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Why I Support Cruz over Trump, But Why Trump Would Be Better on Foreign Policy

Why I Support Cruz over Trump, But Why Trump Would Be Better on Foreign Policy

By Julio Severo
I support Ted Cruz over Donald Trump as a Republican presidential candidate, even though Trump seems to be more correct regarding to Islam and its threat. About pro-life issues, Trump is suspicious. Cruz is not suspicious about these issues. I think he will not betray pro-life convictions. Yet, my worry about him is the same worry about Bush Jr. He is suspicious in this issue.
Ted Cruz and Donald Trump
I heartedly supported Bush on his pro-life stances. I will do the same thing for Cruz. My worry is foreign policy, especially Christian persecution by Islamic oppression. Bush invaded Iraq allegedly because of 9/11. Before the invasion, there were over 2 million Christians in Iraq. Today, they are less than 400,000 and their numbers are dwindling.
After the U.S. invasion by Bush, Iraq Christians began their exodus to Syria, because U.S. troops did not want to protect this vulnerable minority not to give the impression to Muslims that America was in a Christian crusade in Iraq to protect Christians and attack Muslims. To dispel this image, America under Bush did not protect Iraqi Christians.
And now, under Obama, America is heavily arming “moderate” Syrian Muslim rebels who rape, torture and slaughter Syrian Christians. America under Obama has caused a terrible mess to Syrian Christians and Iraq Christian refugees in Syria.
Cannot America solve her own mess against innocent people?
If America under Bush did not arm Iraqi Christians against Muslim attacks, now America under Obama is not arming Syrian Christians to defend themselves against ISIS and U.S.-armed “moderate” Syrian Muslim rebels.
What will Cruz do? I am sure that in pro-family issues he will not imitate Obama. If he imitates Bush in his pro-life stances, this is very good. But will he also imitate Bush in his disastrous politics benefitting Islam and destroying old Christian communities in the Middle East? In this issue, Bush and Obama are not different.
In this respect (about foreign affairs and Christian persecution), I would not like to see Cruz as a new Bush or Obama. If he intends to continue the mess of Bush and Obama against Christians around the world, he should not be elected.
In this respect, I prefer Trump. He is independent and free to do whatever he wants. He cannot be bribed with millions, because he is a billionaire. He has offended neocons, whom Bush obeyed and whom Obama obeys in their foreign policy disasters against Christians. It seems he will not continue the mess of Bush and Obama against Christians around the world. He has promised good relations with Russia, in contrast with Cruz, who wants neocon relations with Russia. Even so, I am worried about his lack of pro-family credentials.
Trump has advocated a ban on Islamic immigration to the U.S. and he favors Christian immigration. His proposed ban has infuriated Democrats and Republicans, left-wingers and right-wingers. In this point, he has shown that he has more courage than all the other candidates combined do. Cruz has not shown this courage.
America’s founders were fond of evangelical values. Cruz, not Trump, seems to have these qualities. Even so, Trump seems much more open to let the U.S. welcome Christian refugees and discontinue the ridiculous Obama and Bush politics of praising Islam and welcoming its adherents. One Christian is slaughtered every five minutes, and the overwhelming majority of these crimes against Christians are committed by Muslims. Why since Bush and Obama has the U.S. received thousands and thousands of Muslims, not Christians? America needs a president to deliver her from this insanity. Probably in this issue Cruz has much to learn from Trump.
U.S. foreign policy, which has been a disaster to international Christians under the Bush and Obama administrations, has been dominated by neocons. Trump, not Cruz, seems to have a distaste for neocon politics.
If Trump had pro-family credentials, he would be the perfect candidate. But because he has not them, perhaps a Cruz-Trump ticket would be perfect.
If I can give a humble advice to Cruz is:
Be a pro-lifer (and I am sure that you are going to be one). But remember also the Cross (which is Cruz in Spanish). Remember Christians suffering Islamic oppression, rape, torture and slaughter.
Remember what Bush and Obama did not remember.
Remember that the trail of U.S. military invasions and interventions in Iraq, Libya and Syria is covered with the blood of Christians that America refused to protect in order to protect U.S. political interests.
Remember that the U.S., which was founded by persecuted Christians, today welcomes many more Muslim invaders than Christian refugees, even though Islam is responsible for about 100,000 Christian martyrs a year.
Be different from Bush and Obama, who armed Muslims who attacked Christians. Could America under your presidency arm Christians to defend themselves against Islamic assaults?
Be different from Bush and Obama, who praised Islam and welcomed Muslim invaders over Christian refugees. Could America under your presidency welcome Christian immigrants over Muslim immigrants? At least, could not America under your presidency welcome Christian refugees from Iraq, Syria, Libya and other Islamic nations where she has caused a big mess against Christians?
Be opposed to neocons, who antagonize Russia, but do not antagonize Islamic dictatorships. Russia has recently been prominent in conservative pro-family efforts in the U.N. system and Russian military involvement in Syria has protected and helped Christians from the mess America created. Cannot America under your presidency be better? Trump has publicly expressed his intent of not antagonizing Russia. Cannot you be better than Trump on this?
Remember to serve the Kingdom of God above the neocon kingdom and its disastrous policies against Christians. In fact, make America a servant of God and His Kingdom. So in this way America will be blessed and a blessing and stop being a curse for Christians persecuted by Muslims around the world.
I doubt that Trump knows how to put the Kingdom of God above a neocon kingdom of foreign policy disaster for international Christians. But Cruz has such knowledge. He will be happy — and international Christians and their God will be equally happy — if he puts this knowledge into action.
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