Monday, October 31, 2011

State nightmare for children

State nightmare for children

Government agencies easily take children from their parents, and easily expose them to pedophiles

By Julio Severo
FoxNews has just reported:
A new California state audit found that over 1,000 sex offenders are living in homes licensed to provide foster and child care services.
The startling information was uncovered after the audit was requested to investigate how Child Welfare Services handled child deaths in foster care homes.
Earlier this year, Assemblyman Henry Perea of Fresno requested the state investigate child deaths that are in Child Protective Service custody. The request was made after 10-year-old Seth Ireland was beaten to death by his mother’s boyfriend in 2008.
National Center for Youth Law senior attorney Bill Grimm thinks the failure of Child Welfare Services to use databases of sex offenders that the agency had access to is “reprehensible and inexcusable.”
“How can you take a child out of their own home, their parents home, because you alleged they are unsafe or have been abused and then put them in a facility or a home where they are subject to risk and further abuse? It’s just inexcusable,” Grimm said.
Hey, only California was found to have 1,000 sex offenders living in homes licensed to provide foster and child care services. What about the other 49 American states?
We are living in the 21st century, are not we? How can state children services be exposing children to pedophiles?
In the 1980s, my friend Mary Pride denounced how dangerous the government services were for children. In that time, sure, the State promised to take measures to make children safe from its own unsafety.
Then in the 1990s, Brenda Scott, in her book “Out of Control. Who’s Watching Our Child Protection Agencies?”, exposed how easily Children Protective Services took children from their parents and exposed them to sex offenders and other perverts. Again, the State promised to correct its unsafety…
Next, in 2005 we had reports of abundant sex abuse against children in homes licensed to provide foster and child care services. And the State came with its usual promises… And children continued unsafe.
Sadly, the State has been unable to avoid exposing children to sex offenders. And it has been equally unable to avoid easily taking children from their parents.
FoxNews has also just reported:
A Hawaii couple’s 3-year-old daughter was taken away from them for 18 hours after they were arrested for forgetting to a pay for two $5 sandwiches.
The Hawaii family
The outing-turned-nightmare happened Wednesday while the family was shopping at a local Safeway.
“We walked a long way to the grocery store and I was feeling faint, dizzy, like I needed to eat something so we decided to pick up some sandwiches and eat them while we were shopping,” Leszczynski told the news station.
Leszczynski, who is 30-weeks pregnant, her husband, Marcin, and daughter Zophia bought $50 worth of groceries — but forgot about their two chicken salad sandwiches.
“It was a complete distraction, distracted parent moment,” Leszczynski told KHON.
As the family left, they were stopped by store security, who asked for their receipt.
“I offered to pay, we had the cash. We just bought the groceries,” Leszczynski told the station.
Instead, the expectant mother told KHON that the Safeway manager called police. They were taken to the main Honolulu police station where they were booked for fourth degree theft. Then Zophia was taken into custody by Child Protective Services.
“When they notified us that they would have to take her because we both would be arrested, I just couldn’t believe it, couldn’t believe this was happening, because I forgot to pay for the sandwich and that she’s never been away from us this long,” Leszczynski told KHON.
Zophia’s mom said she spent a sleepless night worrying about her daughter and shared the ordeal on the parenting website Her post grabbed the attention of hundreds of outraged moms and dads.
“We didn’t know where our daughter was, didn’t know what the situation was, she didn’t have any clothes they just took her right from the grocery store,” Leszczynski told KOHN.
Fortunately, the young girl was returned 18 hours later to her parents. But 18 hours, or some days away from their parents in a state agency, it’s time enough for pedophiles and other predators make their dirty work. In a sex-obsessed society, children are unsafe whenever they are away from their natural family.

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