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Four-year girl who lived with a gay “couple” is raped

Four-year girl who lived with a gay “couple” is raped

Julio Severo

Hairdresser Orani Fogari Redondo, 28, was jailed October 31, 2008, in Araraquara, SP, Brazil, suspected of raping a 4-year girl. The child lived with him and her uncle, a 54-year homosexual male.

Redondo and the girl’s uncle had lived together for almost 10 years and, one and half year ago, her uncle received the definitive custody over the girl because her parents had been jailed, condemned for drug traffic.

An anonymous tip led police to the hairdresser. In his defense, the uncle, who is a retired nurse, said that he left his niece with his partner to go to the physician and when he came back he saw blood running on her legs.

According to the TV Record news of November 1, 2008, the girl needed to have a surgery because the aggression was so severe. She will continue under medical attention.

Pressured by police, the uncle confessed that it was not the first time that his partner had abused the little girl. In interview, police said that the young man has a criminal record of sexual abuse of children.

Because the uncle is a HIV carrier, the suspicion exists now that his young lover may also be infected, which increases the probability that the girl may have been contaminated.

Because her uncle requested, the press hid his name. In fact, it hid much more — in none of the news on the case the word “homosexual” or “homosexuality” was used in reference to the uncle and his relationship with a younger man. A politically-correct, anti-discrimination “moral” code pressures the Brazilian media not to show homosexuality in unfavorable news, but giving to it totally inverse treatment when the news are favorable.

The goal seems to be to bother the least possible homosexuals and their behavior, and this may be the reason why no state social assistant — who are well-known meddlers — got interested in “meddling” in the dirty record of the uncle’s lover during the process of transference of the custody over the little girl. But it is at the cost of the health and life of the innocents that homosexuality receives such covering.

The questions that do not want to be silent are:

Which was the state agency that delivered the custody of the little girl over to a homosexual living with another man?

If the rapist had already a criminal record of sexual crimes against children, why was he free?

The case smells a terrible scandal of state recklessness…

Source: http://www.lastdayswatchman.blogspot.com

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