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Inflamed by American Prophecy, Brazilian Evangelicals Want a Woman for Brazil Presidency

Inflamed by American Prophecy, Brazilian Evangelicals Want a Woman for Brazil Presidency

By Julio Severo
The most important events for Brazil in 2014 are the World Cup — where the Brazilian team suffered its worst and most shameful defeat in such football event — and the presidential election.
Prophecy said Brazil would win the World Cup
From a rational standpoint, the election will bring another shameful defeat, because the main contenders — incumbent Dilma Rousseff and Marina Silva and Aécio Neves — are socialists. This week, these three major candidates have, joined by homosexual activists and federal prosecutors, condemned and attacked Levy Fidelix, a Catholic candidate with minimal chance to win the election. Fidelix was accused of “homophobia” after defending that homosexual relations are dirty and that a homosexual couple is never a family.
Yet, Brazilian evangelicals, stirred up by a prophecy of an American minister, have massively backed Marina Silva for president. In a tour of conferences in Brazil in 2011, Bob Hazlett prophesied:
“I heard the Lord say that even in the next two years ‘I will begin to raise up women in power in this nation and I am going to put a woman with the Spirit of God within her, who will kneel before Me, like Esther knelt before the king, because I am removing the Mordecai spirit that tries to controls the women in this nation and I am going to raise up a woman after My heart and I am going to shake this nation, but I am going to lead this nation to a season of prosperity even though other nations are in crisis. I am going to release Christ in this nation.’”
This prophecy made headlines in August in GospelPrime and GospelMais, the two main Protestant websites in Brazil, after a mysterious plane crash killed Brazilian presidential candidate Eduardo Campos, of the Brazilian Socialist Party. Marina was his vice and, with his death, she became the presidential candidate of the Brazilian Socialist Party.
In this point, Marina grabbed international headlines too, including in Reuters and Associated Press.
You can watch Hazlett’s prophecies here:

