victim be?
Just after the recent leaks of WikiLeaks, the Department of Homeland Security, with no notification, seized the domain names from dozens of “dangerous” websites, which were not connected to WikiLeaks. It was a swift censorship with no right to defense. But, with all its massive power, the US government and its thousands of secret agents in the whole world have feigned to possess little power to shut down WikiLeaks, whose existence became a mere excuse to silence websites having nothing to do with Assange, who is a favorite to be the Time magazine “Man of the Year”.
By pretending to reveal secrets, WikiLeaks eventually left a thick cloud of doubts over the real occult intentions of those that are using it, or against or in favor, to impose cyber patrolling and an era of darkness where internet is a restricted area of security against those that disagree of the New World Order and its politics of intrusion and control over people, families and children.
Portuguese version of this article: O que realmente está por trás do WikiLeaks?
Source: Julio Severo in English

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“You know, this whole WikilLeaks incident really makes us think hard about the role of IT security in business and government. In this case, it appears that just one person was able to violate organizational policies and leak such vast amounts of information. By the way, speaking of this, I came across a very thought provoking blog titled Identity, Security and Access Blog. It is apparently written by a Microsoft security expert, and it raises some very thought provoking points which get to the essence of the incident. It is definitely worth a read and I’d highly recommend it. By the way, just in case the link doesn’t work, you can find it over at Anyway, let’s hope something like this doesn’t happen again.