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Brazilian President Lula: opposition to homosexuality is a “perverse disease”

Brazilian President Lula: opposition to homosexuality is a “perverse disease”

Julio Severo

Remarkable time for the international homosexual movement. For the first time in the world history, the president of a nation officially opens an event for the defense of homosexuality.

Brazilian President Lula, who attended the First National Conference of Gays, Lesbians, Bisexuals, Transvestites and Transsexuals (GLBT), said that Brazil needs “a time for reparation”. The conference, begun on June 5, 2008, was convoked by presidential decree from Lula himself.

Accompanied by six ministers, he asked for all the prejudiced people to “open their minds and clean them”. He astonished everyone by manifesting complete support for the homosexual movement and by saying “that he is going to do the possible so that the criminalization of homophobia and the civil union may be approved”.

He defended the end for all opposition to the homosexual behavior and he affirmed that sexual discrimination “perhaps is the most perverse disease impregnated in the human head”.

In the first row of the conference were Luiz Mott (in African clothes), Toni Reis, Sergio Mamberti, Senator Fátima Cleide, Rep. Cida Diogo and gay militant Beto de Jesus. Delegates from 14 countries were present. The groundbreaking homosexual conference under government sponsorship is one of the many national and international efforts funded and led by the Lula administration.

In the event, Human Rights Secretary Paulo Vanucchi gave a long speech, trying to force credibility on the homosexual issue. The homosexual website MixBrasil reports that Vanucchi “remembered the Holocaust”, seeking to compare the killing of six million Jews to 5-15 thousand homosexuals, yet not mentioning that Hitler was a homosexual and that the vast majority of the 2 million homosexuals of Nazi Germany did not have the same cruel destiny of the vast majority of the German Jews.

Vanucchi tried also to force equality between the homosexual cause and the fight against the Black slavery. By saying that “homophobia is incompatible to democracy”, he received a long, standing ovation. “Homophobia”, in the politically correct slang, is all philosophical, moral, ethical, medical or religious view or attitude contrary to the homosexual behavior.

According to MixBrasil, he “finished his speech by giving three recommendations to the homosexual movement: It should not get lost in infightings, it should understand that its opponents are people imprisoned by taboos that use more strategies to convince than to confront, and it should understand that the homosexual fight is part of other human-rights fights like the fight for children, disabled, Blacks and aged”.

When the time came for the pro-abortion Health Minister José Gomes Temporão to give his speech, he credited to the homosexual activism the union of the fight against AIDS to the defense of the gay rights. He, who has for a long time been manifesting support for the abortion legalization in Brazil, announced that by late June public hospitals would begin to make sex change surgeries.

In his speech, Toni Reis, president of ABGLT (Brazilian Association of Gays, Lesbians, Bisexuals, Transvestites and Transsexuals), presented a proposal for the creation of a statute for homosexuals, following the pattern of the Child and Adolescent Statute. He also asked for the approval of the civil union for homosexuals and the criminalization of homophobia. His request was applauded by Lula.

“We do any bargain to approve gay rights”, Toni said.

Concluding his appeal, Paulo Vanucchi brought a four-year old girl to the lap of President Lula and on the microphone he yelled, “Brazil without homophobia”.

Source: Last Days Watchman

Portuguese version of this article: Lula: oposição ao homossexualismo é “doença perversa”

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Anonymous said...

Welcome to the New World Order where up is down, left is right, day is night and perversion is normal and normalcy is perverse. It's interesting that one who loathes something and finds it detestable, has now been diagnosed as having a phobia... So next time you're walking down the street and there's a big pile of steaming dog poop, you no longer find it detestable; you have poopphobia! Congratulations Brazilians: you're ahead of the US --well, not by much. (Terry Kette)

Anonymous said...

We had better get over our shock, passiveness, complacency and sin.
Get right with God and let's go to battle for the kingdom of God. Otherwise we will be herded into some gayphobia ghetto and starved to death for not being "open minded".

We were given the sword of the Spirit for a purpose and its time we took it up and committed to the cause of Christ.

Christina TM said...


I came across your website for an article I'm writing for WorldNetDaily about the homosexual agenda in Brazil. You are very brave to publish these things in a country where homosexuality is so rampant. May the Lord bless you, your work, and your country.

God's Blessings,