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What Draws Olavo de Carvalho to the United States?

What Draws Olavo de Carvalho to the United States?

Anti-Marxist and Anti-Protestant Esoteric Confusion in a Brazilian “Conservative” Immigrant Unsatisfied in the Largest Protestant Nation in the World

By Julio Severo
“Protestantism was born from hatred and blood thirst. Its Christian inspiration is ZERO,” said last month Olavo de Carvalho, a Brazilian philosopher who became known in the 1980s for having founded in Brazil the first school of astrologers.
Real picture of Olavo de Carvalho’s esoteric course
What draws him to the U.S., considering that he has despised Protestantism, which is America’s soul and essence? Homosexual activists, Satanists and Marxists have the same disdain for the American Protestant soul, which gave origin to most U.S. conservative values.
In 2016, Carvalho said,
“Luther and Calvin were hatred-filled souls. The former was guilty of genocide, the latter the creator of totalitarian government. Their followers are on the way of Hell, and if it is necessary to revile them using all the curse words to take them from this mess, I will do it pitilessly.”

Carvalho, a Brazilian “Catholic” Immigrant Unsatisfied in a Most Protestant Nation

What will Carvalho do? Will he revile U.S. presidents who mentioned positively Protestantism? In fact, upon signing the Declaration of Independence, Samuel Adams stated: “This day, I trust, the reign of political Protestantism will commence.” The 56 signers were mostly Protestant.
According to New York University Professor Emeritus Patricia Bonomi: “The colonists were about 98 percent Protestant.”
“Luther and Calvin were hatred-filled souls. The former was guilty of genocide, the latter the creator of totalitarian government. Their followers are on the way of Hell, and if it is necessary to revile them using all the curse words to take them from this mess, I will do it pitilessly.”
Will Carvalho revile U.S. the courageous American colonists? Will he say that all of them are already in the Hell?
Addressing directly the U.S., Carvalho said,
“One of the favorite myths of the American culture is that the Protestant Reformation was one of the main sources of religious freedom, individual rights and protections against abuses from a central government. Add to it the Weberian (or semi-Weberian) false belief that the ‘Protestant ethics’ created capitalism, and the only possible conclusion is that today’s citizen is indebted to Luther and Calvin, after all, for virtually all the legal, political and economic benefits of living in a modern democracy. But all of this is propaganda, not History.”
Is such behavior different from communists’ behavior? During the military administration in Brazil, communists chose exile in capitalist nations, including the U.S. Eventually they lived in a nation whose capitalist system they despised and condemned.
“Protestantism was born from hatred and blood thirst. Its Christian inspiration is ZERO.”
Carvalho, who despises and reviles Protestantism, self-exiled in the largest Protestant nation in the world. He did, in his inconsistency typical of communists, what any Brazilian communist would have done. While communists despise America’s capitalism, Carvalho despises America’s Protestantism. Both apparently were drawn by America’s affluence.
If Carvalho is just drawn by the American capitalism and its affluence, the U.S. capitalism without its Jewish-Protestant foundation is useless and dangerous. Protestantism, with its conservative values, is the capitalism’s life.

