Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Brazilian left-wingers want to silence pro-life Archbishop of Rio

Brazilian left-wingers want to silence pro-life Archbishop of Rio

Julio Severo

The Rio Electoral Court tried to summon Cardinal Eusébio Oscar Scheid, Archbishop of Rio, so that he may guide parish priests not to do political and ideological-oriented comments. However, he refused to sign the notification.

In the citation, Judge Luiz Felipe Francisco ordered:

I determine that Cardinal Eusébio Oscar Scheid and Auxiliary Bishop Dimas Lara Barbosa are to be notified to guide all of the parish priests, parochial vicars and deacons or any other eventual celebrant of religious services to abstain from any political-ideological comment or reference, under penalty of disobedience to the present judicial order.

Cardinal Scheid didn’t sign because he does not agree with the notification. Allegedly, the citation came about because leftists were annoyed with some priests who had been distributing pamphlets against abortion two weeks ago.

Last week, the same Electoral Court determined an operation with a search and seizure warrant. The operation was accomplished in the archdiocese and in the Cardinal’s cabinet in search of supposed pamphlets against the candidacy to Senate of Jandira Feghali (PC of B — Communist Party of Brazil). The legal action was requested by the leftist coalition “A Rio for All” (PT, PSB and PC of B).

Dom Eusébio noted that even in the military dictatorship times Brazilian authorities were not so insolent.

They didn’t find anything.

Jandira is a very known as a feminist defending a change in the abortion laws. She wants to expand the situations where abortion is allowed. Catholics are against it.

Do these new measures imply that now in Brazil a bishop cannot express his views and give a pro-life recommendation to his followers?

The Kingdom of God Universal Church (KGUC) owns the party where Brazilian vice-president, José Alencar, is a member. KGUC makes open proselytism on behalf of Lula and leftist Protestant “bishop” Crivella, an important KGUC official. Yet, the Electoral Court sees no problem in this strange alliance and their activities.

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