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LifeSiteNews Launches Portuguese Version: Notícias Pró-Família

LifeSiteNews Launches Portuguese Version: Notícias Pró-Família

By Matthew Cullinan Hoffman, Latin America Correspondent

GUADALAJARA, June 4, 2009 ( —, the internet’s most-read international pro-life and pro-family news service, has launched a parallel service in Portuguese.

The new service, Notícias Pró-Família (Pro-Family News) is currently hosted on Google’s Blogger system, at However, LifeSiteNews plans to move the service to its own website before long.

Notícias Pró-Família posts one to two new articles daily, translated by Julio Severo, one of Brazil’s most prominent pro-family activists. Severo currently lives in self-imposed exile from Brazil to avoid prosecution for criticizing the country’s powerful homosexualist movement, which is supported by President Luiz Lula da Silva.

LifeSiteNews Managing Director and co-founder Steve Jalsevac said about the new service: “We have long understood there is a need for our news reports to be made available in other languages since the attacks on life and family are being experienced around the world. We have had repeated requests for other language versions of LifeSiteNews, especially from readers in Latin America. This is our first humble attempt to meet that great need.”

Jalsevac added that he hopes “some extra generous LifeSiteNews readers will come forward to financially support this crucial effort to report the truth, especially its expansion into developing nations that are under intense assault by massively financed depopulation groups.” He also stressed that LifeSiteNews works closely with Human Life International, the Population Research Institute and other international life and family-supportive organizations that consider LifeSiteNews reports necessary for their work.

“I have wanted to see LifeSiteNews in Portuguese for many years, during which time I have translated into Portuguese many LSN articles, never for personal gain, but exclusively to make available to Brazilians important information on family and life issues,” commented Severo.

“Brazil has suffered massive anti-life investments from powerful anti-family foundations in America and Europe, including from the UN. I am very glad that LifeSiteNews accepted the challenge to invest in quality Portuguese pro-life and pro-family news in Brazil.”

Source: LifeSiteNews

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