According to investigative journalist Wayne Madsen, the plane crash was an operation of the Obama CIA to help Marina get the presidential candidacy.
The Obama opposition to incumbent Dilma Rousseff is explained by the fact that she is a socialist who is anti-U.S. economic interests. For example, in her administration Brazil is a member of BRICS, which wants to de-dollarize trade affairs, which would potentially be a disaster for the U.S. economy. In contrast, Marina Silva — who, according to Madsen, is a George Soros puppet —, is a socialist who is pro-U.S. economic interests.
Apparently, these socialist differences affect only economic issues, because the U.S. gave full support to a Brazil-sponsored homosexual resolution approved in the U.N. last week.
I am sure that God can see these and many other political maneuvers by anti-U.S. or pro-U.S. socialists. But many Brazilian evangelicals are backing Marina because they are blindly following Bob Hazlett’s prophecy.
I want in no way to disqualify the life and ministry of Hazlett. But, whether in his case or other cases, the Apostle Paul explains that Christians are free to prophesy in a meeting, and everyone else should evaluate whether a prophetic message is correct or not (see 1 Corinthians 14:29).
So Christians are instructed by God to evaluate prophecies made by other Christians.
The World Cup and the presidential election are the two main subjects for Brazilians in 2014, and Hazlett’s prophecies addressed both subjects. What did he prophesy about the World Cup?
He said in 2011,
“The Spirit of the Lord says: Four years from now, I will bring back the World Cup to this nation and I will anoint this nation to fill the Cup of prayer and pour out to the world, for the day when the Brazil team holds the World Cup, will be the day that I begin a revival that will cause Brazil bring revival to the world.”
Contrary to Hazlett’s optimistic prediction, there was no victory for the Brazilian team. There was no worldwide revival stemming from a Brazilian revival as a result of a Brazilian victory in the World Cup.
Besides, socialist Rousseff took advantage of the Cup euphoria to pass a law banning spanking, effectively criminalizing Christian parents who, in obedience to God’s Word, discipline their children. This was a massive defeat — not victory — to the Brazilian family. In fact, the Brazilian team had its worst defeat ever.
Hazlett’s prophecy was far away from perfection.
Why then are a multitude of Brazilian evangelicals using his another prophecy to vote for the Soros-backed socialist Marina Silva?
Hazlett’s prophecy said: “I am removing the Mordecai spirit that tries to controls the women in this nation and I am going to raise up a woman after My heart and I am going to shake this nation.”
The most important mission of Esther was to protect her people and their interests. In this mission, she was under the influence of Mordecai. Was his influence positive or negative? Positive. Mordecai was a man of God. Without him, Esther would never have defended God’s people the way she did.
If Hazlett had prophesied that God was going to remove the Karl Marx spirit that controls men and women in Brazil, including Catholics and evangelicals, I would understand. The Marxist influence is negative. This influence is an important component of the political militancy of Marina Silva, seen by Brazilian evangelicals as their “messiah” because of Hazlett’s prophecy. In an interview with Caio Fábio in 2010, Marina said that the Marxist Liberation Theology is the “living gospel.”
Caio, formerly the greatest Presbyterian minister in Brazil, was supportive of Silva in 2010 and 2014, including as an adviser. Caio, who disgraced himself in financial and sexual scandals years ago, was the strategic evangelical leader who in the 1990s connected the evangelical population with the socialist Workers’ Party, where Marina had her militancy and became an environment secretary during the Lula administration.
Marina left the Workers’ Party when the 2010 presidential candidacy of her party was given not to her, but to Dilma Rousseff.
Now the current prophecy-inflamed, Marina Silva campaign has been championed by Valnice Milhomens, a female apostle who, in 1994, hosted, with Caio Fábio, an evangelical TV show introducing socialist Lula to the evangelical population.
Caio’s intent, as reported by him later, was to connect evangelicals with Lula — a successful project, because in his first election to the Brazilian presidency Lula was supported by all the major evangelicals leaders in Brazil, equally stirred by strange prophecies and visions that his administration would bring advances to Brazil. Actually, in the first year of the Lula administration, Brazil introduced in the United Nations the first resolution classifying homosexuality as an unalienable human right. Milhomens was unable to see prophetically Caio’s intent, but she is sure that, prophetically, Marina is now God’s intent.
Hazlett’s mentions of a puppet president and strings have been interpreted as applying only to Rousseff and Lula. By the interpretation of Mordecai as a supposedly “negative” influence, deserving removal, you could also include Esther as a “puppet.” In fact, Hazlett’s prophecy treated the “Mordecai spirit” as if it were a harmful spirit to women, when this “spirit” brought wisdom and strategy to Esther.
But what about Marina Silva and Karl Marx? What about her and Caio Fábio? What about her and George Soros? Are there no strings in all of this? Is there no puppet in these relationships? Why to remove a Mordecai spirit, but not a Marx, Caio and Soros spirit?
Esther’s submission to Mordecai was a blessing, not curse.
Immediately connected with the prophetic behavior in the Christians meetings is Paul’s teaching about female behavior in these meetings:
“Let two or three prophets speak, and let the others weigh what is said. If a revelation is made to another sitting there, let the first be silent. For you can all prophesy one by one, so that all may learn and all be encouraged, and the spirits of prophets are subject to prophets. For God is not a God of confusion but of peace. As in all the churches of the saints, the women should keep silent in the churches. For they are not permitted to speak, but should be in submission, as the Law also says.” (1 Corinthians 14:29-34 ESV)
Paul explains that Biblical submission is protection:
“For this reason, and because the angels are watching, a woman should wear a covering on her head to show she is under authority.” (1 Corinthians 11:10 NLT)
“Because of the angels” — my understanding is that without Biblical submission, there are spiritual breaches for intrusions of demonic forces, also known as fallen angels.
With Biblical submission, God’s angels watch over the obedient.
Surely, Esther was a blessed woman, truly protected by God’s angels, because she lived according to this principle.
Now, what about Hazlett’s prophecy being used to portray Marina Silva as a Brazilian Esther, deserving the Brazil presidency — but “delivered” only from Mordecai, not from Marx, Caio and Soros? His prophecies — just as the prophecies of all other Christians — should be evaluated, as commanded by Apostle Paul.
What about Marina as Esther?
Perhaps she might win the election and become president of Brazil.
Perhaps she might eventually become an Esther too.
But first, she needs to let God remove the Marx, Caio and Soros spirits, and any other spirits, including Liberation Theology.
Yet, how do she and Hazlett expect her to be successful and a woman after God’s heart if they want to remove Mordecai — the positive influence of a man of God — from her life?
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