Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Bestselling Hitler book promoted in Pravda

Bestselling Hitler book promoted in Pravda

Evangelist's new project hits Portuguese-language version of Russian publication

A New Zealand-born evangelist now based in America has written a book about a German dictator and God, so where is it most likely to be promoted?
Russia’s Pravda, the Portuguese version, of course.
That’s what has happened with the new bestseller “Hitler, God & the Bible,” by evangelist and author Ray Comfort.
The article – “Como Hitler torceu a Biblia para matar judeus!” – appeared today in the online version of the Russian paper. It’s a translation of an earlier WND column by Jim Fletcher, the director of the evangelical group Prophecy Matters.
Fletcher’s review, which explains how the “monster” came to be, said the book already is on pace to become his “Book of the Year.”
He recounted how the unknown Hitler burst on the scene in Germany in the wake of World War I, when Germans “pushed carts of paper money … in hopes of finding a stale loaf of bread.”
Hitler promised change and hope, and Fletcher described how, “raised by a domineering and prideful father, Alois (until the old man’s fatal heart attack when Adolf was 13), and by a doting mother, Hitler developed large doses of sense of self and ego.”
In his book, Comfort writes: “When he didn’t get his way – or if others proposed that they had better solutions – Adolf would immaturely shout over his own ignorance and feel a great deal of self-pity.”
Fletcher noted that in the “run-up to World War II, Germany was infested by the so-called German Christian movement, which tried to ‘Nazify’ Christianity by, among other things, suppressing the teaching of the Old Testament. Interestingly, Hitler and his top deputies, along with the majority of the officers and troops themselves, were life-long Catholics or Lutherans.”
He said Comfort “uncovers some super-weird evidence that the stage was set for Hitler to pervert Christianity in Germany, and his own origins in this endeavor came from being influenced by the American automaker, Henry Ford, and the composer, Richard Wagner, among others. Wagner in particular was infected with the virus of anti-Semitism, actually going so far as to claim that Jesus was born a German! (No wonder Yasser Arab claimed Jesus was a Palestinian.)
Fletcher also pointed out that the book explains that Hitler was a disciple of Charles Darwin, fully embracing his principle of “survival of the fittest.”
The article was translated by the multilingual Julio Severo, a Christian activist known for his defense of biblical standards in Brazil.
Source: WND, via Julio Severo in English:

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