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Socialism, Islam and Hell

Socialism, Islam and Hell

Liberals and their paranoia

By Julio Severo
The same socialism condemning conservative Christians as “fundamentalists” and “fanatics” protects Islam by calling it a “religion of peace” — while its adherents persistently take away the peace and lives of hundreds of thousands of innocent people yearly.
That protection is largely an effect of the effort of some Western liberal Jews, who managed to establish laws to protect minorities. Those laws are today exploited by homosexual and Islamic activists to protect their own interests and impose on the Western societies the homosexual and Islamic ideology. Christians eventually pay the bill, suffering pressures and oppressions from completely antagonistic groups.
By contrast, Christians are routinely persecuted in Islamic nations. But, incredibly, now Islamic groups demand an international law against “Islamophobia”, because they say that Islam needs protection from people that do not like terror and terrorists produced by the “religion of peace”. Muslims, with the support of socialists, have learnt how to exploit the Western paranoia against intolerance, prejudice and discrimination and they are being able to persecute and oppress Christians and Jews in their own turf.
When it comes to paranoia, the Islamic mind is not much different from the socialist mind.
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the president of Iran that denies the Holocaust and says that he wants do destroy Israel, has an administration that sees no problem in the torture and murder of homosexuals. But Ahmadinejad was never annoyed by the same socialist human right groups that routinely blame Christians for “crimes” against homosexuals. Those Christian “crimes” do not consist in acts of real violence, but exclusively in views that reflect the Bible condemnation of homosexual practices. That is the socialist reality: silence about what Islamic Iran does, and many coward charges against Christians. 

The visit of president of Iran to his friend Lula in Brazil

Speaking about Ahmadinejad, he visited Brazil November 23. He was warmly welcomed by his socialist friend Lula.
Ahmadinejad funds terrorist groups against Israel, because he ignores and rejects God’s covenant with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Lula has friendship with Ahmadinejad because… Why? Choose the reason:
Lula does not care about God’s covenant with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.
Lula does not care about the human rights abuses, torture and murder of Christians in Iran.
Lula does not care about the human rights abuses of Jews in Iran.
Lula does not care about torture and murder of homosexuals in Iran.
Lula does not care about the Iranian sponsorship of Islamic terrorist groups against Israel.
You could present a long list of problems in the Islamic Iranian Dictatorship, but Lula does not care. Socialists act this way: they do not care about God, about moral values, about hell and about their own socialist friends — unless they have significant personal interests involved. There is nothing more important for an ambitious socialist than to promote his own glory.

Socialist Shimon Peres visits Lula

Attempting perhaps to weaken the visit Ahmadinejad to Brazil, Israeli president Shimon Peres visited Brazil before Ahmadinejad, November 10. Yet, Lula does not also care about the fact that Peres has the same “democratic” socialist feelings regarding to abortion and homosexuality.
Nevertheless the ideological, moral, political and ethical affinity with Peres, Lula prefers friendship with Ahmadinejad, whose stances are opposed to the stances of Lula and Peres in the abortion and homosexual issues. Would Lula fail to hug Ahmadinejad only because socialist comrade Peres is not easy with the wish of Ahmadinejad to destroy Israel? For some reason, Lula sees in Ahmadinejad another expedient to promote his own glory.
In turn, Shimon Peres does not care much about the fact that, in his about eight-year administration and having visited several Islamic nations near of Israel, Lula has never had the least willingness to visit Israel. In response to the apparent disregard of Lula toward Israel, Peres said, “He has his agenda and priorities. I am not supposed to lecture him. We consider him a friend. We know one another for a long time. We began in the same socialist path. So I can say that I remember him ‘since his childhood’. He has his own way of priorizing things”.
Liberal mind lives hand in hand with paranoia — whether in Brazil, US and even in Israel. Liberal mind does not care about evil when it sees it. When a homosexual rapes a 6-year-old boy, liberal journalism sees only a generic “rape against a child”, without mentioning specific identifications compromising the gay agenda. When an Islamic terrorist murders innocents, liberal journalism applies the same measure, reporting only “the bomb that murdered several people” or the “terror that murdered several people”, leaving radical Islam completely untouched and protected.
Conversely, any crime against a homosexual is used as an opportunity to launch against Christians a specific and detailed blame for the crime, even though no Christian were involved and criminal circumstances suggested possibility of violence among homosexuals. This is part of the liberal paranoia.

