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Does Julio Severo preach ‘hate’ against homosexuals?

Does Julio Severo preach ‘hate’ against homosexuals? 

Deception and abuse in the slanderous anti-“homophobia” propaganda 

By Julio Severo 
Since my book “O Movimento Homossexual” (The Homosexual Movement) was firstly published by the Brazilian branch of Bethany House Publishers in 1998, Brazilian gay activists have had the ideological consensus that Julio Severo preaches anti-homosexual hate. And that consensus is abundantly spread by them in comments and articles that flood the internet — probably as a way to draw away and protect ordinary homosexuals from a message showing that homosexuality is not normal. What is true and false in their “consensus?” What is true and false in their attitudes toward Julio Severo? 
True: Regularly, Julio Severo receives gay activists' furious messages swearing at him and accusing him of crimes and hate against men that commit homosexual acts. 
False: Regularly, Julio Severo sends messages to gay activists swearing at them. 
True: Some of the hostile messages that Julio Severo receives bring threats. 
False: Julio Severo sends messages to homosexuals threatening them of physical aggression. 
False: Julio Severo is accused of hate because he killed homosexuals. 
True: Julio Severo follows the biblical norm of loving the homosexual sinner and agrees with the biblical and divine condemnation to the homosexual sin. 
False: Homosexuality is a natural behavior without any connection with diseases and boys’ sexual abuse. 

Hate in the Bible? Hate in the Blog Julio Severo?

I and millions of other Christians just repeat and mention the Bible, which explicitly condemns homosexuality, sodomy, sex between a man and other man — whatever one wants to call a man’s behavior putting his penis into another man’s anus. 
Is there incitement to anti-homosexual hate in the Bible? If there was, homosexuals would not have any chance, because there are millions of Christians in Brazil that respect what the Bible says, including on homosexuality. With millions of Christians moved by “hate”, the entire homosexual population would be murdered, and with the total absence of homosexuals in the society we would not have any longer problems of boring “homophobia” accusations and worries about forced pro-homosexuality indoctrination of school-children. Nobody would need any longer to worry about any threat of gay dictatorship.  
Resuming the question: Is there incitement to anti-homosexual hate in the Bible? Is there incitement to violence against homosexuals in the Blog Julio Severo?
Life expectancy of homosexuals is low, but the Bible and Julio Severo cannot be blamed for it. With their unhealthy and harmful lifestyle, they acquire so many diseases that homosexuality itself is a serious risk for their lives. 
There are the cases of some homosexuals that were murdered by skinheads and by neo-Nazis. But those individuals have no interest in what the Bible says. They don’t also like what Julio Severo writes. Many homosexual prostitutes are murdered by thieves (drug-traffickers and thieves), not because of incitement from the Bible or from the Blog Julio Severo, but because they chose places prone to criminality. 
Many gays are murdered — and many more are assaulted — by violent partners, but not because of incitement from the Bible or from the Blog Julio Severo. And, ultimately, a lot of homosexuals die because of a life of excesses, drugs, alcohol and unhealthy and destructive practices. The Bible or Blog Julio Severo cannot be blamed for inciting them to drugs, alcohol and unhealthy and destructive practices. 
Both the Bible and Blog Julio Severo are a source of orientation and information, containing recommendations against drugs, alcoholic beverage and destructive behaviors, including homosexuality. Even so, gay militants insist that both the Bible and Blog Julio Severo incite hatred against homosexuals.

Does Blog Julio Severo “incite” its readers to hate homosexuals? 

Alexander, a reader of Blog Julio Severo that suffers discrimination just for not supporting special laws and 'marriages’ for homosexuals, tells that on the Sunday, March 7, about 11:00 pm, he began to hear curse words coming from the upper apartment. Soon afterwards more curse words and frightening screams came. “You * &% $#@  Come here… You * &% $#@, you deserve this [followed by a scream]… Now you * &% $#@, you will see [followed by another scream]”.  
Alexander says, “At ounce, the threats and screams increased, and it was evident that somebody wanted to flee at all costs from an aggressor. I jumped from the sofa and I went up gingerly the stairway to see what was happening, and when I arrived close it become apparent that it was a violent fight of a homosexual ‘couple’. When I heard the screams again I had no doubts, I knocked on the door. On that moment the voice that screamed desperately screamed still higher: ‘Help!!!! Please, help!!!’ I knocked again on the door, which was locked. When I continued to knock, the door opened up partially: this was the aggressor holding the door and saying that everything was ok, and that I should leave. Through the opening I was able to see the other man’s face. He was shaking and visibly desperate to leave the apartment. Half-naked and with panic-stricken eyes, he screamed: “Please, help me! Help out from here! He is beating me!” 
The aggressor then ordered Alexander away. Immediately, Alex calls the police, and in 5 minutes 3 policemen arrived and for a long time negotiated to enter in the apartment to save a homosexual from another homosexual… 
Then Alexander tells me: “Julio, this was my history at the Sunday night… the history of a ‘homophobic’ that had to save a gay that was victim of aggression from another gay”. 

