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20 Resolutions for Pro-Family Advocates Battling the ‘Gay’ and Transgender Agenda in 2013

20 Resolutions for Pro-Family Advocates Battling the ‘Gay’ and Transgender Agenda in 2013

It’s time to get beyond defensive, naive and just plain bad thinking in the face of aggressive and deceitful homosexual activism…

Peter LaBarbera
Today we begin a 20-part AFTAH series offering resolutions for “Culture Warriors” and everyday Americans who oppose the highly organized and well-funded LGBT agenda. For you novices out there, ‘LGBT’ stands for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender – the modern sin movement built around the affirmation of deviant (homosexual) sex and gender confusion.
Each day, AFTAH will publish an essay explicating a “resolution” that addresses a bad intellectual habit or “gay” talking point that many well-intended Americans have fallen for — e.g., indulging in the false guilt that is aggressively cultivated by our adversaries. We will expose the lies, leftist tactics and erroneous thinking that are at the root of people’s ideological and spiritual compromise in the face of ardent “gay” activism.
What follows is a rough list of our resolutions for the New Year. There will be some overlap, but each entry stands alone as an answer to erroneous thinking that buys into homosexual activist canards. Please pass them on to your friends, family members, and co-workers; they are intended for anyone who is worn down by society’s ubiquitous “gay”-affirming propaganda. Let’s face it: we all are affected by media manipulation on the homosexual issue and need to get back to confidently defending what’s right.
Editor’s Note regarding AFTAH’s Christian rhetoric: Americans For Truth is an openly Christian organization, perhaps more so than most pro-family groups. So we do use Scripture and even mention Jesus Christ in our work. However, the moral and practical principles we espouse are generally universal and have wide appeal — even for the agnostic who is moral-minded and recognizes that homosexuality is unnatural and should not be encouraged by governmental and cultural elites. AFTAH is supported by people of all religions and no religion, and we welcome anybody who agrees with our mission of returning to wholesome sexuality in (real, man-woman) marriage.
I hope you benefit from AFTAH’s resolutions. This list can be expanded upon, so we invite you to send us your own ideas; send your e-mail to: May the Lord help you to speak out boldly for the Truth — in genuine, God-fearing love — in 2013! – Peter LaBarbera,

20 Resolutions for Pro-Family Advocates Battling the Homosexual-Transgender Agenda in 2013

1) Get OFF the defense, and back on offense – (get rid of that false guilt and incapacitating ambivalence; YOU are defending Truth; homosexual activists are promoting immorality, self-deception and lies).
2) Follow God and not man (shore up your biblical beliefs) – do you fear God or the reaction of people?
3) “Question Authority”: Don’t trust elites – even “conservatives” — on the homosexual issue (e.g., Newt Gingrich’s recent capitulation urging a GOP accommodation on “marriage equality”). [See Numbers 9 and 12.]
4) Get back to the BEHAVIOR and its consequences (try Googling “MSM [men who have sex with men], CDC [the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention], HIV” or “MSM, CDC, Syphilis”…)
5) Get off the opponents’ playing field: it starts with restoring honest language in the debate. (e.g, counterfeit homosexual “marriage” is not equal to the real deal, so the “gay” term “Marriage Equality” is spurious).
6) Recognize, dismiss and counter homosexual activists’ lies and propaganda (e.g, defending morality is neither “hate” nor bigotry).
7) Understand that this debate is really about homosexuality, not just “defending marriage.”
8) [Corollary] Stay principled; take the pledge: I will NEVER say or do anything that affirms homosexual, bisexual or gender-confused (“transgender”) behavior as acceptable.
9) Don’t rely on the Republicans or put their agenda before God’s – but instead push them to LEAD and do what’s right (and you moral Democrats need to fight evil within your party). [See #3.]
10) Embrace and rally behind common sense; send political correctness packing (e.g., do transsexual men with fake breasts and real penises really belong in girls’ locker rooms?).
11) STOP assuming “gay” victories are inevitable and not reversible (and don’t succumb to the media’s intense pro-homosexual bias).
12) [Related to #3] Think for yourself and don’t rely on FOX News to defend the Truth on homosexuality (e.g., did you know that Bill O’Reilly has pretty much switched sides?).
13) Call out the liberal media and educational establishment on their routine pro-homosexual and anti-Christian bias.
14) Educate a libertarian – on the clear and present threat that all pro-LGBT laws (including legalized homosexual “marriage”) pose to civil liberties and religious freedom.
15) Educate a pro-lifer about the threat of the far-reaching homosexual-bisexual-transgender agenda (many pro-lifers are naive or ignorant about the homosexual agenda and its many parallels to their core concern).
16) Be a thoughtful, truly compassionate Christian (tough, godly love and friendship require that you uphold biblical sexual values and firmly guide your loved one away from embracing sinful, destructive — and changeable — behaviors).
17) Be a Happy Warrior and understand the big picture: defending Truth is VIRTUOUS, and besides: it’s not our truth, it’s God’s (and don’t play into our opponent’s stereotype of Christians as self-righteous, angry prudes).
18) Don’t be lazy: THINK!…then act (refuting “gay” myths, shibboleths and talking points is not rocket science).
19) Patiently engage a young person on the “H” issue: are they entitled to reinvent centuries of Judeo-Christian tradition and teaching on love, relationships, family, and marriage? (Answer: no, but we first need to understand the cultural zeitgeist through which they view the world — and the steady stream of LGBT misinformation they are imbibing — before we can respond to it).
20) Reserve your greatest outrage for those who affirm homosexuality in the name of God – i.e., religious “gay” advocates (“gay Christianity” is a sham and they must be held to a higher standard).

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