Carvalho’s Controversial and Foul Comments

Yet, Carvalho does not make absurd and immoral comments only against Protestantism. Here is a small sample of his controversial comments (translated for the first time into English, so forgive me for having to expose his vulgar language) in his Facebook in Brazil:
“Freedom of opinion is the last refuge of idiots.”
“I kneel down before the priest to receive the communion, but if after the Mass I feel necessary to tell him ‘f**k you,’ I will do it with full tranquility: Look, you fool. There you were Jesus Christ, but here you are just a little shit.”
“As far as I know, only Portugal, Spain, Hungry and Poland had brave Christians. The remaining world has a multitude of faggots.”
“If I had a cunt, I would sexually blackmail all congressmen and destroy the whole political class.”
“I repeat: there was never an entity called ‘the Inquisition’ and much less ‘Holy Inquisition.’”
“Bergoglio should be kicked out with our feet from Peter’s throne as soon as possible.”
“After someone is raped, he/she can find some retroactive consolation in the idea that a cock had always been his/her secret wish.”
“I am not a right-winger or a left-winger.”
“The Catholic Church was born offering martyrs, the protestant church was born killing.”
“Herod saved many souls: he killed little children before they could sin.”
“Do you think that it is sheer coincidence that the brutal growth of criminality and especially political corruption have happened at the same time that Liberation Theology destroyed internally the Catholic Church and makeshift ‘evangelical’ churches, filled of swindling ministers, had a widespread growth?”
“Stupid evangelicals listen with so much naivety to ministers who are semiliterate, junkies, thieves and prostitutes that it is the world’s eighth wonder.”
“In the Hollywood movies, for each three words, two are ‘fuck.’ This is what isolates and debilitates American conservatives.”
“Lenin knew that, in politics, he who reviles the most always runs ahead.”
“While I have strength left, I will systematically profane all rules of good verbal behavior that I come to know of.”
How can a man with such foul language have achieved some success among Catholic conservatives in Brazil? I do not know, just as I do not know how a false messiah deceived U.S. conservatives. In his book “Bad Moon Rising: How Reverend Moon Created the Washington Times, Seduced the Religious Right, and Built an American Kingdom” (PoliPointPress, 2008), author John Gorenfeld tells how powerful U.S. evangelicals were seduced by the false messiah Moon. Just as Moon used U.S. conservative evangelicals to grow, Carvalho has used Brazilian Catholics to grow.
In the U.S., where Carvalho loves to live as an immigrant, he has an organization called the Inter-American Institute, whose members are 50 percent Protestants who, because they do not understand Portuguese, totally ignore the statements and views of its director, who does not publish them in English.
The U.S., which in its foundation had a population 98% Protestant, is the largest Protestant nation in the world, with a vast historical evangelical influence in its social, cultural and political customs. But evidently it is not the evangelical predominance that draws Carvalho to the U.S.

Is Carvalho drawn by Catholicism?

So is it Catholicism? If it were, he would be in the Vatican, or in Brazil, which is the largest Catholic nation in the world. Carvalho said, “Have you observed that only in Catholic nations it was possible to make a serious resistance to communism?” Even so, he prefers to live as an immigrant in the largest Protestant nation than living in the largest Catholic nation.
Euphoric Brazilian Catholics prefer to look to U.S. white Catholics, who are for them the true reference, identity and hope of authentic Catholicism and conservatism. Is this Carvalho’s case? Actually, as reported by the DailyMail, you should not, in studies on the U.S. Catholicism, take in consideration white Catholics, because they are “much more intermixed with, and influenced by, the wider Protestant culture.” This is, the U.S. white Catholics’ conservatism reflects the original U.S. Protestantism!
Moreover, the DailyMail ascribes the American creative spirit, which is an essential foundation of the U.S., to the Protestantism in the American culture.
What would Carvalho call this creativity? A deceiving propaganda? After all, for centuries Americans actually were the biggest promoters of a propaganda exposing the Inquisition in its bloody nature. The opposite side of the issue is that the Vatican, with its vast political, financial and religious power for centuries, was the biggest promoter of a propaganda of a benevolent and humanitarian Inquisition. While the Vatican’s propaganda benefited just the Vatican, the U.S. propaganda benefited Protestants and Jews, who were the biggest victims of the Inquisition.

Carvalho, the Jews and the Inquisition

Different from the Vatican, the U.S. has a long history of friendship and partnership with the Jews. While the U.S. was one of the first countries to recognize the modern state of Israel, the Vatican was one of the last ones.
The Jews never made accusations against the American Protestant propaganda of a bloody Inquisition, because they knew and know that it is not propaganda. It is truth. But even today they have many accusations against the Catholic propaganda of a benevolent and humanitarian Inquisition.
Different from the Jews, who for centuries accuse and condemn the Inquisition, Carvalho has for years accused and condemned people who accuse and condemn the Inquisition, calling the Inquisition a “black legend,” “myth,” “campaign of slander and defamation” and “fabrication.”

