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Philadelphia ‘Gay Pride’ Parade and Festival Attended by Many Children Feature Lewd Acts, Porn Booth, Sadomasochists

Philadelphia ‘Gay Pride’ Parade and Festival Attended by Many Children Feature Lewd Acts, Porn Booth, Sadomasochists

WARNING: Offensive Images Inappropriate for Children

By Peter LaBarbera, AFTAH Exclusive
The following are some photos taken at Philadelphia’s homosexual (“Gay”) Pride Parade and “PrideDay” festival Sunday, June 10, 2012, by this reporter for Americans For Truth About Homosexuality (AFTAH). The Philly parade and the festival at Penn’s Landing that followed it were small compared to much larger homosexual “pride” parades and festivals in cities like Chicago and San Francisco — but both events were attended by many young children. I witnessed dozens of children from the very young to teenagers marching in the parade and there were also many observing it from the side streets.
Out-and-pround gender confusion on display for the kiddos. Drag queen marches in "Philly Pride" parade. Click on all photos to view enlarged.
Perhaps even some of AFTAH’s homosexual critics would admit that the scenes depicted below are not appropriate for children. Yet more than ever, in major cities across the country, children are a common sight at ”gay pride” parades and festivals – as “proud” homosexual parents bring their children to these libidinous celebrations of sexual sin and gender confusion. [Permission is granted to use any photo provided that credit is given to "Americans For Truth About Homosexuality;" Direct questions to:]
We have blocked the eyes of all the young children shown in our photos; click on photos to view in enlarged format:
Sadomasochist man in a gown of sorts marches along 7th Street in Philadelphia carrying "Leather Pride" black-and-blue flag. The man to his left is carrying a "Bear Pride" flag. "Bear" is slang for heavier, hairy homosexual men.
Would you even consider taking YOUR children to a parade where behavior like this occurs — and worse, letting them march in it? These go-go boys were grinding against each other on the top of a float:
Go-go boys grind to the music on a float in the Philly homosexual "Pride" parade. Young children both participated in the same parade and watched it from the side streets.
I don’t know the significance of the wings, but near-naked, gyrating go-go boys are a fixture at most big-city homossexual ”pride” “parades:
This trolley car containing young children was sponsored by Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (the banner reads, “Office of Diversity and Inclusion”). One wonders why Children’s Hospital officials and the adults riding in this trolley car would sanction children participating in a parade and festival loaded with sexual excess, and which promoted homosexual pornography, gender confusion and perverse events like a “Fetish Ball”:
This trolley float was sponsored by Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. Children's eyes are blocked out.
This large banner cartoon drawing of a naked man wearing a condom was visible from afar at the Penn’s Landing ‘Pride” festival. The booth where it was situated was in one of the best locations at the PrideDay festival – with the Delaware River as its backdrop. There was NO warning at this booth that it was off-limits to children, but even if there had been, young children would still see this inappropriate display:
Large banner with cartoon drawing of naked man wearing a condom at "PrideDay" festival at Penn's Landing. This is sort of a pervert's version of pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey. Below the man are various cartoon drawings of penises with various comical themes that could be pinned onto his groin.
It is no surprise that homosexual-led families — who regularly and by definition expose innocent children to aberrant lifestyles – would be more willing than typical parents to expose kids to the sexual excesses surrounding the LBGT movement:
Young girls play in a shallow pool in the middle of the Penn's Landing "PrideDay" festival. We have blocked out the face of the girl facing the camera.
Here is another booth at the Penn’s Landing festival that was X-rated and hardly appropriate to be in the vicinity of children. TLA sells raunchy homosexual porn videos in addition to more “mainstream” homosexual-oriented videos:
PORN BOOTH - A banner at the booth for TLA, a distributor of homosexual pornographic videos, offers a "Gay Adult DVD" in its "TLAgaypack" goodie bag for PrideDay attendees.
This woman’s tee-shirt aptly sums up the perversion of lesbianism. But again, children should not be confronted with such raunchy messages; and how exactly would their parents explain this message to them?
Proud lesbian's tee-shirt: "I Enjoy Vagina": a perverse twist on the Coke logo: "Enjoy Coca-Cola."
The Home Depot was among several major corporations sponsoring “Philly Pride”– although the company did not have a visible presence in the pride parade itself. Other corporations with booths at the homosexual pride festival included: Aetna; Costco; State Farm; New York Life; 5-Hour Energy; Walgreen’s; Harrah’s Chester Casino & Racetrack; Miller Beer; and Wells Fargo:
Homosexual "pride" logo for The Home Depot (THD): the mega-home-improvement store was among the sponsors of "Philly Pride," and had a booth at Penn's Landing. American Family Association has called for a boycott of Home Depot due to its sponsorship of homosexual "pride" events like this.
The Barack Obama campaign had a strong presence at both the “Philly Pride” parade and the PrideDay festival. The campaign of presumptive Republican nominee Mitt Romney did not participate:
Pro-Obama parade marcher holds sign for the most pro-homosexuality president in American history.
I saw no full nudity at “Philly Pride,” unlike several other “gay pride” parades I have witnessed. But this man riding atop a truck for Safeguards, a Philadelphia-based “LGBT [Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender] Health Resource Center,” was wearing only a loincloth. Just as they have redefined other historic conventions, religious systems and institutions to accommodate their “gay” ideology, homosexual activists and “LGBT parents” are creating their own reality for what supposedly constitutes a “child-friendly” atmosphere. Tragically, it is neither healthy nor wholesome for the innocent kids who have no choice but to attend these debased events with their parents.
This fellow who was singing atop a truck was wearing only a loincloth.
The “Religious Left” — which fully embraces sexual perversion and gender confusion as “civil rights” — was well represented at “Philly Pride.” Thankfully, contrary to the unbiblical message of the placard below, many men and women have become “EX-’gay’ by God,” through the race, love and mercy of Jesus Christ. More photos will follow in another posting on the Philly Pride Parade.
These three signs held up by a religious contingent at "Philly Pride" say a great deal about the messaging and reality of the proud homosexual movement. "Bullying" is the current rallying cry cynically used by LGBT activists to advance pro-homosexual programs in schools and pro-"gay" laws nationwide. HIV/AIDS is a byproduct of the unnatural behaviors celebrated implicitly by "gay pride." And "Gay by God" represents the campaign to re-define even Christianity itself to normalize conduct that is clearly condemned as sin in the Bible.
Source: Americans for Truth about Homosexuality, via Julio Severo in English:

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