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After Pressure, Google Restores Blog Julio Severo in Portuguese

After Pressure, Google Restores Blog Julio Severo in Portuguese

By Julio Severo
With no explanation or notification, Google made my blog in Portuguese ( disappear in the first minutes of Thursday, October 23.
After 24 hours of pressure from international readers, with no notification, Google made my blog reappear.
People in Brazil and other nations began to question Google in social networks and also by contacting the company: “Why to suspend Blog Julio Severo in Portuguese on the height of the Brazilian presidential elections in the exact time Severo published an article instructing the Brazilian public that both candidates support the gay agenda?”
One of the many pressures came from Rev. Alberto Thieme, who contacted Google headquarters and Google in Brazil.
Ultimately, the company explained to him that probably my blog “was found to violate Blogger’s policies.” What violation? No explanation.
Hours later, with no explanation, Google restored my blog.

International Pressure

The only explanation is massive pressure. Even in Italy people protested the Google censorship against my blog, in an Italian article entitled “Google censura un sito prolife: siamo in campagna elettorale!” (Google censors pro-life website in the height of the electoral campaign!)
Rev. Michael S. Heath, Helping Hands Ministry, U.S., commented to my blog:
“This morning I read Newsweek magazine's excerpt from Julian Assange’s new book, ‘When Google Met Wikileaks.’ The article concludes, ‘If the future of the Internet is to be Google, that should be of serious concern to people all over the world—in Latin America, East and Southeast Asia, the Indian subcontinent, the Middle East, sub-Saharan Africa, the former Soviet Union and even in Europe—for whom the Internet embodies the promise of an alternative to U.S. cultural, economic, and strategic hegemony.  A “don’t be evil” empire is still an empire.’ While Google’s decision to shut Julio’s blog yesterday suggests that the empire’s Force may indeed be evil, it is most certainly gay. Other than responding to complaints from sodomites why would Google have had any interest in turning off the blog?  Julio is an honest broker of information critical of America’s global effort to normalize sodomy.  I suspect his blog would be ignored by America’s force-channeling Yodas at Google, were it not for his relentless patriotic defense of family, faith and freedom.”
The last time my blog was shut down was in 2007, when many people, including philosopher Olavo de Carvalho and a federal prosecutor, took action, Olavo denouncing, and the prosecutor getting in contact with Google. In that time, Google told the prosecutor that my blog promoted hate and discrimination against homosexual activists. He answered them that he had never seen any of it in my articles. Before this Brazilian official, Google gave way and restored my blog to me.
In 2008, under pressure from homosexual groups, Brazilian federal prosecutors requested Google to shut down my blog for “homophobia.” Google’s official answer was that because Brazil has no anti-“homophobia,” they could not block my blog. Only after such law is passed, Google will be free to comply and definitively shut it down. (I had access to the exchange between Google and federal prosecutors through a Brazilian attorney.)

People vs. Big Government and Big Business

Of course, Google prefers to side with the gay agenda. But even with all is power, money and influence, it knows that most people reject homosexuality. A leftist polling institute in Brazil found five years ago that “99% of Brazilian citizens were ‘homophobic,’ and therefore should be reeducated.”
Conversely, perhaps 99% of the Brazilian socialist government and Google are homosexualist.
So the “homophobia” issue is People versus Big Government and Big Business.
I have successfully resisted, for years, Big Government and its steamroller against Christians who oppose homosexual perversions and dictatorship.
But the homosexualist steamroller from Big Business poses another big threat. In 2011, PayPal closed my account definitively, after an international campaign by AllOut, a U.S. homosexualist organization intent on persecuting Christians. In a communication to AllOut, PayPal explained that they closed my account because “We take very seriously any cases where a user has incited hatred, violence or intolerance because of a person’s sexual orientation”.
Now, I can no longer receive donations from my international friends through PayPal.
In a listing of the top ten anti-Christian acts in 2011, the Christian Anti-Defamation Commission ranked the gay pressure on PayPal as fourth top anti-Christian act, as reported by Charisma magazine.
Covering my case, WorldNetDaily run the headline: “PayPal blacklists Christian writer.”

Google and Free Speech

About the hard times of my blog in Google, I began to use its service in 2005, because Google had chosen freely to offer to the international public a free speech platform. So I do not need to respect Google’s homosexual views and Google does not need to respect my Christian views. But Google needs to respect its own free speech advocacy.
If Google thinks that free speech is a threat to the homosexual agenda, it should ban free speech and be honest to the international community: “Our Blogspot service is available only to the supporters of the gay agenda.”
Google services should be clear: “We do not accept Christian users from Brazil, U.S., Russia, Uganda, etc.”
It is known that many of my articles do not please everybody — especially socialists, pro-abortion and pro-homosexuality activists and other antifamily militants. But freedom for dissenting voices is a part of democracy.

Voting Freedom

My latest Portuguese article, which had supposedly provoked the shutdown of my blog, was about the Brazilian presidential elections that will happen next Sunday. I have supported no candidate, because they promote the gay agenda, viewed by Christians as anti-family.
Even in this inflamed season of Brazilian elections, I have a right to speak out against the two candidates, and this right should not be violated for the benefit of the parties and candidates who were criticized with adequate civility.
Many Brazilians have chosen to vote for Dilma Rousseff (an anti-U.S. socialist, but only in economic, not moral, aspects) or Aécio Neves (a pro-U.S. socialist in everything, both economically and morally), but both are radically pro-gay agenda.
While Brazilians, who are obliged to vote by Brazilian antidemocratic laws, will make their political choices based only on economy, I have made my choice not to vote, based on the intent by both candidates to disfigure, for the benefit of the gay agenda, family, which is, before the State, the first institution established by God. Therefore, family has precedence and absolute priority over the State and economy. It is based on this absolute priority that I reject both Brazilian candidates.
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