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Former gay militant asks forgiveness from Julio Severo

Former gay militant asks forgiveness from Julio Severo

Young man leaves homosexual movement in search of a life in peace with himself

Julio Severo

Courage and sincerity make a man better and more human. Recently, a young man got in touch with me, opening himself and asking forgiveness.

He told,

I am a former gay militant, and now I am on the way of recovery. I perceived that the identitary movements are nothing more than Machiavellian plots where people are manipulated for political gains. I was not aware that [the gay agenda] was just the old scheme “divide to conquer”.

Today, I have understanding because of the lessons of Professor Olavo de Carvalho that it is a modus operandi typical of the revolutionary, reversing, Marxist-Leninist-Trotskista mindset.

I did not know it. I entered the homosexual movement when I was 16 years old and I thought that it was serious, where we fought for respect and dignity. Today I know that they do not want this, but just power, and by misleading us that we would get dignity and respect, they took us to a diametrically opposed life.

After four hard troubled years, I left the movement. In the last two years, I have been thinking over the matter, and learning from Professor Olavo, and reflecting about the things I was involved in. Everything has been very hard and painful for me.

I suffered depression, a suicide attempt, I took drugs and I attended psychiatrists. Well, nothing worked better than the Truth, even though it was difficult to digest. Today, more mature, more aware of the responsibilities I have, and of the consequences of my decisions, I resumed the way home. I returned to the educations I received in my childhood.

I feel the Holy Spirit entering my messy bedroom (this is the way I imagine in my heart) and clear up the mess. I make mistakes, I sin and I pray. The Holy Spirit comes and once more clears us again. In that cycle of construction and destruction, I am more firm today.

Even with two or three stumbles, it is reasonable to tell that I have been chaste for about one year. Also, I am away from drugs.

I am on the process to make peace with myself. So I need firstly to forgive myself and ask forgiveness from those I harmed in someday in the past. This is the reason I got in touch with you.

Julio, in the homosexual movement I played the role of a spy, an auscultator. Among others, your blog was one of those I followed with magnifying glass. Of course, I watched the communication among evangelicals, to know their stands and how you were articulating and coordinating your initiatives. I did not harm you directly, but my work was a small contribution, because there were and there are hundreds of activists like me, responsible for the attacks you have been suffering since 2005 (at least).

The attacks took on the big form that they did because voluntary loggerheads like me helped. We helped even by planning strategies of “counterattacks”. We used to attack your messages, to harass you on Orkut [a Brazilian internet service as Facebook], and vilify you. I was a pig, a worthless, a wicked, and an impudent.

I am having a hard time to write this message, because I am very ashamed. I am embarrassed to have to do it, but I need to do it.

Julio Severo, I harassed you, I mocked you, I maligned you and your honor. I conspired against you. I was your enemy, as David told in Psalm 34.

Julio, I mistook, I sinned, I committed offenses and insults against you. I am repentant. There is no justification for my crimes. Even so, trusting in your Christian morality, I want to ask your forgiveness.

Julio, I am sorry for all the times I harmed you. I want you to know that if I could come back in time, I would not do it again. If at least I knew what I know today. Julio, please forgive me!

You may tell my history, because I know that it will help other people to understand that militants do not seek respect and dignity, but power and domination. I am aware that through my mistakes, people may “get immunized” against the dissimulation that you can see today.

I only repeat that you should protect my identity, for God’s sake, because I am afraid of gay militants.

I know arm and drug traffickers, and corrupt men of the State, and believe me Julio, I am less afraid of them than of the politically organized gay movement.

I want you to tell my history as a way to amend my behavior, so that attentive parents may keep their children (gay or not) from following the same devious ways and help parents who already have children living in the queer way of life* to reduce damages.

*Queer way of life: for me is not limited to gays. It is embracing a liberal, politically correct (or epicurean) morality, marked by liberalism and amorality (or a relativization of morality) in the privative realm, ignoring the consequences of the one’s decisions on the public realm for the general well-being. For example: having sex in public squares. There are people lobbying to legalize it, and make it a vested right. I know it because I took part in these discussions.

For reason of security, I needed to edit some small parts of the account by the young former homosexual activist, and I cannot also reveal his name and other personal information. But I have a message to this new and precious friend:

I forgive you, in the name of Jesus, for your harassments, mockeries and vilification against me and my honor.

I forgive you, in the name of Jesus, for your conspiracies against me and for your enmity.

I forgive you, in the name of Jesus, for your offenses and insults against me.

I forgive you, in the name of Jesus, for all the times you harmed me.

I want you to know that, even if you were still in the homosexual movement, nevertheless I would love you. The purpose of my articles is to take out from the homosexual movement so many victims as possible. I am glad that you left this destructive movement.


I posted this text for two reasons:

1. Because the young former activist needs your prayers, so that the Holy Spirit may lead him to the fullness of revelation and experience with Jesus Christ, the only Savior and Lord.

2. Because it is important that everybody may see that Jesus Christ can do all things, including delivering gay activists from the claws of lies and deception.

Please, forward this message to intercessory groups, so that they may pray for this young man and for many others that are prisoners in the homosexual movement.

See this article in Portuguese: Ex-militante gay pede perdão a Julio Severo


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