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DailyMail: Clinton charity received $10 MILLION donation from African evangelical church — despite Hillary’s homosexual activism

DailyMail: Clinton charity received $10 MILLION donation from African evangelical church — despite Hillary’s homosexual activism

By Julio Severo
Hillary Clinton’s charity received, according to DailyMail, a $10 million donation from an African church whose doctrines are opposed to gay “marriage” and other homosexual ideologies advocated by Clinton.
The 2016 presidential candidate received money from the Cameroon Baptist Convention (CBC) whose official policy is that the homosexual behavior “contradicts God’s purpose for human sexuality.”
The doctrinally conservative evangelical organization has also been critical of U.S. attempts to impose the gay agenda in Cameroon. In fact, Clinton has been one of the masterminds behind the current homosexual imperialism from the U.S. government, including by idealizing the post for a global homosexual envoy in the U.S. State Department.
Despite this, the Cameroon Baptist Convention Health Board gave between $1 million and $10 million between 2010 and 2015, according to the latest list of donors from the Clinton Health Access Initiative.
The disclosure will be awkward for conservative evangelicals in Africa, because their money is funding an American who has publicly stated that she supports gay “marriage” and many other homosexual issues, including abortion and population control, that are offensive to the Bible.
Perhaps the African Baptist denomination, by recognizing that the U.S. church blessed the African church for many decades, wants to repay the kindness. Yet, they should fund U.S. conservative evangelical ministers like Rev. Scott Lively, whose Christian beliefs are similarly against homosexual tyranny and Clinton’s homosexual imperialism.
Clinton does not need evangelical money. She has received support from homosexual celebrities like Ellen DeGeneres and Elton John, and many other strong advocates of the gay ideology.
Clinton supporters include also the financially powerful Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, known for its stance favoring population control, abortion and sodomy.
Why would pro-abortion and pro-sodomy Clinton, who receives money from pro-abortion and pro-sodomy billionaires, need money also from doctrinally conservative evangelical institutions in Africa?
This terrible situation helps dispel two wrong ideas. Usually people think that Africans are always in need of money and assistance. This rich African church shows that they are everything, except poor. Other wrong idea is to think that all investment in U.S. political leaders leads to a better and conservative world. This poor (not in a financial sense) church has a correct doctrine on homosexuality, but for years gave millions to an American inimical of its doctrine. It is pointless if you have a good doctrine and you do not watch and pray.
When you watch and pray, you donate your resources according to the Bible to individuals and organizations operating according to strong pro-family and pro-life values.
The CBC’s doctrine on homosexuality is clear in a letter from December 2013 signed by both the organization’s president Joseph Chebonkeng and the general secretary Godwill Ncham.
It reads: “As a church we uphold the belief that marriage is celebrated between a man and a woman. We uphold the principle that sexual intercourse outside of marriage, sexual promiscuity, adultery, homosexuality, sexual exploitation, same sex marriage, incest and sexual perversion contradict God's purpose for sexuality.”
In contrast, Clinton’s views on these issues are not the same. How CBC could not notice such stark differences is a mystery, and a warning to other Christians.
In an interview with a Cameroon news website Rev. Chebonkeng explains further his evangelical convictions. The interviewer asked him: “Spiritually speaking, where do you think the idea of homosexuality is coming from?”
He answered: “It is coming from the Devil because it is not prescribed by the Bible which means that if you practice unorthodox things, these are things that are coming from the dark world and they know what they do with such things, because, it is unthinkable. Only recently, Cameroonians began to know that a man can get married to a man. And many people confront me to ask what it means for a man to get married to a man? You begin to imagine some devilish type of a thing. I think that Cameroonians should be resolute on issues of homosexuality and these are not practices that are common in our societies. These are imported ideas, imported ways of life which are alien to our society. It is time Africans spoke out on this ill.”
He also accused America of trying to impose the homosexual agenda in Cameroon.
He writes: “What the West is playing on is their assistance which they give African countries and they think that they will peg the conditions for having that aid on the practice of homosexuality or on the legalization of homosexuality. I think it is time for Africans and African governments to make a clear cut stand on that at the AU [African Union] summit so that the West should know. There are other partners that can give us assistance without necessarily pegging that assistance to homosexuality and so they are not the only people that assist us.”
According to its own website, the Cameroon Baptist Convention dates back to 1841 and was founded by two Jamaican missionaries, John Clarks and George Prince.
It claims to have 1,028 churches with a membership of about 105,000 members and a number of departments including the “Evangelism and Missionary” wing and the “Christian Education Department.”
The health wing runs five hospitals and 74 health centers in Cameroon and drug production and distribution center.
The CBC website says that its first hospital, Banso Baptist Hospital, offers family planning services. Probably, all the CBC hospitals and health centers are providers of family planning. According to NSSM 200, a declassified U.S. government paper, for decades family planning was integrated into health care systems in nations around the world. For outsiders, this was just for family well-being. For the planners in the U.S. government, its only objective was population control, disguised by good-sounding names.
Africa has embraced family planning, which is a population control ideology imposed by the West. What will hinder Africa from embracing homosexuality as a population control ideology imposed by the West?
The homosexual agenda and family planning are compatible ideologies. Hillary Clinton espouses both ideologies. A church that espouses one will eventually espouse the other.
A family-planning church, by investing in population-control Clinton, supports her anti-Christian homosexual agenda and completely contradicts its higher calling and mission.
The original DailyMail report attacked the African church over its anti-sodomy stance and supported Hillary.
My report tries to convince this and other churches to make better and conservative investments in the future, and avoid population control pitfalls.
Do they want to give 10 million to a good cause? There are fine Christian individuals and organizations fighting the tyrannical gay agenda with their mostly empty pockets. Why not help them?
With information from DailyMail.
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PFFFF what a sickening disgusting abomination. You can't even go to most churches today, they are cesspools of vile filth, and shameless unrepentant heresy. And you would think Africans would be more traditional, not anymore with their pathetic worship of the Obamanation and his faggit Antichrist baby murdering agenda.