Carvalho: U.S. Evangelicals Are Worse Than Communists

While addressing the Inquisition in 2016, Carvalho publicly said that people opposing the Inquisition, whom he called “paladins of faith,” are much worse than communists. He said,
“I have never seen a communist, when using the fiercest and most slanderous revolutionary verbiage, descending the depths of malice and perversity enjoyed, in this nation, by the paladins of faith.”
Because Carvalho lives in the U.S., “in this nation” probably means the U.S.
If anti-Inquisition evangelicals (and also Jews) are worse than communists, what is Carvalho doing by living as an immigrant in the largest Protestant country in the world? Why does not he move to the communist Cuba, considering that the Protestant America is worse?
Carvalho said,
“Without the black legend of the Inquisition, the Protestant churches would never have achieved the success they did. Who does not want to flee from the torturers’ bloody hands to the arms of Our Lord? Legend is an integral component of the Protestant prestige and, if the legend falls, the Protestant prestige falls together.”
What Carvalho means is that the U.S. would never have achieved the success of becoming the greatest Protestant power in the world if it were not the predominant U.S. role in the denunciation against the Inquisition. Carvalho also said,
“The myth of the Inquisition was the vastest and lasting campaign of slander and defamation of all time, until today, with multi-million dollar funding, and it seems that it is going never to run out. This myth was not concocted by Illuminists and communists. It was concocted by Protestants, who continue promoting it until now, and their irradiant center are U.S. churches.”
“Five centuries of fierce and constant (even today) anti-Catholic lies make Protestants the ultimate champions of character assassination — much above, in this respect, to Illuminists and communists.”
This is one of the most ridiculously pompous conspiracy theories I have heard of. So Carvalho sees evangelicals generally and U.S. evangelicals particularly as worse than communists. If it were so, the largest Protestant nation in the world would be a real Soviet Union. It is not. The largest Protestant nation in the world is the U.S. and Carvalho loves to live as an immigrant there.
Carvalho treats U.S. evangelicals as liars who concocted an Inquisition that never existed, as if multitudes of Jews had never been victims of what Carvalho insists in calling legend and myth. But what he calls lying propaganda of U.S. evangelicals against the Inquisition the Jews call truth.
In fact, even the Brazilian history exposes a brutal and bloody Inquisition against the Jews. Many Brazilian Jews were tortured and killed by the Inquisition. And the first Jewish colonists in New York were Brazilian Jews who had fled the Inquisition in Brazil. The first Jewish cemetery in New York has Brazilian names. Those Brazilian Jews found refuge and peace among American Protestants! In Brazil, they faced constantly threats of loot, torture and death. So the Brazilian history itself opposes Carvalho’s obsession.

Carvalho: To Defend the Inquisition Is Infinitely More Important Than Defeating Communism

His obsession to sanitize and rehabilitate the Inquisition is so big that in July 2016 he said that “to remove from the popular conscience myths as the Inquisition” is infinitely more important than removing socialist President Dilma Rousseff from the Brazilian government. Many Brazilians and Americans thought that his priority and goal were Rousseff, but he confessed himself that it is the Inquisition’s rehabilitation. He said,
“Whoever has studied the Soviet cultural offensive and the posterior Gramscian strategy understands something that seems still totally ignored by 100 percent of liberals and conservatives in this nation: to remove from the popular conscience myths as the ‘Inquisition’… is infinitely more important than removing socialist President Dilma Rousseff from the Brazilian government.’”
In the 1980s and 1990s, I was actively involved in the Brazilian pro-life movement and I had never heard Carvalho’s name. But from 2000 he appeared with a pro-life, pro-family, pro-homeschooling, anti-vaccine and anti-communist discourse. This discourse drew pro-family leaders like me. But later, with a fame already established, he made it clear, according to his words, that to remove an alleged myth of the Inquisition is infinitely more important than defeating communism.
In the past, whoever wanted to defeat communism would have to overthrow the Soviet Union, the most prominent propagandist of communism. Ronald Reagan did it. Whoever wants to defeat the propaganda against the Inquisition should overthrow the U.S., the most prominent propagandist for centuries of the Inquisition’s evils?
Will it be a task for Carvalho, who sees himself charged with a mission more important than Reagan’s mission?
The Inquisition was not the only goal in the U.S. propaganda. The U.S. also was the biggest propagandist against Soviet Marxism and today (at least its conservative population) it is the biggest propagandist against abortion.
Before the U.S. focus on communism as an enemy, the biggest focus of the U.S. society was the Vatican and its Inquisition. In fact, the Inquisition’s past was what most made difficult in the U.S.-Vatican relations. It was especially the Inquisition issue that made the U.S. sever diplomatic relations with the Vatican in the 1860s, because for the U.S., the Vatican and the Inquisition were one and the same thing. The U.S. only resumed relations with the Vatican in the 1980s, in the administration of Ronald Reagan, who had as focus the fight against communism. Communism made the U.S. forget the root of its old hostility against the Vatican.
What draws Carvalho to the U.S.? The Jews? No one who does love the Jews advocates or excuses the Inquisition, which slaughtered thousands of Jews, always looting their riches.

