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Jewish Issues: A Clarification to Christians about Their Perception on the Jews

Jewish Issues: A Clarification to Christians about Their Perception on the Jews

Beheadings, Crucifixions, the Inquisition, the Crusades, Pogroms, Spits and Socialism

By Julio Severo
Sometimes, I receive accusations from Christians, who say that I emphasize Muslim persecution against Christians in the Middle East, but I never mention how the Jews also persecute Christians.
Actually, I have never published a single article on Jews in Israel beheading and crucifying Christians. On the other hand, I have already published many articles on Muslims committing such atrocities.
The reason for it is not omission or some attempt to hide alleged beheadings and crucifixions the Jews would be committing against Christians.
The reason is simple: these atrocities against Christians are never perpetrated by Jews — unless you want to compare a spittle with beheadings and crucifixions.
Yes, Orthodox Jews — a minority in Israel that really practices Judaism — despise Christians, and they show this contempt by spitting. It is a nasty act, but very far away from beheadings and crucifixions.
The Israeli society is not dominated by Orthodox Jews. Besides, as usual in the Christendom, Judaism has several currents: liberal, moderate, Orthodox, ultra-Orthodox. Even so, there are no beheaders and crucifiers among them. There are spitters…
What is the motivation of spits and contempt? Many of them are resentful of the Inquisition and the Crusades, which savaged many Jews. But they do not distinguish between Christians. They think that every Christian is responsible for the Inquisition and for the Crusades, when in reality only the Catholic Church began and finished these things.
In their minds, the acts of the Catholic Church against the Jews are acts of all Christian churches. It is a mistaken perception. Even with this mistaken perception, they do not behead or crucify Christians in retribution for the Inquisition and the Crusades.
Yet, not only Jews have a mistaken perception. Christians who love Israel sometimes exaggerate their love by worshipping everything done in Israel. In a worship service in a large church in Brasília, Brazil, I heard a minister preaching about the alleged wonders of kibutzes — collective farms where everybody eat in a communal refectory and children are brought up in communal daycares. Kibutzes have no origin in the Bible. Its origin is socialist European Jews who settled in Israel in the early 1900s.
Yes, there is socialism in Israel. The only nation in the Middle East having legal abortion and gay parades is Israel.
The Israeli military draft is compulsory for men and women. While in the U.S. conservatives had been fighting for years to hinder their military from drafting women for combats, Israel has followed this socialist model for years.
The Israeli love for socialism is also despised by the Orthodox Jews. In fact, this Israeli love for socialism has often been used by their enemies to paint the Jews as wicked.
In Brazil, the Jews, except the Orthodox ones, are traditional supporters of the Left, including the ruling socialist Workers’ Party. In the United States, the overwhelming majority of the Jews support Obama’s party — a party that has been in the opposite direction of the interests of Israel and the real Christians.
How explain Jews’ love for socialism? Because Karl Marx was a Jew?
One of the explanations may be in the czarist Russia. In the late 1800s and early 1900s, the czar sanctioned laws against the Jews, and it produced the infamous pogroms — violent attacks against the Jews and their properties.
Those attacks were supported by leaders connected to the Orthodox Church, which was not acting in a way different from the Inquisition and the Crusades of her sister, the Catholic Church.
Facing the extreme persecution from the czarist government, the Russian Jews had only two options: 1. To flee for the U.S. (which was the largest Protestant nation in the world). To flee for an Europe under Catholic influence was not in their considerations. 2. To resist and fight.
For those not fleeing for the U.S., the chosen resistance was to support Marxist movements, which gave rise to the Soviet Union. Jews’ enemies use this episode to try to portray the Jews as the creators of this evil empire, but this was not the case. By an issue of sheer survival and to end pogroms, Russian Jews gave their support to the communist revolution and the creation of the Soviet Union.
If it were possible for them, they would also have supported some way of resistance to escape the Inquisition and the Crusades.
Pogroms were a so terrifying persecution that Russian Jews did whatever was possible to put an end to the czarist empire, even getting help from American bankers to fund the birth of the Soviet Union. But the Jewish solution, though having begun intended to save lives, eventually proved to be worse than the original problem. It produced a bigger problem.
A similar phenomenon happened in Germany in the early 1930s. With communism threatening to win elections, even Lutheran ministers instructed their flocks to vote for Adolf Hitler as the only ‘salvation’ against communism. However, the solution eventually proved to be worse than the problem, especially for Jews, who suffered the Holocaust. Despair pushes peoples to deadly ‘solutions.’
Truly, in the Soviet Union the Jews were able to reach high posts in the government and in the military — something mostly impossible in the Orthodox Russia or the Catholic Europe. But the cost was very high.
Jews’ enemies enjoy emphasizing the Jewish participation in the birth of the Soviet Union, but they conveniently cover the slaughters Jews underwent in the Orthodox Russia. Those enemies are able to praise the Inquisition and the Crusades without mentioning the suffering and the slaughters the Jews endured.
Jews’ traditional love for socialism is based in these historical factors and in their fight to back movements to deliver them from intense persecutions of political regimes connected to the Orthodox Church and the Catholic Church.
Orthodox Jews have their historical reasons to spit on Christians. But they do not perceive that their issues are only with Catholics and Orthodoxies.
Because of these historical issues, Israel is today the only State in the Middle East where socialism and capitalism are perfectly married.
Those who hate Jews because of socialism should not ignore that they supported this system because of despair and to survive from atrocious persecutions by ‘Christians’ who loved more the Inquisition, the Crusades and pogroms than they loved Jesus Christ.
Those who love Jews should not support kibutzes or the love of many of them for socialism.
Someday the Jews are going to discover that the only salvation from the Inquisition, the Crusades, pogroms, anti-Semitism and Islamic hatred is the greatest Jew in the history — Jesus Christ.
Different from the socialist ‘salvation,’ Jesus’ salvation has no widespread deadly side effects.
Those who know the salvation of this Jew should pray so that Jews around the world may be delivered from their illusions regarding a socialist ‘salvation’ and socialist ‘messiahs.’
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