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Muslim Dinner at White House

Muslim Dinner at White House

By Julio Severo
According to CBNNews, President Barack Obama praised the accomplishments of Muslims in America at his fifth annual Iftar dinner. The event, hosted at the White House Thursday, is an observance of the Muslim Holy month of Ramadan.
While the Muslim ideology kills Christians around the world, Obama praises it at White House
“Throughout our history Islam has contributed to the character of our country, and Muslim Americans and their good works have helped to build our nation and we have seen the results,” Obama said.
The Muslim tradition at the White House was not begun by Obama. It began under President Bill Clinton and was continued by President George W. Bush.
This is a departure from the Christian character of America by Democratic and Republican presidents. Islam was a strong reality in the time of the Founders, but no one of them thought of hosting a Muslim observance, especially at the White House.
And especially because, whether in the past or present, the Muslim ideology is the main source of persecution and martyrdom for Christians around the world. There is no logical reason for America, a nation founded by persecuted Christians, to celebrate a religious ideology with Christian blood in its hands.
According to Paul Marshall, in the book “Persecuted: The Global Assault on Christians” (Thomas Nelson, p. 123), “The most widespread persecution of Christians today takes place in the Muslim world, and it is spreading and intensifying.”
Marshall points out that “Even though the remaining Communist countries persecute the most Christians, it is in the Muslim world where persecution of Christians is now most widespread, intense, and, ominously, increasing” (p. 11).
Before their foolish decision of hosting a celebration for an anti-Christian ideology, Clinton, Bush and Obama should have consulted the surviving victims of this ideology.
And the White House, with its past Christian history, should do more for persecuted Christians, including the Romeike family who, like the Pilgrims, fled Europe because of persecution against their Christian convictions. But, different of the Pilgrims, the German family did not find the same America to welcome them in their plight.
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This makes me sick. What has happened to our beautiful America.?