U.S. Esotericism

What then draws Carvalho to the U.S.? My suspicion is esotericism. Carvalho has a deep esoteric history and the U.S., parallel to the Protestant influence, has also a deep esoteric history.
The U.S. is not only the largest Protestant nation in the world, but also the most Masonic nation in the world, according to the book “Christianity and American Freemasonry,” written by the Catholic author William Whalen and published by the prominent Catholic publishing house Ignatius Press. Whalen says that most Freemasons in the world live in the U.S. and that the Masonic influence in the U.S. society is so widespread that even churches that ban Freemasonry have at least 90 million Masonic members.
More revealing still is that author Thomas Horn claims, in a WND (WorldNetDaily) intervivew, that from its founding the United States has been manipulated toward one goal: building an occult society that would one day welcome the spirit and person of the Antichrist.
Horn is the author of the book “Apollyon Rising 2012,” which explains that Masons incorporated in the U.S. republic many esoteric symbols that, more than 200 years ago, already predicted that the U.S. would lead the world in a global new order. What these “prophecies” most foretold was the U.S. hegemony and supremacy. Horn points out those “prophecies,” which are present in the U.S. currency and government symbols, as demonic.
Right in the beginning of his book, Horn mentions U.S. President George W. Bush, who in his second inaugural address, January 20, 2005, said, “When our founders declared a new order of the ages… they were acting on an ancient hope that is meant to be fulfilled.” Horn says that this “ancient hope” was the Masons’ esoteric “prophecies” made more than 200 about the future U.S. hegemony.
Sadly, even a conservative evangelical president as Bush accepted the Masonic “prophecies” about its god, Satan, giving the U.S. the global government supremacy.
I have “Apollyon Rising 2012.” By curiosity, I asked Carvalho years ago what he thought about this book, and his answer was that it was not recommendable for reading… In contrast, the Islamic sorcerer René Guénon’s books were always positively recommended by him.

