Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Muhammad tops as the most popular baby boy name in Britain

Muhammad tops as the most popular baby boy name in Britain

From Muslim cradle to British grave

By Julio Severo
There is a surge in Islamic names in the U.K. in 2014, according to the Daily Mail.
Mosque in Britain
The champion is Muhammad, which is now the most popular male baby name in Britain.
Predictably, Muslims will outnumber the ethnic British people in a few decades, and U.K. will be officially Islamic.
Today, many “English” Muslims, who are not ethnic British, are joining Islamic terrorist groups in the Middle East. Usually, they were born to immigrant parents.
In the past, U.K. sent Christian missionaries to Muslim lands. Now, U.K. sends Muslims to kill Christians in Syria and Iraq. This is a foretaste of what ethnic British will experience from their fake ‘compatriots’ in the next years.
From a Christian hotbed U.K. is becoming an Islamic hotbed.
Why is this happening? The British people do not like babies and large families. When U.K. was Christian, they knew that God likes babies and large families and that the natural law fosters them.
Now Britain loves the contraceptive culture, with its bonus of death culture. But the natural law has no respect for both destructive cultures.
U.K. has no respect for their Christian heritage or the natural law.
Any culture that maintains marriage, family and babies will survive. Any culture that despises them will die away. So it just natural that the British culture is giving place to the Islamic culture.
A bigger and bigger Muslim cradle spells a bigger and bigger British grave.
Britain has lost in the cradle, and soon Muslims will give them a cultural, religious and ethnic grave.
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