Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Russian Media Trash Pro-Family Conference Held At The Kremlin

Russian Media Trash Pro-Family Conference Held At The Kremlin

In all, about 1,000 delegates made the trip to Moscow to take part in the event.

B. Christopher Agee
While critics seemingly have an inexhaustible list of grievances against the nation, plenty of social conservatives are able to celebrate certain aspects of the Russian experience. This fact was evident during a recent conference held inside the Moscow Kremlin earlier this month.
As writer Julio Severo explained, the Sept. 10 forum featured speakers from around the world who agreed that sexual immorality has deeply damaged the family structure. Known as the Large Family and Future of Humanity Forum, 45 nations were represented – including Severo himself, who represented Brazil.
In all, about 1,000 delegates made the trip to Moscow to take part in the event.
The conference focused on several key issues such as abortion, same-sex marriage, and gay pride events, which participants felt have compromised traditional values in regions where such philosophies are prominent. Severo, however, noted that the host country is one place where a pro-family philosophy is still alive and well.
He wrote that “Russia represents hope for conservative fighters in a world increasingly corrupted by the Western debauchery of free sex, abortion imposition, comprehensive immoral sex education, population control [and] homosexual indoctrination via media and schools,” a view he said was shared by those who participated in last week’s forum.
According to Severo’s account, Russian President Vladimir Putin welcomed visitors to the conference with a personal message bemoaning the “erosion of moral values” across much of the globe.
Organizers of the event insisted their goals were only to protect “the natural family” and promoting advocacy “aimed at ensuring the integrity of human life from the moment of conception to natural death”; however, media within Russia and beyond have predictably labeled participants as bigots and hatemongers.
Traditional news outlets including the Moscow Times, for example, lambasted the event and its speakers – particularly Russian Parliamentarian Yelena Mizulina. During the forum, the conservative politician noted the exceptional openness her country has toward such events.
“I am sure that in contemporary Europe it would not be possible to hold a forum like this,” she said. “Even if they are held there, they are not hosted at the Kremlin, like in Russia, but somewhere on the outskirts.”
Plenty of other biased media properties, including Gay Star News, offered their own criticism of the event. The World Congress of Families, a group reportedly involved in putting the forum together, was recently targeted by Australians fighting to cancel a summit planned to take place in Melbourne.
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