Paranoia of the diversity and tolerance ideology

In nations where socialism controls everything, the enemies of the system are eliminated for any and every reason. See Cuba, North Korea, etc. In nations where the population is under gradual conditioning to embrace socialism, society is firstly led to paranoia. It is sheer paranoia to approve laws condemning Christians for the fictitious crime of “homophobia”, because Christians do not have a tradition of murdering homosexuals. But Obama and Lula act this way.
Homeland Security Department says that a true terrorist can be identified by some special characteristics: he can be an individual opposing abortion and homosexuality. Adherence to Islam cannot be considered as terrorist characteristic, because Muslims are minority and they deserve protection. Therefore, even though all the 9/11 terrorists were Islamic and even though all the terrorists attacking Israel are Islamic, liberal ethics orders the establishment to ignore this fact. Similarly, it orders the press to omit the word “homosexual” or “homosexuality” in all violent crimes where young boys were victims of a homosexual.
Recently, Islamic terrorist Umar Farouk Abdul Mutallab tried to blow away a jet heading to Detroit. American service secret had information on him for at least two years, but they had a hard time to give exclusive attention to him, because the Muslim individual was in a politically-correct, broad security watch list containing more than 500,000 other threats: conservative Christians, abortion and homosexuality opponents, etc. How to sort out from this massive database the real threats without singling out the followers of the religion of peace?
Mutallab could not be halted months earlier because it would be very expensive to probe all of these “threats” together. Besides, he could not be screened by his Islamic name and religion, because — for the overjoyed followers of the religion of peace — profiling is a crime in the US. In their typical ideological paranoia, American liberals do not care if 100% suicide terrorists against the US have consistently been followers of the religion of peace.
In fact, Obama administration cannot profile people with Muslim names — because Obama is one of them. (Can you convincingly prove that some of the acts of Obama put America at risk?) But Obama administration can freely profile abortion and homosexuality opponents — because Obama is not one of them, being a fervent abortion and homosexuality promoter.
Yet, after this recent terrorist attack, Homeland Security Department is likely to launch more aggressive measures against all the other “threats” in its database without profiling any Islamic name and origin! This makes me wonder who will defeat America first, al Qaeda or PC paranoia? I certainly doubt al Qaeda is stronger than PC paranoia.
If the US had embraced PC ban on profiling in the World War 2, American military would be trying until this day to figure out their real enemies from some another PC massive database containing thousands of thousands of fictitious enemies, and World War 2 would be the perpetual, endless World War. PC paranoia is the best way to perpetuate criminals and their crimes.
In World War 2, Americans forgot only to profile communists, and for such negligence they — and the world — paid an excessively high bloody cost for the next decades. Liberal America creates her own nightmares.
The protection of diversity and tolerance toward perversion in Brazil, US and Europe while supporting Iran and other Islamic nations that hate diversity and tolerance is a trademark of the liberal paranoia. Liberals may criticize, condemn and revile God and his followers, but for them diversity and tolerance are sacred — only in Brazil, US and Europe, and never in Iran, Cuba, Saudi Arabia, etc. I know it for experience, because my blog has been targeted by federal prosecutors in Brazil for criticism of homosexuality and Islam. On March 2008, four Islamic journalists in São Paulo filed a complaint requesting federal prosecutors to shut down my blog for prejudice against Islam, because I denounced Islamic terrorists.
Right to free speech to criticize homosexuality and Islam? This is capitalist talk!
In July 2007, in the same time when Google interdicted my blog for some days because of charges and defamations of homosexual activists, I denounced the homosexual website ParouTudo for posting “Amando Garotos: Pedofilia e a Intolerância Contemporânea” (Loving Boys: Pedophilia and the Contemporary Intolerance), an article defending openly pedophilia. (See more information here: http://lastdayswatchman.blogspot.com/2009/12/day-sex-between-men-and-boys-is-no.html) I had requested authorities to investigate and take action, but today, more than two years later, nothing was done. Is diversity and tolerance paranoia a free way for homosexuals to advocate pedophilia?
ParouTudo remains active on the internet, without any problem, but my blog has been under risk of being closed by federal prosecutors.
So if you think that it is paranoid for Lula to hug Ahmadinejad (whose administration hates Christians, Israel and homosexuals), this is socialism. If you think that it is paranoid for Obama to profile conservative Christians opposed to abortion and homosexuality and not to profile terrorists whose common identification is the “religion of peace”, this is socialism. If you think that it is paranoid for Shimon Peres to humble himself before a Lula that wants alliance with Ahmadinejad, this is socialism.
Modern Israel, dominated by socialism, has gay parades and legal abortion. But with all this incredible ideological affinity, Lula prefers Ahmadinejad, who does not allow abortion and homosexuality in the Islamic Iranian dictatorship. For the sake of his own glory, a socialist — whether atheist, Catholic, Islamic or evangelical — could deliver his own mother and homeland to the devil.
Rebel Jews in the old Israel, whose history of apostasy is found in the Old Testament, belittled hell, where they eventually ended. Today, even knowing in lesser or greater measure this account, Lula, Obama e Shimon Peres equally belittle hell and fall down before the same socialism that is selling their nations to the fatal deceitfulness of the homosexual, abortion and Islamic ideology.
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