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Socialism and High Taxes: Did Russia Learn Its Lesson?

Socialism and High Taxes: Did Russia Learn Its Lesson?

By Julio Severo
Russian President Vladimir Putin giving a Russian passport to French actor Gerard Depardieu made international headlines this week.
Gerard Depardieu and Russian president
The actor is abandoning France because socialist president François Hollande plans to increase his taxes from 41 percent to 75 percent.
In Russia, there is a flat tax of only 13 percent, an unimaginably low levy for a nation that formerly was a communist power that used its citizens as mere slaves, without rights and freedom.
An American lawyer recently told me that the Russian tax rate is much lower than the American one, which ranges up to 39.5 percent.
According to him, the Russians’ problem involves corruption and transparency issues. Nevertheless, he pointed out that while Russia is experiencing gradual improvements, the situation in America is deteriorating visibly.
The supposed absence of corruption in the American government is based on the premise that, for example, if the White House decides to invest billions in the worldwide promotion and imposition of abortion and homosexuality, nobody will divert the money for other purposes. And the American government has really been making those colossal investments, in spite of the economic crisis that is devastating the former land of the brave and free, and formerly — with emphasis on formerly — the country of low taxes.
Even as she loses her economic power, America seems determined to use her policies of high taxation to invest the last cent of her citizens’ blood in the international promotion of abortion and homosexual tyranny, as shown in this video:
Russia has been taking the opposite course. Today, the nation defends moral and family values more than any other at the UN. In her domestic policies, Russian society is almost entirely opposed to the homosexual propaganda, a Western-imported product affecting every aspect of life in Brazil.
In spite of the corruption in Russia, there is a strong irony in the French actor’s case. Thirty years ago, people fled from Russia to escape communist control over their lives, families and work. Some took refuge in France and many chose America.
However, everything has changed. Today, France, America and even Brazil adore socialism, high taxes, abortion and sodomy, while Russia, with all her imperfections, is moving away from these evils.
With the current extravagantly high taxes in America and France, and with the American obsession to homosexualize the world, there is little hope for a positive change. But Russia, with her low taxes and her defense of family values, offers indications of hope.
Reviewed by Don Hank.
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Anonymous said...

A very important thing that most all people do not even realize is that taxation of itself destroys a society from the root, which is the health of man's mind, time and liberty.

When one is taxed, one is constantly tormented in the mind, especially now if someone is not able to yet move and is still living in a country funding murder of babies, and all sorts of other crimes.

Secondly even if someone is not living in one of those types of countries, one still has to learn endless laws and follow news of new laws on a constant basis. Being forced to nitpick and record and memo and crossreference, etc, etc. etc. almost everything you do and pay for, your family does and pays for, and if you have a business, almost every single thing your entire business does or pays for. That is a constant torment in the human mind that does not bring good health.

When one does not have good health of the mind, one does not have (earthly) hope, and when one does not have hope one has indifference which is the thief of creativity and production which is the basis for fulfilling the commandment "replenish the earth, and subdue it: and have dominion"

taxation is like a door for Satan to gain more power in the lives of men.

Secondly it takes up the time of man for absolutely nothing except for the thinking, fulfilling, examining of how to fulfill his taxation problems. This takes an absurd amount of man hours per year for every single person who works, and even those who don't work. Imagine for a minute how many man hours per year are used thinking, being tormented, checking, learning, etc. everything related to taxation, and how much more productive the entire society could be if it were free to use that time and thought for creative and productive purposes, which in the end I am pursuaded would create much more output for that society then all the taxation system leeches in total. All the government useless jobs, all the legal system's court cases involving taxes, all the time and money and wasted thought of every man, woman and business would be regained and put to better use for people.

This would of course bring better mental health which would bring about more hope which would bring about more friendliness between people and and interest in people to give more of their free will to others when needed.

I could go on and on about examples of why taxation serves no good purpose except to destroy the lives and production of all men and women, especially evil funding taxation in various countries.

It is to the betterment of one's own health and the better future of mankind to move to better countries regarding taxation and of course laws supporting Christian morality or at least not making it illegal to hold and live by such morality as is the case now in the USA, Canada, parts of Europe and Asia now.

Anonymous said...

Even Tina Turner I just read is about to renouce her US citizenship and become a swiss citizen. If even people like Tina Turner know that its time to get out people should take note and do the same for themselves and their family. I just read the US government under obama has made the estate tax 55% if you have your entire estate going anywhere over 1 million. With many houses now in large cities worth over 1 million it is very easy to work all your life and loose 55% of it ALL to Obama to fund his genocide upon the preborn and enforced fecal sex agendas upon families, business and children.

I say get out while you still can and fight from a more safe location that is more worthy of you then cursed western nations.