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Malarkey Did Not Go to Heaven: The Foolishness of Believing that All is False or True

Malarkey Did Not Go to Heaven: The Foolishness of Believing that All is False or True

NYT Best-Selling Author Lied About Going to Heaven

By Julio Severo
If you believe that a bad name can bring a curse, consider Alex Malarkey, who says now he did not die and go to heaven.
He is co-author of Tyndale House Publishers’ “The Boy Who Came Back From Heaven,” published in 2010. Now he says that his book is deceptive and he is blaming Christian retailers for selling it. Because he is recanting the story of his visit to heaven, mega news outlets — from Time magazine to DailyMail — are covering his case.
This seems their golden chance to say, “Hey, there is no Heaven!”
I do not know the reason for Malarkey to go “malarkey,” an English word that means “Exaggerated or foolish talk, usually intended to deceive.” But the same world that loves exaggerated lies is attacking Malarkey’s malarkey.
There is today a trend of homosexual malarkeys, but the same mega-media that have condemned “The Boy Who Came Back From Heaven” just love to believe that a man is a woman and vice-versa. They have intensely worked to convince us that the bogus woman who was born a man is a woman. And they have worked to change minds and laws in favor of this lie.
Homosexual malarkeys are the favorite lies today.
About “The Boy Who Came Back From Heaven,” just because you found a false testimony it does not follow that all testimonies about Heaven are false. Different is the homosexual case. You know that all men that say that they are female are liars because their DNA is male. Nothing can change it. Through DNA, science proves that a man is a man and a woman is a woman. No one can lie against his own DNA.
The author of “The Boy Who Came Back From Heaven” lied to God, but his lie does not disqualify other testimonies about heaven.
Two days ago I read a Facebook comment by an Assemblies of God Brazilian-American leader using “The Boy Who Came Back From Heaven” to condemn all similar spiritual experiences. At the same time, he has used his Facebook to promote and support comments and views by a Presbyterian minister who espouses socialism and Freemasonry. In fact, this minister is a Freemason himself.
In the past (70 years ago?) it would be perfectly normal to see a liberal Masonic Presbyterian minister using a false testimony to condemn all spiritual testimonies — and, by the way, to condemn also Assemblies of God ministers.
Times have changed. Now Assemblies of God ministers play the old role of the Masonic Presbyterian minister.
It is very unfortunate that Malarkey went malarkey, but God’s Word has never changed.
“Do not quench the Spirit. Do not despise prophecies, but test everything; hold fast what is good. Abstain from every form of evil.” (1 Thessalonians 5:19-22 ESV)
The big socialist media that love and spread all homosexual malarkeys is using Malarkey’s malarkey to disqualify all Christian testimonies about the Heaven.
Christians should not be an accessory to their malarkeys.
We should reject malarkeys in our midst without rejecting true testimonies. And we should reject and denounce all homosexual malarkeys promoted by the big socialist media.
As to Alex Malarkey, he should change his surname — Truthtelling, for the sake of a good Christian testimony.
The world forgives all homosexual lies, but it never forgives a “Christian” lie.
I know that all testimonies — loved and promoted by the big socialist media — that a man is a woman are bogus.
Yet, I have no presumptuous right to say that all testimonies about Heaven are false or true. The big socialist media would want you to believe that all of them are bogus.
If the media were correct, Apostle Paul, who went to Heaven, would have been a liar. The problem is: the media love lies.
They accept the lying testimonies from the darkness and reject the testimonies from Christians. For them, there are no malarkeys about homosexuality. For them, some malarkeys among Christians are an evidence that all Christian testimonies are bogus.
All homosexual malarkeys receive heavenly treatment from the big socialist media. Regardless their true or false nature, Christian testimonies are labeled malarkey and receive hellish treatment.
The big socialist media are throwing a big party against Christian testimonies and Heaven because of Malarkey while they keep their usual celebrations of homosexual malarkeys.
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