Monday, June 25, 2012

The government is the problem

The government is the problem

By Julio Severo
Thirty years ago, President Ronald Reagan said in his memorable first inaugural address, “The government is the problem”. (Watch it here: Not that the government in his time was doing what it is doing today, by promoting sodomy, abortion and even Islam.

Government was already the problem because it did not cease to intrude and to mutilate the natural rights and freedoms of people. Government, which has the responsibility to control criminality, was busy controlling the non-criminal affairs of people.
This Problem was so big that Reagan, as a president, was unable to eliminate it completely. He was determined to strike down the shameful Supreme Court ruling “Roe v. Wade,” which has caused the murder of millions of American unborn citizens, but the powerful machinery of the Problem made impossible for him to take this disgrace away from America. The Problem was too powerful to him.
He was able to say that the government is the problem because he was at the head of the Problem, and he saw its power and wickedness, which were growing bigger and bigger.
Today, the Problem is focused on the worldwide promotion of problems, including sodomy and abortion, with the help of other Problems — governments that willingly or not accept the immoral trends in the American culture and policies.
It is now a Global Problem. Unstoppable. Arrogant. Immoral. Murderous. Unmerciful.
Many would point their fingers and say that the problem is its current president. But he is just a problematic president of the Global Problem.
The Problem has grown so big that it is now able to continue its progress even without its problematic presidents, although they have been very helpful to advance its wicked march.
Problematic presidents are at ease with the Problem. So are their admirers.
Gay supremacists, guests of the current problematic president, made obscene gestures at the portrait of President Reagan during a recent gay-pride reception at the White House.
Gay supremacist making obscene gestures at the portrait of President Reagan at the White House
They are at ease with their problem at the House of the Problem. But they are not at ease at the presence of the image of a man that, even unable to tame the Problem, was able to pinpoint its nature and wickedness.
His mere image is a trouble for problematic people.
With more Reagans, the Problem would be in big trouble!
Portuguese version of this article: O governo é o problema
Spanish version of this article: El gobierno es el problema
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