Carvalho, Nancy Pearcey and René Guénon

Why did a detailed evangelical exposé against the occultist and esoteric premonitions in the U.S. history leave Carvalho so troubled? Why does he call, in Portuguese, sorcerer Guénon’s premonitions “magistral,” especially a premonition that the only salvation for Europe is the Catholic Church?
In his book “As Garras da Esfinge” (The Sphinx’s Grip, 2017), page 25, Carvalho confirms this “premonition,” saying:
“The maze of impossibilities has one exit: Catholicism can only be returned to its original integrity if it consents to submit itself to Islamic masters’ guidance. Or this, or the occupation of the West by Muslims.”
Then he adds, in the same page:
“No one in his sound mind can deny… that, en passant, Guénon and his disciples have made several valuable contributions, even to our understanding of Catholicism.”
I do not know if the Islamic sorcerer Guénon made the alleged “valuable” contributions to Catholicism, but it is indisputable that Carvalho, who translated into Portuguese one of Guénon’s books, has fixation on him.
Carvalho sees the supernatural issues in the metaphysical sense understood by Guénon. In “As Garras da Esfinge,” page 14, Carvalho says,
“What is properly metaphysics? I do not use the term as a designation of an academic discipline, but in the very special and exact sense present in the works of Guénon and Schuon.”
U.S. conservative evangelical author Nancy Pearcey identifies Guénon as a New Age advocate. But Carvalho disagrees. He said, in Portuguese: “To confound Guénon with New Age is akin to thinking that Karl Marx was the Beatles.”
With his potty mouth that antagonizes evangelicals generally (Luther, a genocide, Calvin, a tyrant), Carvalho said,
“Julio Severo’s problem is that, besides being a cheater from DNA, he is very unschooled. He writes brazenly (or in a perverted innocence) on subjects that are unattainably above not only his ability, but even his imagination. In one example he called René Guénon an ‘occultist’ and ‘New Age proponent’ (expression he copied from Nancy Pearcey).”
His current name-calling is shocking, because for ten years (2003-2013) I had been an official columnist in his website Mídia Sem Máscara, which had invited me to be a member of its team of writers, most of whom were then fiscal conservatives, and they were supportive of some items of the gay agenda, which is opposed by me. I accepted the invitation and I worked for free for one decade.
In my capacity as the first evangelical columnist in Mídia Sem Máscara, I drew many evangelicals, including from the Evangelical Parliamentary Caucus, where I was very known because of my book O Movimento Homossexual (The Homosexual Movement), published by the Brazilian branch of Bethany House Publishers. In the first congress of the Evangelical Parliamentary Caucus in 2003, I delivered the opening address and this was one of the reasons for Mídia Sem Máscara to invite me.
Yet, Carvalho’s website was not my only media platform. I was already a columnist in JesusSite, which was in the early 2000s the most important evangelical website in Brazil. I was already a contributor to Pro-Vida-Familia, the largest Catholic pro-life website in Brazil. And I also contributed to any evangelical and Catholic website that invited me to write pro-life articles.
With my long experience (since the 1980s) of pro-life alliance with prominent Catholic leaders in Brazil, I had thought that with Carvalho, who said that he was a Catholic, I would have the same good experience I had with Catholic pro-lifers. For some time, there was tolerance, even though I often made requests for him to avoid foul language — a bad habit I had never seen in any other Catholic leader in Brazil. Furthermore, in all my years of pro-life alliance with Catholics, I had never seen any of them advocating or excusing the Inquisition.
For over ten years, Carvalho praised my work. But a mere disagreement between him and me over his advocacy of the Inquisition’s revisionism in 2013 was enough for him to launch a lasting and persistent foul-mouthed campaign of character assassination against me.
His case makes me wonder if it is really worthwhile an alliance between evangelicals and (esoteric) Catholics, even for the sake of a pro-life cause.
In my 10 years as a columnist in Mídia Sem Máscara, I did not know that Carvalho had already been sued, by his former astrology students, for swindling. So his accusation (“cheater”) against me is akin to Lenin accusing anti-communists from being what he was.
I had never come to understand, until 2013, the depths of his passion for the Inquisition’s revisionism and involvement with Guénon’s ideas.
René Guénon (1886-1951) was a Catholic who converted to one of the most occultist and esoteric forms of Islam and he died in the Islamic Egypt. According to Andrew Phillip Smith, in his “A Dictionary of Gnosticism” (Quest Books, Theosophical Publishing House Wheaton, Illinois, 2009), Guénon was a “French metaphysical author and founder of the traditionalist movement. He was involved in the French Gnostic Church and published a journal called Gnosis.” No one else did more to make this king of Gnosticism known in Brazil than Carvalho did. According to Nancy Pearcey, Guénon was a New Age advocate.
Pearcey has a book titled “Total Truth: Liberating Christianity from its Cultural Captivity,” published by Crossway Books in 2004. This book has an Appendix titled “Modern Islam and the New Age Movement,” where Pearcey shows how a blend of Plato’s ideas and Hinduism and Islam (a genuine New Age salad) is transforming Catholic intellectuals into heretics. She says:
“During the Golden Age of Islam in the seventh and eighth centuries, Muhammad's armies swept out from the Arabian Peninsula, annexing territory from Spain to Persia. In the process, we might say, they also annexed the works of Plato, Aristotle, Plotinus, and other Greek thinkers. As a result, the Arab world had a rich tradition of commentary on the Greek philosophers long before Europe did. In college history courses, we often learn that the Renaissance was sparked by the recovery of ancient classical writings. But we rarely learn that it was Muslim philosophers who had preserved those texts and who reintroduced them to the West.”
“Neo-Platonism became a strong influence on Islamic thought. Today several leading Muslim philosophers have embraced perennial philosophy, with its merging of Western and Eastern pantheism. In fact, the early proponents of this philosophy, who were Europeans, all ended up converting to Islam! (Prominent European proponents of perennial philosophy who converted to Islam include Rene Guenon, Fritjol Schuon, and Martin Lings. Today the best-known Muslim proponent of perennial philosophy is Sayyed Hossien Nasr.) To complete the circle, the man who launched perennial philosophy (a Frenchman named Rene Guenon) believed there was actually a common core uniting all three: neo-Platonism in the West, Hinduism in the East, and Islam in the Middle East.”

