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Atheist Ed Brayton: Julio Severo is a Brazilian ‘wingnut’

Atheist Ed Brayton: Julio Severo is a Brazilian ‘wingnut’

By Julio Severo
Do homosexuality and population control have something in common? If you believe so, then you are a ‘wingnut’ — a label atheist Ed Brayton used against me, Julio Severo, because I am one of these believers.
Ed Brayton
Yet, I am not the only victim of his attacks. He has also attacked WorldNetDaily, and in a C-SPAN show, he labeled Chuck Norris a ‘moron’ because Norris said that if Obama were elected in 2012, his socialism would lead America to 1,000 years of darkness.
I agree with Norris: America can brace herself for 1,000 years of socialist darkness because of Obama and his party.
Overweight Brayton has a blog entitled “Dispatches from the Culture Wars.” He is also an advocate of evolutionism.
According to Conservapedia, Chuck Norris thinks that most obesity in America is the result of hedonism and that Christians have good reasons to believe that a hedonist lifestyle is a causal factor of atheism. This is another reason overweight Ed Brayton hates Norris.
Brayton has appeared on the Rachel Maddow Show. Maddow was the first openly lesbian anchor to host a major prime-time news program in the United States. He has also been a guest in other liberal shows.
For a lack of arguments and rationality, the only option left for leftist individuals is to resort to name-calling: ‘wingnut,’ ‘moron,’ etc. Also, dirty words are their natural language. How do I know it? The Brazilian secular and Christian Left has used this language when talking about me and my conservative views.
About the American Left, it seems that its adherents are not appreciating the column Matt Barber has given me in his conservative BarbWire.
In his blog, Brayton describes himself, “After spending several years touring the country as a stand up comedian, Ed Brayton tired of explaining his jokes… and turned to writing… for the voices in his head.”
I have always suspected that socialists have strange voices in their heads — in the Bible’s times, people called this condition ‘demonic possession.’
This time the voices told the clumsy comedian that homosexuality does not reduce birth rates and that, yes, he is an intelligent guy!
His voices have also told him that in the cultural war to spread socialist and homosexualist lies around the world, Julio Severo is another enemy deserving his attacks.
Loathing it or not, at least he is reading my BarbWire column!

Wingnut: The Gay All About Population Control

Julio Severo is a Brazilian wingnut who is now writing for BarbWire, where he makes the incredibly absurd claim that the fight for LGBT equality is really all about reducing the population. Because, silly rabbit, causal connections are for intelligent people, none of which can be found here. Referring to a USAID conference on gay rights around the world last week, he writes:
The conference is bringing together government officials, private funders, business leaders, scholars and homosexual activists from more than 30 countries to increase coordination, cooperation and resources dedicated to promoting the homosexual agenda around the world, and to ensure full inclusion of homosexual activists in political power structures.
The conference is focusing on diplomatic and foreign assistance strategies to address homosexual issues around the world. It is also discussing the best ways to engage faith communities to support the homosexual agenda and to integrate it into development programs.
If Sodom gave the world an untrained and unsophisticated homosexual militancy, America can be proud that she has surpassed Sodom, by giving the world an aggressive, trained and sophisticated homosexual militancy.
Will the U.S. government efforts to integrate the gay agenda into development programs and political power structures succeed? I fear so. Forty years ago, NSSM 200, a highly classified U.S. government document, made it clear that the U.N., the World Bank and many other major international organizations should be used to integrate population control into development and healthcare programs. Population control was presented as “family planning,” but its objective was never family well-being. It was population reduction to meet the U.S. ambitions to seize or save natural resources from other nations for current and future American use. Because of the U.S. efforts forty years, today “family planning” is as natural as marriage itself.
Evidently, now the strategy is to make the gay agenda and its fake marriage as natural as “family planning.”
God turned Sodom into ashes. America is distinguishing herself by making Sodom global and refined. She is spreading the Sodom ashes around the world to sow a new, bigger and global Sodom.
Yes, because obviously if we start treating gay people like human beings with equal rights, everyone is going to immediately going to become gay, stop having children and destroy the species. Because The Gay, according to the Christian right, is the single most alluring thing in the history of ever. It’s so overwhelmingly tempting that we must make the lives of gay people miserable in order to keep people becoming gay. This is what these bigots actually believe.
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