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Obama Strategist in the Brazilian Presidential Campaign

Obama Strategist in the Brazilian Presidential Campaign

By Julio Severo
The 2014 Brazilian presidential campaign had the involvement of an important campaign strategist of the president of United States, Barack Obama: David Axelrod. According to the Brazilian daily Folha de São Paulo, Axelrod had been hired to help build Aécio Neves candidacy.

Obama and David Axelrod
The idea of Americans strategists working on Brazilian election campaigns is nothing new. During the 2010 election, Ben Self, who worked on the Obama campaign, was hired as a consultant for current president Dilma Rousseff.
The unusual thing about David Axelrod’s involvement in the Aécio Neves campaign is that he is a major player in the US Democratic Party.
According to WND, Axelrod was mentored by an American communist. WND also says, “More than any other figure, David Axelrod made Barack Obama president… The Obama persona was in large part Ax’s carving.”
According to Ann Coulter, Axelrod was known for destroying men who denounced Obama.
Axelrod made Obama president — the most pro-abortion and pro-sodomy president in the U.S. history.
Considering that president Dilma Rousseff is as abortionist and homosexualist as Obama is, what is then the main interest of the main Obama strategist in helping Rousseff’s opponent?
In the past, Obama has openly praised Rousseff and his antecessor, Luiz “Lula” da Silva, even though Rousseff and Lula are anti-U.S. socialists. Both Brazilian presidents are aligned with the abortion and homosexualist agenda of the U.S. government, especially in the UN system. Their relationship has been strained only over economic issues that could jeopartidze the U.S. economic hegemony.
Axelrod was brought to Brazil with the help of former President Fernando Henrique Cardoso, also known by his initials FHC — who is close to former US President Bill Clinton. FHC founded PDSB, the Social Democrat Party, whose presidential candidate is Aécio Neves.
The presidential platform of Neves is as homosexualist as the platform of Rousseff is. And Neve’s vice, Aloísio Nunes, is as pro-abortion as Rousseff is. For me, there is no false hope that Neves could discontinue the homosexualist politics of Rousseff.
Even so, both FHC and Neves are misidentified as “conservatives” by the U.S. media.
Desperate by the abortion and homosexualist politics of Rousseff, many Christians in Brazil want to vote for Neves. But if the American socialist strategist who made Obama president is also successful in making Aécio Neves president, will he also the most pro-abortion and pro-sodomy president in the Brazilian history?
I do not know. But I know that Neves is the candidate of the socialist strategist of the most pro-abortion and pro-sodomy president in the U.S. history!
So I have no false hope on Neves to oppose anti-life and anti-family agendas. I have no hope that Neves will oppose the homosexualist agenda that the Obama administration has been imposing on the nations.
As a pro-family writer, I have to be honest about the two socialist (anti-U.S. and pro-U.S) candidates running for the Brazilian presidency. In fact, two days ago, in the height of this political campaign, my blog was shut down by Google after I published my article attacking the homosexualist platform of both candidates. Under pressure, Google restored my blog in 24 hours.
To understand Aécio Neves and his connections to the Obama administration, I have invited for an interview Wayne Madsen, an American investigative journalist whose work has appeared in my favorite website, WorldNetDaily. I do not agree with Madsen in many things, but I think that he is correct in some points. Read the interview:
Julio Severo: For 12 years, Brazil has had today a socialist party (Workers’ Party) ruling. In many respects, this ruling party is also aligned to the abortion and homosexual agenda of America. Why do neocons accept a Brazilian alignment with this agenda, but not with Cuba and Venezuela?
Wayne Madsen: George Soros is the bank roller of FEMEN and Pussy Riot, which have carried out attacks on churches in Russia and throughout Europe. Soros and his gang, which have an alliance with such neocons to force the world to beg to a powerful cabal of Wall Street/City of London gangsters — the Rothschilds included — for all goods and services, are the real enemies of the people. They wish to place their man Neves and his finance adviser Arminio Fraga Neto, a former Soros Quantum Fund executive, in charge in Brasilia.
Julio Severo: Most of the Brazilian conservatives are willing to vote for any candidate just to get rid of socialist Rousseff. What do you think about it?
Wayne Madsen: If they vote for Neves, Brazilians will get a Soros-influenced government that will first sell off Brazilian state assets for pennies to the dollar.
Julio Severo: Neves’ government platform follows the homosexualist items of the current Rousseff administration. There is no difference. The difference in other respects is: Rousseff is involved with very bad guys in Cuba and Venezuela. In contrast, Aécio wants nominated for his possible future administration people connected to George Soros. He has also connections to U.S. neocons. Could you tell us the knowledge you have about it?
Wayne Madsen: Neves's foreign policy adviser, Rubens Antônio Barbosa is a die-hard neocon who will withdraw Brazil from BRICS. US neo con diplomats at the US embassy in Brasilia and the Consulate General in Rio have been actively assisting the Neves campaign in order to get “their boy” in power.
Julio Severo: The book “The Next Decade: What the World Will Look Like,” by George Friedman (of Stratfor), has an interesting chapter saying that Brazil could represent the next threat to the U.S. economic supremacy, and it suggests that the U.S. strategy to hamper the Brazil expansion would be to strengthen Brazil’s neighbors, especially Argentina. Essentially, the U.S. would treat Brazil in the next decades as it treats today Russia, but not because the U.S. wants to hinder some Brazilian communism. The reason is to hinder Brazil from becoming an economic rival to the U.S. What do you think about it?
Wayne Madsen: If Brazil becomes a major economic power, America should just accept that and stop thinking of itself as a neo-Roman Empire. If Washington wants to continue down the path of neo-Romanism with a fascist flair, the US will collapse as fast as did the Roman Empire.
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