Carvalho and Islamic Esotericism

Besides recommending Guénon, Carvalho also recommended esoteric Muslim Seyyed Hossein Nasr. He said in his personal website,
“Read, for example, ‘Knowledge and the Sacred’ or ‘Man and Nature’ by Seyyed Hossein Nasr, who was the minister of culture in Iran in the time of Reza Pahlevi. Books like these bring back to us, in the reflow of a historic tide launched by a big lie, truths that were betrayed and forgotten in the process’ beginning. ‘Ex Oriente lux’: the light coming from East. It should be of little importance that it has been brought smuggled in the baggage of thieves, genocidal murders and Stalinists. This is not enough to eclipse it. Today, dependent on it is largely the reconquest of the Western ideals forsaken by the immanentist culture of the last two centuries.”
Carvalho has always felt comfortable with Islamic studies. His personal website also says:
“For a time, [Olavo de Carvalho] devoted himself to Islamic studies — learned Arabic and recites the Koran passages — and won an award in Saudi Arabia in 1985 for a 200-page book (unpublished) about Muhammad, wherein he used knowledge of medieval symbolics to interpret episodes from the life of the prophet. He practices Christianity, but he says he would be comfortable to profess Islam. This is because, in his view, Christianity, Islam and Judaism have basically the same goal. The existence of God is to Olavo the supreme obviousness, the founding basis of everything.”
In 2016, Carvalho bragged that the only serious effort to understand the communist strategy in Latin America was the Ibn Khaldun Study Group, in the honor of an Arab Muslim. This secretive group was created by Carvalho in 2003. Can an anti-Marxist strategy that at the same time pays homage to Muslims have a Catholic appearance?
Guénon is very rarely mentioned in the evangelical literature because the penetration of this occultist among evangelicals is non-existent. He is unknown. But it seems that among Catholics the reverse is happening.
Guénon has been known in Brazil just by evangelicals who follow Carvalho, who is also influencing them through other esotericists, including Mario Ferreira. Carvalho said,
“Very good that people get interested in the writings of the ‘Traditionalist School,’ but everything René Guénon, Titus Burckhardt and ‘tutti quanti’ wrote about the symbolism of numbers — the essential language of all esotericism — is just a kindergarten’s play when compared to what Mário Ferreira dos Santos did in ‘Pitágoras e o Tema do Número’ (Pythagoras and the Subject of Number) and especially ‘A Sabedoria das Leis Eternas’ (The Wisdom of Eternal Laws) and additional works of the series ‘Mathesis.’”
“A valuable document I have in my files (now kept in storage) is Mário Ferreira dos Santos’ horoscope.”

Olavism’s Effects

And what is the effect of all this esoteric weight on Carvalho’s adherents?
A Brazilian Catholic priest said recently in his Facebook:
Excerpts from a text on Olavo de Carvalho by one of his students. This shows very well that the cult of personality had advanced…
“All these symbols are valid and true, but the many times we Olavo de Carvalho’s students employ them only shows how hard is still, how complicated is still, to describe the greatness of the personality of this man — our literature and our language have not reached Olavo de Carvalho and, possibly, will delay. This is the reason I cannot write about Olavo; so, it is better to preserve the unspeakable experience of the personality of this man than running the risk to achieve a distorted definition of what we are not still able to describe literally.”
“No one is the same individual after knowing Olavo de Carvalho, because no one can be the same when facing a visible, palpable, flesh and blood Reality, which smokes and swears — a person and not only an abstract concept or a tavern’s bald thinker.”
This is a result of sheer propaganda. And Carvalho and his team are investing much in more propaganda, and their latest effort is “The Garden of Afflictions” (whose Portuguese original is “Jardim das Aflições”), which is not a documentary with a critical vision, but a propaganda movie about the life of an esoteric leader who transformed his large experience in esotericism into a political movement. Conveniently, the movie does not show that Carvalho founded and headed the first organization of astrology in Brazil and that he founded and headed the first Brazilian school of astrologers.
Long before he used his seductive skill to draw philosophy students, he drew astrology students.
Even though Carvalho does not label himself a messiah, he has received, from his adherents, the same treatment and money Rev. Moon used to receive from his own adherents. He is the supreme spiritual leader for them. It is not easy to exit his movement. An evangelical psychologist said recently in his Facebook:
“Even today I am in the process of spiritual recovery, Olavism went so far as to destroy almost my whole spiritual life and drew away most my old friends. I had become a religious evangelical and intolerant over minimal dissent. Now I am in the process of recovery, and God has opened doors in several areas to me after I left his tenet and intellectual influence on me. It was not easy, but I have successfully largely extricated me from it. Two incredible things: God only opened doors for me when I renounced Olavism. In every minute I hear the voice of the Holy Spirit speaking kindly to my heart: ‘Make an apology to the people you disparaged and hurt.’ My friend, the list is huge, but I have already begun to make apologies.”
“This is what happens to all people who are influenced and blinded by Olavism; they become intolerable.”