Only defamations   

However, instead of worrying about the genuine well-being of homosexuals and attacking the real causes of the problem, what gay activists make routinely is to abuse, insult and slander people that don’t agree with their views. They launch systematic defamatory campaigns against their victims, accusing them of having exactly the same hate that is so predominant among them.  
They chose to live a life of lies and defamations, and they are angered at any Christian that reminds them that they need to repent, in order to avoid the place of eternal punishment shown by the Bible as the place of destiny for those that choose to reject salvation and to remain in their sins: hell. 
They are very lucky that Christians in Brazil have not all the hate that they so much preach against us in their defamations, because if we had, Brazil would have no longer any gay activist to complain and suck taxpayers for their gay orgy parades.
Their defamations are so ridiculous they go so far as to accuse Brazil of being champion of murders of homosexuals, as if Iran were a paradise where no homosexual is murdered.

Send Brazilian gay activists to the Islamic paradises in the Middle East

However, if they want to combat genuine hate against them, I make a suggestion: they should send a homosexual delegation to Iran, led by Luiz Mott (the leader of the Brazilian homosexual movement), with the goal of convincing Muslims in Iran not to kill homosexuals. If that delegation doesn’t return to Brazil, I suggest to send another, led by Toni Reis (the president of the largest gay group in Brazil), to Saudi Arabia. If for some “mysterious” reason the second delegation also does not to return to Brazil, I suggest to send a delegation a day, in chartered jets with hundreds of gay activists, to other Muslim countries. 
In the end, Paulo Vanucchi, the Secretary of the Human Rights Office of the Presidency of the Brazilian Republic and responsible for the federal program Brazil Without Homophobia, would let Lula know, “Majesty, Brazil sent so many gays to Iran, Saudi Arabia and other Muslim nations that it is possible now to do big Brazilian gay parades in those countries. The big trouble is that almost no gay was left here to receive the enormous budgets that you, Majesty, allocated to gay groups, which are emptied of their board of directors and members, which accompanied those delegations. What will we do now with so much money remaining? Besides, up to now we have received no phone call or email from Luiz Mott and Toni Reis. Our biggest allies disappeared! Brazil is now facing an unprecedented shortage of gays in all of its history. That is a state of public calamity!” 
It is possible (but not certain) that Lula could call his friend Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in Iran to ask, “Comrade Ahmadinejad, in the past months hundreds of homosexuals delegations left Brazil for Iran, Saudi Arabia and other Muslim nations. So many gays left here that now we run the danger that they have become a species in extinction in Brazil”. 
With a shy and uncomfortable voice, he continues, “Would you be offended or bothered if I asked you a little question? We have still received no news from those delegations, and I just wanted to know if something has happened…” 
Ahmadinejad: “Friend Lula, I will be sincere. Here in Iran there are no homosexuals”.
Lula, who is a notorious hard drinker, would answer under the effect of alcoholic beverage, “Comrade Ahmadinejad — hic! —, if Brazil were not under a crisis of reduced homosexual population — hic! —, we could give some of them to you free of charge!”
Without alcohol, probably Lula’s answer would be, “Thank you, comrade Ahmadinejad. I knew that you were going to be sincere. However it may be, I won’t allow such a small issue to interfere in our friendship or in my friendship with other Muslim presidents. My regards to you”. 
Vanucchi: “What about now, Majesty? How are we going to explain to the Brazilian public that massive ‘disappearance’ of gay activists? Whom will we make accountable for it?” 
Lula: “Didn’t you hear what comrade Ahmadinejad said? There are no homosexuals in Iran. Wretched homophobic Christians in Brazil: they have exploded the airplanes of the gay delegations before they arrived at Iran, Saudi Arabia and other Muslim countries!” 
Lula continues, “We need to move fast, before somebody in the media insinuates that our Islamic allies could have some responsibility in those terrorist actions”. 
Vanucchi: “Majesty, we can create a Truth Commission to investigate all the terrorism that Christians in Brazil have been using against homosexuals for years. For many years they have been saying that men that commit homosexual acts are condemned to hell. That is a most serious terrorism! We can also create anti-terrorism laws and a national list of anti-terrorists alert containing the names of all homophobic Christian leaders in Brazil. That will make possible for us to track, monitor and arrest any one of them at any moment” 
Lula: “Excellent idea, Vanucchi! Just do not forget to put in the list also the fanatics that during all my administration tormented my efforts to legalize abortion”. 
Portuguese version of this article: Julio Severo prega “ódio” aos homossexuais?

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