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Man who thought he was a tiger has killed himself

Man who thought he was a tiger has killed himself

By Julio Severo
Dennis Avner, a 54 years old man who spent years trying hard to make his body look like a tiger, has committed suicide. According to DailyMail of November 13, his body was found November 5. He lived alone.
Dennis Avner
The problem of Avner began when a Native chief, guided by spirits, said that Avner should “follow the ways of the tiger.”
With an impressionable mind, Avner didn’t to grudge any pains to transform his fantasy into reality, making his own body to look like what his imagination thought he was: a tiger. Regardless what he saw or what others saw, the important thing was what the eyes of his mind saw.
With his desire governing his head, he went through surgical procedures in his mouth, lips and ears. He also started to use silicones and implants. After all, to live in the fantasy world is today a kind of fundamental “human right”, even when such a fantasy is pathological. Avner lived that right to its last consequences, until his own suicide.
The case of Dennis Avner is not different from radical homosexuals, who want to live according to their sexual desires or fantasies. It does not matter what their eyes see or what the eyes of others see, they will use any trick — silicones, mutilations, hormones, etc. — to deny, hide and reject what the nature has powerfully engraved in their bodies.
Anus is the exclusive orifice for defecation, never for sex. Nature proves abundantly it.
If it is ridiculous for a man to see himself as a tiger, it is more ridiculous to treat anus as a sexual organ.
The only difference between Avner and radical homosexuals is that, at least for the time being, there is no large number of people thinking they are tigers, monkeys, donkeys and pigs, although many have behaved this way.
If their number increases, then we will certainly see parades of donkeys and pigs, and lobbies in the Congress: “To walk on hands and knees is a human right!”
We will see mutant men and women, with their deformed, siliconized and operated bodies, putting their crazy imagination above Nature.
Obviously, Avner was not happy. Men only kill themselves because they are extremely unhappy.
It is obvious also that, to see himself as a tiger or a pig, a man has mental problems.
But if Avner saw himself as a “woman”, then the media chorus would begin, “He killed himself because of ‘homophobia’ preached by bigoted fundamentalist Christian haters, not because of mental problems!”
However, the difference between the fantasy of Avner and a man’s fantasy that wants to be a woman is very little, so that activists could say, “He killed himself not because of mental problems, but because a bigoted society hates the appearance of an animal in a human!”
The great contradiction in the modern tendency of men and women artificially altering the natural form and functions of their bodies in the name of assumed individual and human rights is that the society sends, at the same time, the message that Nature is sacred and that humans should live in harmony with her norms.
A society that approves and consecrates in its laws the mutilation and disfigurement of the human physical nature transforms men and women into aberrations for themselves and Nature.
The fact is, when looking themselves at the mirror, mutilated men and women will never be satisfied with the result of their surgical and hormonal procedures to be what they are not, because they know that their imagination can alter at the most their appearances, but never the reality impressed by Nature. The end result is despair, madness and death.
When will this stop? It is difficult to know, because human imagination has no limits.
Portuguese version of this article: Suicidou-se homem que pensava que era um tigre
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John said...

Well said.

Anonymous said...

Act 17:21 (For all the Athenians and strangers which were there spent their time in nothing else, but either to tell, or to hear some new thing.)

You are right about the imagination having no limit, it can endlessly meander from nowhere to nowhere and still entertain, but sometimes people meander into places too powerful, and since they cannot sit from outside and see this world for how it is, they are unable to separate themselves from what they feel and what others tell them. One of the meanders is how a lot of people are lured just for the endorphin rush of shock, no matter what type of shocking example or experience, the more shocking and demented, it seems the more they find the high they seek. As close to having the basis to describe a possessed person would be having that lust for shock as it is as insane as Satan thinking he could ascend above God Himself. A type of madness which has no fruit of Creation whatsoever, kind of like if one were to describe an example of an anti existence fit for destruction, an abnormality from the core of what the physical manifestations of the fall brought into the universe.