Esoteric Anti-Marxism: Occultist Traditionalism and Conservatism

Long before his involvement with anti-Marxist discourse, Carvalho was already involved with the Traditionalist School, which blends esotericism with anti-Marxist discourse. The Traditionalist School was founded by Guénon to promote an esoteric conservatism against Marxism. So it is easy to understand why Carvalho said to his followers: “Very good that people get interested in the writings of the ‘Traditionalist School.’” His anti-Marxism is based on this esoteric school.
Carvalho is not the only example of an esotericist becoming an anti-Marxist activist. New Zealander author Trevor Loudon also is an esotericist and an anti-Marxist activist, and very anti-Russian, as every neocon is. Esoteric Loudon has praised Carvalho.
Carvalho is known for a stridently anti-Russian geopolitical view. In Brazil, his geopolitical view is seen as original. But in America, any conservative would recognize it as a neocon view. Carvalho is probably the first Brazilian neocon and Brazilian Catholic conservatives are having for the first time contact with the U.S. neocon worldview through him. Yet, if his “philosophical” stridency were reserved only to Russians, he would never say that U.S. Protestants who oppose the Inquisition are worse than communists.
If an anti-Marxist discourse were synonymous of conservatism, Hitler, who was an esoteric Catholic, would have been one of the most prominent conservatives in the world. In fact, he had an incredible anti-Marxist discourse. Check here:

A Foul-Mouthed Conservatism?

Even though he feels comfortable with his esoteric history, Carvalho sometimes demonstrates not to feel comfortable with the label “conservative.” He said,
“So when I am introduced as a ‘conservative philosopher,’ the only answer coming to my mind is: ‘Conservative is ‘puta que o pariu’ (an offensive Brazilian expletive which means “son of a bitch” or “fucking hell,” but the real translation is: “a prostitute who gave birth”), who preserved you in her belly for nine months instead of dropping you in the toilet.’”
Carvalho said to his Brazilian audience in Facebook that the big disadvantage of U.S. conservatives is that they do not use filthy language. He said,
“In the U.S. only the Left utters profanity. This is enough to explain why U.S. conservatives, even when they are the majority, are always disadvantaged.”
Foul language is very natural for Communists and Satanists, but not for real Christians.
“After someone is raped, he/she can find some retroactive consolation in the idea that a cock had always been his/her secret wish.”
Carvalho’s hope, as a Brazilian immigrant in the U.S., is to change the U.S. conservative culture to accept filthy language as a tool to advance conservatism. He hopes also to deliver America from the “myth” of the Inquisition.

What then draws Carvalho to the U.S.?

What then draws Carvalho to the U.S. is not evangelicals, whose propaganda against the bloody Inquisition is lying and abominable to him. It is not the Jews, who always agreed with the propaganda of his U.S. evangelical friends and partners.
And it is not U.S. Catholics who follow the pope, because Carvalho’s public wish is to kick out with his own feet Pope Francis from the Vatican.
“Bergoglio should be kicked out with our feet from Peter’s throne as soon as possible.”
Like attracts like. Evangelical attracts evangelical. Catholic attracts Catholic. And esotericist attracts esotericist. What draws me to the U.S. is its evangelical tradition. But if I were Catholic, I would want to live in Italy, near the Vatican, or in the largest Catholic nation in the world, Brazil. If I were an esotericist, I would feel comfortable in the largest Masonic nation in the world. And if I were Carvalho, I would feel comfortable with the ancient esoteric and Masonic tradition of the U.S., excellently exposed by Thomas Horn.
Esotericism, including Freemasonry, becomes all in everyone, obtaining any suitable appearance and mask. In June 2015, Carvalho stated publicly,
“I have not the least difficulty to think as a communist, a fascist, a militant atheist, a Masonic Grand-Master, an occultist or anyone else.”
Esotericism infiltrates, deceives and turns its victims into blind spiritual slaves at its service. Such is the Masonic reality of the U.S. Such is Carvalho’s esoteric reality.
Esotericism deceives and uses deceived individuals to deceive. Carvalho created an esoteric movement with a conservative appearance.
But some are seeing the truth. Former Carvalho’s students produced a documentary titled “Adubando o Jardim das Aflições” containing abundant alleged evidences of his esotericism. The full documentary in Portuguese (accessible in English by YouTube’s automatic translation) is in this link:
Sometimes, Carvalho tries to portray himself as a good sorcerer. In 2016, he said, “My lifetime dream was to be like the magician Merlin of ‘Excalibur’: a dream for some, a nightmare for others. It has been fulfilled.” In movies, there is an imaginary distinction between good and evil witchcraft. There are good and evil sorcerers. Yet, in real life, there is no such distinction, and the Christian worldview accurately and realistically sees all witchcraft as intrinsically evil.

