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Donations: How to Help Julio Severo and His Family in Their Needs

Donations: How to Help Julio Severo and His Family in Their Needs

UPDATE January 24, 2014: Through a very kind Presbyterian minister in the US, we were able to get a bank account in the US to receive donations. If you are able to send donations through bank, please contact us here by email:
We used to receive donations from international friends through PayPal, but this channel was closed down in December 2011, in violation of our free choice, after a campaign by AllOut, a US homosexual group. WND ran an explosive headline on this case:

Probably, AllOut was spurred by Brazilian gay groups enraged at my efforts exposing their radical agenda in Brazil. You can find more information on my work in this link:
ABGLT, the main homosexual think-tank in Brazil, has filed legal complaints against me for years. And thanks to former US State Secretary Hillary Clinton, ABGLT has an advisory status in the UN system since 2011. The US assistance to a gay group which opposes free speech for Christians in Brazil is no surprise, because under Obama and Clinton, the State Department began imposing its homosexual imperialism around the world in 2011.
ABGLT should not worry about me. I have no Clinton or another major US, UN or international agency or authority supporting me. But my opponents have these powerful allies, and much more — especially much taxpayer money and financial “aid” from US groups.
Who am I to face the massive opposition from ABGLT and AllOut? Who am I to face groups vastly more funded than my limited resources? Who am I to have my PayPal account forcefully terminated? (You can read more about the PayPal scandal here:
I am a married Brazilian Christian, with five little children. Because of systematic threats and persecution of gay groups in Brazil, I had to leave Brazil. As David, who lived in caves and deserts when he was fleeing King Saul, I have been in international “caves and deserts.” My family has been in foreign lands since 2009. But even this has not deterred our enemies from keeping their watch on our footsteps, trying to track us. Many of them think we remain hidden in Brazil.
Last week, a gay group visited an apartment in São Paulo, Brazil, to express their rage at a “Julio Severo” supposedly living there. When they were informed that the Mr. Julio Severo who lived in this apartment had moved*, they reported that they need my exact address to file complaints against me.
Other gay groups are in the same “mission.” And even leftist Christian and secular groups, similarly enraged at my writings, have promised to find and publicly expose my location. One leftist Protestant group in Brazil recently wrote that one of its allies denounced us to US consular officials years ago intending to bar me and my family from ever trying to enter the US. Was the denunciation successful? I do not know. But there is the recent NSA surveillance scandal (, and there is the suspicion that my name and blog are under some kind of watch by the Homeland Security (

To know the Brazilian Protestant Left and its hatreds, read my new e-book:
The fierce opposition from gay supremacists and the Protestant Left in Brazil to my writings has no limit, and they will do anything to annoy or harm me and my family.
Who will help us?
Our help comes from the Lord, who created heaven and earth. And it comes also from people touched and moved by God to help us in our plight.
If God has touched you in this direction, you can send an email to to learn how use alternatives to PayPal to donate to a Brazilian Christian family living in international “caves and deserts.” And by the way, David was not the only man of God to have had such hard experiences. The author of the Book of Hebrews says of other people of God who “lived as refugees, wandering in deserts and on mountains, hiding in caves” (Hebrews 11:38).
If you know a way to donate better, safer, easier and more affordable than PayPal, please write me and let me know your ideas:
As the Lord leads you, your donation is appreciated.
* You can read the report, in Portuguese, in this link: If you cannot read Portuguese, use Google or another online translation tool.

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