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Victory of Marcelo Crivella for Rio Mayor Astonishes Conservatives in Brazil

Victory of Marcelo Crivella for Rio Mayor Astonishes Conservatives in Brazil

By Julio Severo
Being used to the shamefully pro-abortion stances of Bishop Edir Macedo, the founder of the Universal Church of the Kingdom of God (UCKG), it was a big surprise, for me and other Brazilian pro-life leaders, to see the candidate for Rio de Janeiro mayor, Marcelo Crivella, delivering a speech after his election Sunday honoring the constituents who chose him. Crivella is a Macedo’s relative and a former UCKG bishop.
Marcelo Crivella
In a Facebook vídeo, Crivella said that the constituents’ choice of him was a “No” to abortion, a “No” to drug liberation and a “No” to gender ideology. This public acknowledgement was very important, because elected candidates today have no interest in citizens’ concerns. Crivella, even being a moderate socialist, had this concern.
In fact, the rival candidate promised to promote the abortion, drug and gender ideology. He was a radical socialist.
To bring to a good end, Crivella prayed the Lord’s Prayer with Catholics, evangelicals and people of other religions, not without firstly showing his gratitude to Pastor Silas Malafaia, the Catholic Church, Apostle Valdomiro Santiago of God’s Power World Church and International Grace Church, of R. R. Soares, for their support.
A moderate socialist, who esteems Christian values and respects citizens’ pro-life and pro-family will is much more necessary and important than atheistic socialists who run over the people’s will and despise God’s will.
The socialist or Marxist ideology, when handled by non-Christians, produces death. When handled by an evangelical as Martin Luther King (who was a Social Gospel adherent), produces apparently good social results, with consequences hard to measure, but never blatantly lethal as a total atheistic socialism.
This does not make the socialist ideology good, but the Gospel always mitigates socialism’s malignancy.
My will was for Rio and the whole Brazil to have real Christian conservatives ruling, but if God wanted a moderate socialist who respects Christian values, we should praise Him. At least, he is more open for dialogue than a stubborn atheistic socialist candidate.
A conservative tsunami is sweeping Brazil. According to the British newspaper Financial Times, “Brazil’s Evangelicals Push Politics to the Right.”
Financial Times said that the massive evangelical growth in Brazil is producing a swerve to the Right. The victory of Marcelo Crivella for Rio mayor is its evidence. The swerve to the Right is benefitting evangelical candidates as Crivella, who were not much conservative, but the swerve is producing miracles.
The swerve has everything to do with neo-Pentecostals. “Christian Century” magazine said, “Neo-Pentecostals have led the evangelical boom and have uniquely contributed to the development of an evangelical political ideology.”
In his speech of victory, Crivella began very well and very humble. May God help him to remain so. Brazil needs such courage. If he remains so, he easily reaches Brazil’s presidency.
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