A Strident Advocacy of the Inquisition Does Not Make Carvalho a Genuine Catholic

Some want to see Carvalho as a “Catholic” who, with his propaganda of the Inquisition’s revisionism, is bringing a Catholic “revival” in Brazil. But a revival based on the Inquisition’s advocacy? A Catholic pro-life leader explained to me:
The Inquisition appeared only in the 1200s. For twelve centuries, the Catholic Church did not dare to defend the Catholic Faith through forceful ways. In 385, when Emperor Maximo condemned heretic Priscillian to death, Saint Ambrose, bishop of Milan, by the general agreement of almost all bishops of his time, condemned capital punishment as contrary to the Gospel’s gentleness. In 866, Pope Nicholas I, consulted by the King of Bulgaria on if the king could use force to convert the heathen in his kingdom, answered that “God loves spontaneous homage, because if he wished to use force, no one could resist his omnipotence.”
It is from the coexistence with Muslims that the idea appears of a coercive tribunal of inquisition, which condemns unrepentant heretics to be burned and tarnishes the Catholic Church’s history with a shameful stain. It is from Muslims that Catholics also learned the idea of “holy war.”
The Catholic Church, through official statements from the last popes, has already recognized that the Inquisition was “inconsistent with the Gospel’s gentleness” (to quote Saint Ambrose’s words). Carvalho’s advocacy of the Inquisition, in my humble view, intends to kill two birds with one stone:
1) To get right-wing Catholics accustomed to a kind of bloody and violent religiosity, more proper to Mohammad’s adherents than to Christ’s followers (it is enough to observe how Carvalho’s adherents behave belligerently, especially against those who dare to contest their master, just as Muslims do when defending their masters).
2) Just as in the case of a supposed excommunication of communists, the Inquisition’s advocacy demoralizes the Catholic hierarchy’s spiritual authority, which is portrayed by Carvalho as an irrational institution that makes apology for things it made and that, moreover, for something righteous, beautiful and good.
When I denounce Carvalho in the Catholic Church, most answer me that he “converts” many people to Catholicism. I stress that it is a very odd Catholicism, at best, because no one can be a Catholic without hierarchy.

Catholic Cuba Was More Oppressed Than Communist Cuba

The advocacy of a pro-Inquisition Catholicism does not seem that it will produce better results than Marxism. It is enough to look at Cuba’s example. In just two years, between 1896 and 1897, the government of Spain detained over a third of Cuba’s population in concentration camps. Over 225,000 died from starvation, exposure and yellow fever. This radical Spain, formerly an absolute champion of the Catholic Inquisition, was predominantly Catholic. Hardly you can say that the Catholic Spanish rule in Cuba was better than Fidel Castro’s communism.
Catholic Cuba was saved from the cruel Catholic Spain champion of the Inquisition by the U.S., which in that time had a population with an overwhelmingly Protestant majority, accused by Carvalho of propagandists of a myth and legend of the Catholic Inquisition, as if the bloody Spain had not any willingness to use the Inquisition as a killing machine and as if the Catholic Spain were unable to commit mass murders.
We should pray very much for the U.S., chosen by “illuminated” esoteric spirits to lead the hegemonic world government, highly exemplified by the United Nations, whose headquarters is in the U.S. and whose foundation happened thanks to ancient Masonic “prophecies” and to the ambitious U.S. globalist project of Masonic President Franklin Delano Roosevelt.
And we Brazilians should pray very much for Carvalho, who even though labeling himself a Catholic, has much affinity with those deceiving spirits and their false wisdom. He is a passionate advocate of the neocon and Masonic nature of the U.S., but he is a major hater of the U.S. Protestant history.
With information from American Minute of Bill Federer.
Portuguese version of this article: O que atrai Olavo de Carvalho aos Estados Unidos?
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