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Has Paul Washer Mocked Apostle Paul’s Supernatural Experience?

Has Paul Washer Mocked Apostle Paul’s Supernatural Experience?

By Julio Severo
Calvinist evangelist Paul Washer has suffered a heart attack days ago and, in his critical condition in a hospital bed, he sent a message in his Twitter:
“If it makes you feel any better, I didn’t go to the third heaven.”
A heart attack time is not a time for jokes, against him who has suffered the attack and much less from him who suffered it.
Paul Washer
He who just watches the victim cannot mock, because everyone is equally vulnerable to death.
He who suffers a heart attack cannot permit himself the luxury of joking about God’s things.
Third heaven was a supernatural experience Apostle Paul had, in which he seems to have died and had heavenly visions, according to 2 Corinthians 12.
It is common for cessationist Calvinists to mock followers of Jesus who have supernatural experiences today. But to joke about supernatural experiences of the apostles is a more serious act.
If I were in Washer’s place, in a hospital bed in a critical condition, even remotely I would not joke about God’s things. I would tremble at such thought.
Washer said,
“If it makes you feel any better, I didn’t go to the third heaven.”
He has demonstrated a conviction that his audience is only going to feel better if he has an experience of normal death without any supernatural experience. Now, in issues involving death, who has the absolute control is God. If He chooses to do to a man or a woman what He did to Apostle Paul, all the glory be to Him.
Yet, why would Washer’s audience feel better if he had not supernatural experiences in death? Are they cessationist? Are they unbelievers? Do not they like God’s visitations? Are they people who spend their lifetime rejecting God’s interventions and in death they want to remain loyal to their unbelief for the sake of a carnal theology?
Apostle Paul did not choose to have a third heaven experience and other supernatural experiences. Who decides it is only God. Why would to avoid such experience make a man feel better? I am sure that Satan did not feel better with Paul’s experience.
I cannot understand the bad-taste joke of Calvinist evangelist Paul Washer.
I cannot also understand some of his omissions.
I have heard some of his sermons, where he specifically condemned what is called Prosperity Gospel. Yet, after many searches, I have not found any condemnation by him of the Theology of Integral Mission (TIM).
Prosperity Gospel does not threat Calvinists, who reject it totally. The only theology threatening Calvinists is TIM, which is the Protestant version of Liberation Theology. That is, it is a theology with a Marxist soul. On this subject, I have an e-book in English, Portuguese and Spanish. For more information, use this link:
Some could argue that Washer does not condemn TIM because he is an American and has never heard about it.
Such argument would hardly sustain itself, because Washer was a missionary in Peru for ten years. Peru is one of the Latin American nations where Calvinist churches were most influenced by TIM. So, ten years in Peru was time more than enough for him to see, hear and feel TIM in all its disgrace — unless he had not found that it was a disgrace.
Considering that Brazilian Calvinist churches have been highly affected by TIM, it was expected that all Washer’s trips to Brazil would include specific condemnations of TIM. Not some condemnations, but many. Yet, this has never happened…
For a Calvinist preacher to speak at Calvinist meetings in Brazil without addressing specifically TIM is akin to a medical specialist seeing a cancer patient and, instead of dealing directly with cancer, treating a cold. To treat the cold is important, but to deal with cancer is vital.
If Washer does not intend to treat the TIM cancer among Calvinists, why come to Brazil?
On the other hand, if he steps on the shoes of Brazilian Calvinists, TIM, will they want to invite him again to Brazil? It is easy for him to come to Brazil and, instead of attacking the main problem of the Calvinist churches, attack the problem of other churches.
Incidentally or not, Prosperity Gospel, which is so attacked by him, is the theology that has most harmed the advance of Brazilian socialism and TIM, which has been so embraced by Calvinists.
I would like very much Washer to have a third heaven experience. He would come back less unbeliever, less mocker and more focused on God’s priorities in regard to the serious problems of Brazilian Calvinists, who need much assistance. But if even a Calvinist as Washer is not willing to talk against the TIM cancer, who will do it?
My sincere wish is for him to recover from the heart attack and get an awareness of the important responsibility that he has to prioritize, in his warnings to Brazilian Calvinists, the threat of TIM. Only a miracle can achieve it, and I believe in miracles.
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