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Lewd behavior is no surprise in a culture of unrestraint

Lewd behavior is no surprise in a culture of unrestraint

US Secret Service and its dirty secrets

By Julio Severo
Colombia, the South American Thailand according to the US media, threw the presidential trip of Barack Obama in a scandal when some his secret agents engaged in prostitution.
The Colombia scandal erupted the morning of April 12, when a fight over payment between a prostitute and a Secret Service officer spilled into the hotel, local police and media.
The secret of the secret agents was exposed for lack of payment to a prostitute!
Several Secret Service officers have been forced out.
Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano assured skeptical lawmakers that what happened in Colombia was an “isolated” incident.
But an investigation is being made to check whether secret agents hired strippers and prostitutes in advance of President Obama’s visit last year to El Salvador.
This week, The Washington Post reported that Secret Service senior managers had tolerated similar behavior during previous official trips. The Post described a visit to Buenos Aires in 2009 by former President Bill Clinton, whose protective detail it said included agents and uniformed officers. During that trip, the Post said, members of the detail went out for a late night of partying at strip clubs.
In Brazil, Mariners serving the US Embassy attacked prostitutes and ran over a young prostitute last year. They were demoted as punishment.
Lewd behavior should be no surprise for a nation where Hollywood, the biggest propaganda machine in the world, reigns supreme in its movies shamelessly promoting prostitution in the name of “free love”. Hollywood teaches the world to have a good time with any girl. Any wonder about the “good times” of JFK, or Bill Clinton, or FDR?
Just try to talk about sexual restraint to a JFK or Bill Clinton!
In a recent book, Mimi Alford tells that her virginity was taken when she was a 19-year-old intern in the White House. The seducer was President John F. Kennedy. By some reason, the Secret Service was unable or unwilling to protect the teen intern from a serial adulterer, but successfully kept his lewd behavior a secret. Other lewd behaviors of Kennedy and other US presidents were also protected by the Secret Service. At least one of Kennedy’s mistresses, Mary Pinchot Meyer, was allegedly murdered by the CIA.
Mimi Alford was lucky to be left alive.
Having watched and loved Hollywood and known the sexual freedoms of their bosses, why could not Secret Service agents use some of this freedom too?
The Colombian prostitutes were lucky that they did not end as Mary Pinchot Meyer. But there is no doubt that the Secret Service would have had no problem in the South American Thailand if one of its agents had not fought over payment to a prostitute, turning their prostitution into a scandal that exposed a dirty secret.
But why so much fuss? The Secret Service has protected the immoral proclivities of US presidents, even by allegedly killing some of their mistresses, in a culture where Hollywood has imposed its debaucheries internationally as a norm.
Ted Kennedy, a late US senator and brother of JFK, rented an entire brothel for a night during a trip to Chile in 1961.  At the time, he had been married to his first wife, Joan, for three years. Had he and his brother some respect for marriage vows or morality?
Why should the Secret Service do differently?
Prostitution and sex without commitment are a blatant legacy of sexual unrestraint.
When a nation and its government advocate for unrestraint, they cannot expect a clean behavior from their representatives.
By rejecting her Christian and moral foundations, America cannot expect from her leaders a sexual restraint she is incapable of defending in her society.
With information from AP, Daily Mail, Rock Center and Estadão.

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