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Why the American Left Hates Russia

Why the American Left Hates Russia

Russia’s conservatism stirs hysteria and fear

By Julio Severo
China, the largest communist nation in the world, has stolen entire computer banks of information from the U.S.  government. Their new weapons systems look suspiciously like the U.S. weapon systems. China has manipulated trade markets and its currency to steal from America its wealth, and its trade secrets.
Yet, there is no U.S. hysteria against China. No U.S. sanctions or boycotts on China, which is officially atheist and communist. On the contrary, in spite of the Chinese attacks, left-wing president Barack Obama and right-wing president Donald Trump officially visited China and showed respect for its communist rulers.
In contrast, Russia, which is not atheist and communist, has been consistently accused, by the mainstream left-wing media in the U.S., of cyber intrusions during the 2016 presidential election. Obama imposed sanctions on Russia and Trump has continued the sanctions.
So if communist China’s actions are worse than Russia’s actions, why is Russia the favorite victim of attacks from the U.S. corrupt media, the Democrats, and the Left in general?
The media’s anti-Russian propaganda has been so pervasive and successful that even Trump succumbed to the pressure to change. The 2016 Trump who preached partnership with Russia against Islamic terror was replaced by a Trump, now president, who makes no compromises to Russia and has fully succumbed to the neocon swamp and its ambitions.
The United States tolerates kindly even Saudi Arabia, which has fomented Islamic terror around the world. 9/11 was committed by Saudi terrorists.
But America does not tolerate Russia.
What accounts for such extreme intolerance? The answer is very simple: Russia today embodies everything the U.S. Left hates.
Russia is Christian. In fact, Russia is the largest Christian Orthodox nation in the world. Russian Christianity is not similar to the U.S. evangelicalism. The United States is the largest Protestant nation in the world. Russian Christianity is more similar, in some traditionalistic respects, including in the worship of saints, to Catholicism.
There is a symbiotic relationship between the Russian government and the Russian Christian Orthodox Church. They help each other maintain money and power.
Writing in the Washington Times, L. Todd Wood said, “Visiting Moscow reminds me in some ways of the American South. There is a new church going up on every corner in the Russian capital. You can’t help hear the bells ringing somewhere during the day from some church or monastery nearby. The golden domes dot the landscape.”
We all know how the Left despises Christianity and enables Islam, the homosexual agenda, etc.
Russia is mostly white. Although 30 percent of Russia is Muslim, Russia tries to protect its culture by brutally repressing Islamic extremism. Russia treats its Muslim citizens and mosques just as Israel treats its Muslim citizens and mosques.
Left-wing Obama used to make derogatory comments on Russia and Putin he never did regarding communist China, such as “Russia is a regional power that doesn’t make anything” and “Putin’s school boy slouch.”
Russia is conservative in many ways. For the most part, Russian women hate feminism. They had the opportunity to experience real “equality” during Soviet times — and they didn’t like it. “Why should I want to act like a man and have to do everything?” Russian women ask. Sex roles are very defined in Russia to the horror of the cultural Marxists in the West.
You can understand the Russian conservatism by reading an exclusive interview by William J. Murray to me in 2015. Murray, who is the son of a prominent American Marxist and atheist, converted to Christ and offers today a Christian view on the current Russia.
Russia has a law banning homosexual propaganda. The law simply makes it a crime to expose homosexual propaganda to children and teens. While in Russia parents who do not want their children being indoctrinated in the homosexual lifestyle are respected, in the West generally and in America particularly, homosexuality is being crammed down children’s throats in school, over the objections of most parents.
Left-wing Obama and all the mainstream U.S. media mocked Russia and Putin because of this law. The Advocate, the most prominent homosexual magazine in the U.S. and in the world, sarcastically announced that its 2014 Person of the Year was Vladimir Putin, saying “The Russian president became the single greatest threat to LGBTs in the world in 2014.”
Russia is plagued by corruption, not much different from Brazil, the largest Catholic nation in the world. Traditionalistic Christianity seems to be prone to corruption.
However, Russia is not the Soviet Union. Russia is not looking to conquer the world — differently from U.S. neocons, who do want total global hegemony. As the largest country on the planet, Russia is just attempting to defend its geopolitical presence.
The Russia hysteria in the West is today largely driven by the American Left and can be explained in a very simple way: Russia is Christian, white and conservative… everything the Left loves to hate. This truth needs to be understood and explained to people.
American evangelicals who elected Trump and have been consistently bombarded by an anti-Russian propaganda from the left-wing media should find ways, just as Trump proposed in his 2016 campaign, to work together with Christian Russia to deal with the greatest threat to the security of America, Europe and Russia: Islamic terrorism.
With information from the Washington Times.
Portuguese version of this article: Por que a esquerda americana odeia a Rússia
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