Thursday, October 11, 2012

Gay minister says that he is willing to take up arms against pro-family Christians

Gay minister says that he is willing to take up arms against pro-family Christians

In the Brazilian Congress, gay activist calls Christians “scoundrels”

By Julio Severo
In a video ( made originally available by Brazilian Congressman Marco Feliciano, a gay activist has declared that, to advance homosexual “marriage”, he is willing to take up arms against Christians that defend natural family.

The video was recorded in a seminar promoted by homosexual Congressman Jean Wyllys, held at the House of Representatives in Brazil.
In the video, Márcio Retamero, who likes to use the title of “Reverend”, says that Christians that defend family and Christian faith are “scoundrels” and “religious fundamentalists.”
This is not the first time that “Rev.” Retamero, who proclaims that he is the minister of the Presbyterian Church of the Botafogo Beach and of the Metropolitan Community Church in Rio de Janeiro, mockes Christians. In 2009, he published an article entitled “Open Letter to Julio Severo, a Religious Fundamentalist and Homophobic”, which follows the line of the pro-sodomy theological sabotage.
“Rev.” Márcio Retamero
But “Rev.” Retamero is not universally anti-Christian. He has been a respecter and admirer of Christians who, like him, despise evangelical conservatism.
Retamero has openly demonstrated his admiration for Genizah, a website of progressive Protestants in Brazil.
He has many reasons to praise Genizah: both identify themselves with a progressive Calvinism and they have phobia, hatred, aversion, disgust and defamations for pro-family conservative Christians.
For Genizah and its progressive gang, “Rev.” Retamero has a lot of congratulations, hugs and kisses.
For “homophobic,” “fundamentalist” and pro-family Christians, his disposition is another: arms to punish those “scoundrels.”
Source: Julio Severo in English
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