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World’s biggest gay magazine: no compassion and tolerance for a former lesbian and her daughter

World’s biggest gay magazine: no compassion and tolerance for a former lesbian and her daughter

By Julio Severo
The Advocate, the biggest gay magazine in America and, in its own words, “The World’s Leading News Source for LGBT”, has just put its sights on LifeSiteNews and me in its defense of lesbian activist Janet Jenkins.
The Advocate: Mockery of Christ
The mission of The Advocate, as its name implies, is to advocate — for the gay agenda and its militants. Jenkins wants the daughter of her former lesbian partner Lisa Miller, who renounced homosexuality for Jesus. Regardless of the well-being of the girl, the infamous mission is to “rescue” her from her own biological mother to give her to an unrelated lesbian.
What would make a lesbian pursue the custody of a child at the expense of her biological mother? Of course, gay readers of The Advocate agree with any gay mission, as long as the gay agenda is ultimately exalted. But one lesbian commentator, who sided with Jenkins, asked the tough question:
“The child was about a year old when they split up and Miller has been the sole parent of the child for all this time. So any question of whether she is a fit or unfit mother is moot… I understand the heartache Jenkins must feel for her loss but what kind of relationship could she possibly have at this point if Miller is uncooperative and hostile?”
In fact, Jenkins was able to have some time with Isabella, in court-ordered visits that left the girl traumatized.
Yet, who else is asking tough questions? The US government, which is actively promoting the gay agenda around the world, wants nothing to do with tough questions detrimental to the homosexualist interests. And the FBI, to its own shame, is after a girl and her natural mother, because an unrelated lesbian wants her, at all costs.
The cost has been high, indeed. So far, two ministers have been arrested, because they helped Lisa Miller and her daughter Isabella flee the United States. Rev. Timothy Miller was arrested by FBI when he arrived at the US from his missionary work in Nicaragua. He was arrested at the airport in the presence of his wife and four children. To show PC compassion to the interests and ambitions of a lesbian activist, the FBI had to show cruelty to a Christian family.
In its investigations, the FBI decoded the Pennsylvania German language used by the ministers in their efforts to transfer Lisa Miller and her daughter from the United States to Canada, then to Mexico, then to Nicaragua and then to Ecuador — as alleged by The Advocate. (If the FBI had been this effective in decoding the “language” of Islamic terrorists before 2001, 9/11 would have never happened!) Subsequently, another minister was arrested. It is implacable persecution solely to serve the gay agenda.
The Advocate, satisfied with the FBI engagement, implied that LifeSiteNews may be involved. Hey, publish any article defending a former lesbian and her daughter, and the Gaystapo will say that you have committed a crime against the gay agenda. And perhaps many Christians have begun accepting the wrong-headed idea that it is a crime to defend this helpless mother and her daughter, because while the secular and gay media have been vocal about the “rights” of Janet Jenkins, the Christian media are largely silent.
By the way, The Advocate has also mentioned me, calling me and other Christians “antigay”, just because we do not accept the gay agenda, and just because we oppose the wickedness that the gay agenda has been committing against Lisa Miller and her daughter.
The Advocate said,
“In a December 1 Life Site News op-ed titled ‘Cowardice: The State and Homosexualist Powers Against a Former Lesbian and Her Daughter,’ Brazilian antigay activist Julio Severo characterized Lisa Miller and her daughter as victims in a perceived war against religious freedom. Jenkins, meanwhile, was cast as a predator and cynical ‘lesbian activist.’”
If Miller and her biological daughter are not victims, what are they? Oppressors of Jenkins? Poor Jenkins: the FBI and the liberal mass press have been smearing her, because Miller refuses to return her biological daughter! How cynical Miller is to defend her daughter!
The homosexual desires of Jenkins are more important than Miller’s biological motherhood, more important than Jesus Christ (to whom Lisa and her daughter have dedicated their lives) and more important than the moral, spiritual and physical well-being of Isabella herself.
Another The Advocate commentator noted,
“The issue here is simple. Isabella does not belong to Jenkins because she is not her biological mother or father. No court or government has the right to force custody like this. The sooner Jenkins understands this the better.”
In spite of all the facts, the blind militancy of The Advocate and its supporters keep them from accepting basic realities, biological and otherwise. Instead, people are forced to accept their unnatural realities. And the US government and the FBI side with them, not with Miller, me or LifeSiteNews, to make sure the unnatural takes precedence over the natural, for the sake of homosexuality and its agenda.
So what now? Should LifeSiteNews be targeted for FBI surveillance? Should I also be targeted for FBI surveillance, because of my article defending the oppressed, not the oppressor? “Oh, sure!” The Advocate and its gay chorus would shout. Other radicals would say, “Arrest him!” “Crucify him” — this last wish came from a Brazilian gay in a homosexual website. The Advocate could reply, “Oh, we are not that mean! FBI and imprisonment is enough”.
And, actually, the FBI is making arrests. Kenneth Miller, the second minister arrested, was under FBI surveillance for other religious contacts that helped Lisa Miller and her daughter. The FBI is determined to arrest any other evangelical minister involved in their defense. If such FBI surveillance had targeted Islamic contacts, it would have been labeled a hate crime. Apparently, only gays and Muslims are entitled to protest government interference in PC America.
With such FBI policies, how can America be safe? Yet, what does it matter to the liberal US government and liberal media? The important thing is to make the gay agenda safe, regardless how unsafe the innocent will be.
Evangelical ministers, a biological mother and her daughter: everybody may be left on the lurch, except for Jenkins and other homosexualists, who are granted government and media favors and privileges.
Meanwhile, those who supported Lisa Miller and her daughter, in the face of threats and imprisonments, are not receiving any media support and have no powerful friend like the FBI to help them. Instead, their meager support comes from a few churches.
Mennonite churches affiliated with Rev. Kenneth Miller have created a website expressing “solidarity with Ken as he faces charges for choices and actions we believe were correct. By God’s grace we would want to make the same choices he did. Our involvement with Lisa and Isabella Miller has stemmed from a desire to obey our Lord Jesus — both His commands and example”.
This was the proper Christian response in the times of Nazi and Communist tyranny.
This is the proper Christian response in these times of PC, gay tyranny.
Source: Last Days Watchman, the personal blog of Julio Severo: www.lastdayswatchman.blogspot.com

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